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Jan 21, 2013


- Chinese M5A1 Stuart radio module will not be compatible with the US tree, despite the fact it's basically the same radio ("Chinese tankists educate themselves with Chinese translations of the US radio operating manuals. In this hard work the American tankers can't help them in any way.")
- French B2 premium arty has the same MM as every other tier 4 arty, despite the rumors of it having "special" MM
- the Leopard 1 in the game will be the one with cast turret, not the one with the welded one
- Q: "Historical sources (Doyle) mention 80mm frontal armor on the VK4502 both Ausf. B and Ausf. A, why is it not like that in the game?" A: "Here (for the rear turret variant) we applied the Ahnenerbe technology, otherwise Germans would get rather sour" (SS: "Ahnenerbe" is one of the SerB's running jokes, he explains every German (unrealistic) buff with "Ahnenerbe magic")
- Q: "Will the tier 10 arty cost approximately the same as other tier 10 tech?" A: "We'll see"
- premium tanks don't differ from promo/gift tanks principially in anything
- Storm commenting the fact that the 8.4 patch in the RU "in development" section is scheduled for February and in the EU one for March: "both are correct"
- fog in Dragon's ridge has no masking effect
- Soviet ZIS-30 TD (57mm ZIS-2 gun mounted on the T-20 "Komsomolec" tractor) - maybe, definitely not in 2013
- M48 tank will not be replaced by M60 (SS: emphasis on "replaced", eg. M60 might appear alongside it), because "M48 is where it belongs" (SS: as in "on its place")
- Q: "When will be the German 2nd branch and German tier 8 prem medium tank?" A: "Germanlovers und Germanloverettes nicht erste post of the topic readen? Ordnung mus zajn, darum fircen tage nicht schreiben" (SS: sorry, this is just really hilarious in Russian, very hard to translate tho. The original: Немцефилен унд немцефилкен нихьт ерсте пост тема читайнен?
Орднунг мус зайн, дарум фирцейн таге нихьт шрайбен! - one of the funniest things I've ever read from SerB)
- if the tank gets destroyed by killing off the entire crew but it has HP's left, the whole crew will recieve an XP penalty for dying (SS: there was a rumor they don't)
- SerB on whether the teamdamage penalty system will be reworked: "If necessery. And we decide what's necessery."
- Q: "Why do you answer the way you do (SS: sarcastically etc.), did you see somewhere World of Warcraft, Terra and Aion developers answering questions like that?" A: "Show me the Aion, Terra and World of Warcraft design vice-president's answers, and I will think about my behavior :) " (SS: later SerB states he considers his way of answering normal and basically he doesn't give a damn about AION)
- (related to the previous question) Q: "You'll sing a different tune when WoT has a good competition, I'll see how you talk then" A: "Yes, we are scared of this terribly good competitior for three years already, still nothing happened, so far we are still alive" (SS: after that a bunch of troll questions and answers follow in relation to how War Thunder will kick WoWp's ass - SerB trolls for a while and then replies "If you like it so much there why are you here?")
- currently an unified menu interface for WoT, WoWp and WoWs is in development ("when it's done it's done")