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Apr 2, 2013

Welcome Zarax!

I'd like to welcome Zarax, our new blog author from Italy!

I suspect he'll be writing on the topic of German tanks mostly, as that is his speciality. He has a huge knowledge (obviously surpassing my own) in that field, I am sure many will find his historical articles interesting.

As for other people: if you have an article you'd like published under your name, or simply have something to say, feel free to contact me either thru the site Facebook page, or at



  1. Ciao Zarax, benvenuto!

  2. Zarax sei un grande! tvb tesoro!!!!

  3. Great news! Welcome Zarax,
    I'm so thankful, that this blog exists - you gat an idea what happens behind the scenes, you get very useful and interesting stuff concerning some of my hobbies (tanks, (tank)history, (tank)technics, (tank)modelling and WoT). Me, too have some books written by Oswald, Spielberger, Doyle and others in my collection, mostly about German tanks and vehicles. I have to admit that when the thing came up here with the Failowe, it wasn't a "lol/wtf"-moment for me, cause I knew the pic of the wooden model already...
    I'm happy to see that there are guys wanting to help, making this an even more exciting blog for me. Keep up the good work guys, thanks

    - subaluigi -

  4. Well, with a bit of luck this blog will be a lively place to discuss about tank history not just related to the game.

  5. Benvenuto Zarax!

  6. Hi Zarax, As the prime contributor of the NA Forum Italian Tanks thread. (I'm not an expert by any means, I just want to see an Italian tech tree added) I am looking forward to seeing some Italian tank specific designs and research put forward to hopefully help push on an Italian tech line.


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