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Feb 1, 2013


- apparently there won't be special "emblems" for Ukraine (the trident), double-headed eagle (symbol of Russia) etc. - "there are flags for that"
- there most likely be no "free tanks" during the arty tier 10 branch prologning ("there's enough arty around even without that")
- it's possible to get 2 Lion of Sinai medals in space of 10 battles - one counts as "general" for the account, one counts as "special" for that given tank
- crew skills have no effect on server spot check frequency (SS: the server checks whether the tank can spot the enemy vehicles in certain frequencies (from cca 0,5s to cca 3s) - these are not affected)
- SerB's full title is "Vice president of Wargaming for game design"
- a "wounded" crew member will always operate on 50 percent skill efficiency (absolutely, not 50 percent of his trained skill). However, if you put a crew into the tank that doesn't belong (for example a LT crew into a heavy) and the efficiency drops below 50 percent, the negative modifier will apply also on the "wounded crewmember" skill (eg it's not possible to actually BUFF skill by killing your crewmember)
- each crewmember has his own collision model (for example two loaders - one is on the right of the gun, one on the left)
- the "master" XP requirement does not depend on the day or hour of the week, the statistics for it are averaged on the week before that.
- SU-122-44 won't be transferred to tier 8 (SS: there was a rumor going around)
- if new arty vehicle is introduced into the branch a player has already unlocked, it will likely count as unlocked too (SS: in other words - if the player unlocked all 8 arties and new arty is introduced at tier 5, it'll be unlocked for the player if I understand that correctly)
- WZ-111 premium tank that sometimes appears on the RU server wasn't introduced there officially, it's a press account
- The Chinese tree is called Chinese tree and not PRC tree because some of the vehicles were used even in the pre-PRC warlord era
- after the introduction of tier 10 arties, the arties will still have specific MM, but SerB mentions he's thinking about allowing a bigger difference between arties teams (for example 3 arties in one team, 4 in other).
- 0.8.4 and 0.8.5 - changes in profitability of various tanks? "if necessery, as always"
- German heavy branch with Grosstraktor, NbFz nad DW? "no comment for now"
- SU-122-44 was made a premium tank because it was needed to push the SU-101 and Uralmash one tier up