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Apr 27, 2013

27.4.2013 part 2

SerB's night session turned out to be quite a trollfest

- the main skill indicator will remain the winrate according to SerB, value of the player won't shift towards for example XP per battle or accuracy
- exact mechanism of teamkilling penalties won't be disclosed, so players don't invent was how to exploit it
- according to SerB, the base capture time is the same on all encounter mode maps (SS: according to several reports, there might be a bug, making the Prokhorovka encounter base capturable too fast), but this bug will be investigated... eventually
- the re-worked regular fire extinguisher will make the vehicle on fire "tick" a bit before engaging, modules will be damaged just like it is now
- historical battles won't contain top tier vehicles at first
- entire game style (mechanics) won't be fundamentally changed in the future
- the balance between T-44 and T-34-2 122mm guns is fine according to SerB (SS: the Chinese gun reloads cca 3 seconds faster)
- IS-7 won't get a "historical" ROF buff
- according to SerB, player proposals are considered, but players mostly propose crappy ideas
- drowned tanks are more expensive to repair, because drowning destroys all modules and those cost credits to repair too
- Q: "Will there be premium tanks with autoloaders?" A: "If needed. And we decide what is needed without players having to agree with us."
- Q: "Will Wargaming under SerB develop a walking mech game?" A: "If needed. And Viktor Kisliy decides what's needed."
- apparently, the T57 Heavy with gold rounds being overpowered is only a marginal issue ("What a horror...")
- Q: "Leopards at tier 9 and 10 suck" A: "Don't play Leopards"
- the delay between the base capture and end of battle won't be removed, it's there intentionally
- alternative medium branch for Americans, French and Soviets confirmed, "when it's done it's done"


Very few info coming lately

- when fuel tank module HP drops to zero, they caught automatically on fire (SS: some player mentioned a case where they were "destroyed", yet nothing happened)
- the only thing that influences the drowning countdown is the height of the hull ("if I recall correctly") (SS: in other words, hermetically sealed tanks have no advantage when going into water)

A few things Overlord mentioned in his latest post:

- Overlord states that it's not clear what should be done to improve the quality of average gamers
- significant 8.6 general arty rebalance confirmed
- tier 9 and 10 profitability won't improve
- Overlord and other community people do realize the failure of EU Q&A in mind, Overlord stated:

"True that, people are not equal - they have different (cultural, family, etc) backgrounds and abilities so they can't be treated equally - that's why you shouldn't bash on Serb's style of communication for instance. Adding to that, we, as a developers (speaking only for devs here), have extremely limited resources in terms of communication. Yup, English, ofc can be covered - that wouldn't be a problem, but probably no more. And smth is usually better than anything. So, generally speaking, language treatment could be slightly different, e.g. basic set of languages would get standard support while English-speaking resources could provide smth more."

"Blunt RU->EN translation would probably do for starter, it wouldn't be a professional way of doing things. I admit there are issues with the current workflow. I'm still hoping for improvements that should follow after our San Francisco meeting back in March. There should be place for direct dev-player-dev communication."
- historical battles should contain PVE elements
- CW's are planned to be revamped to "involve more players" (SS: on RU server there is a talk of Clanwars being changed so huge clans and alliances are not dominating anymore)

If you feel like it, leave Overlord your feedback on 8.5, but please, be polite... thanks :)


I have added a new FAQ section on the top of the page. If you want to ask a question, look there first, maybe it was already answered. I will update it regularily.

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American Vehicle Q&A Submissions

Author: Priory_of_Sion

So I would like to perform a Q&A secession here about the American Tanks that are currently in, planned, or could be in WoT. So please leave your questions in the comments and I should have answers in a day or two.