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Jun 3, 2013

Superpershing nerf.... might happen, after all...

Well, basically SerB and Storm can't apparently agree on what to tell us. As I informed you, Storm did post quite clearly that the Superpershing frontal hull change was a mistake and that it will not make it to server.

SerB however decided otherwise:

Storm: "Mistake, will rollback."
SerB: " 'There is an opinion' that the rollback won't happen. We'll see."

British arty preview

Source: TheJoves' video

A short preview of British arty, that is somewhat confirmed to come in 8.7 (but it's also possible they will postpone it to 8.8, nothing is confirmed totally).

Tier 2 unknown arty (SS: I think it's Universal Gun Carrier - a light howitzer on Universal Carrier chassis)

- the blogger speculates that it might have good horizontal arc and if I understood this correctly, he said that the whole British arty branch will be characterized by good traverse angles

- It's gun is a 76mm 13pdr, pen 42, damage 165

Tier 3 - Sexton (SS: I think this is the Sexton, basically a M7 Priest with a 25pdr )

- its gun has following gold shell: 87mm AP, 180 dam, 92 pen, regular shell: 180 dam, 71 pen AP

Tier 4 - Birch Gun (SS: very early SPG (which is odd), great traverse)

- this vehicle has a 180 degrees turret
- basically it has the same gun as tier 3, it also has a HE shell - 280 dam, 44 pen

Tier 5 - Bishop (SS: basically a Valentine chassis with a 25 pdr gun)

- historically the gun could traverse only 8 degrees
- 114mm gun will be available (450 dam, 57 pen HE) 

Tier 7 - unknown arty (not yet textured, looks American)

- gun: 139mm 80pdr, 900 dam, 70 pen HE

Tier 8 - unknown arty (SS: "FVsomething" - experimental SPG?)

- gun is 152mm something, 1250 dam, 90 pen HE

Tier 9 - unknown arty (SS: is that the Centurion suspension?)

- the gun is 182mm,  1750 dam and 92 pen HE

Tier 10 - unknown arty (SS: It was supposed to be the FV4005 stage 1, this is not it. Definitely a Conqueror chassis tho)

- gun is 233mm, 2200 dam and 117 pen HE


- currently, the spare tracks attached on the armor have no influence on armor thickness, because theoretically after first hit they'd have to fall off. The developers will first implement client physics (spare tracks falling off after being hit) and then will rethink the whole issue
- Q: "I heard a rumor that you will change the Maus frontal turret armor from 240mm to historical 250mm, is it true?" A: "The truth is that historical frontal turret armor thickness was 210-240mm" and "You can go to Kubinka and measure it yourself - simple as that :)"
- apparently, weakened armor zones after being hit by a shell to that spot won't be implemented
- Q: "Regarding the Superpershing issue, how many people would have to lift their voices for developers to consider their opinion?" A: "Well, I think 5 percent of active users would make us at least pay attention to the issue. That's like - 500 thousand. As in: get 500 thousand signatures."
- SerB confirmed that new reward system is being tested (as in special rewards for archievements), it won't be however active on regular basis
- SerB regarding the question, whether 112 (which is really good on supertest) will be nerfed after it comes out: "If we make a mistake, we fix it. If we don't, we don't. Simple as that."
- SerB can't promise, what the number of HAVOK patch will look like, whether it will be one of the 0.8.X series, or 0.9
- dynamic collision model will come hand in hand with its visual respresentation (SS: As an example, if a part of original hitbox "falls off" using Havok (for example a piece of box, or external tanks), the hitbox will change too"
- tanks with shell ejectors won't have any special bonus for that, it will be counted in the vehicle's overall characteristics
- apparently, the ground resistance for hard, medium and soft soils (as in: good, medium, bad terrain) is roughly (in ratio of) 1,2,5
- drowned tanks can't be shot at, because developers consider their full destruction (all modules gone) sufficient
- basically, SerB confirmed GW Tiger P is a fake - he confirmed they basically used the development order for 210mm mortar Elefant and rough dimensions of the vehicle to deduce it was an artillery vehicle (more on that here).
- in connection with midtier derp nerf, midtier HE shells will not be buffed
- improved ventilation for M53/55? "Tests will show"
- regarding the aforementioned client physics implementation, it's being worked on, it will work so that for example Schmalturm Panzer IV's mesh side armor (Schurzen) will fly off after being hit, it's possible that after its implementation, there will be additional armor implemented, such as sandbags
- SerB on Superpershing nerf (if there will be any): "Tests will show" - SerB also states that after the HEAT and APCR shell changes, Superpershing's armor was actually increased (SS: and thus he implies that armor nerf would actually bring it to pre-8.6 level of protection)
- US T71 was chosen for a number of reasons (SS: nothing specific), as for T92 implementation: "no comment"
- there are no plans to introduce the possibility to actually sell garage slots, for silver or for gold
- T23 to return? "no comment" (SS: a few days back there was an interesting post on US forum: one of the players was ranting on how he wants the T23 back as a premium vehicle, on which The_Chieftain (US developer) replied: "I know something he doesn't know....  But I'm not allowed to tell")