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Jan 19, 2013

World of Tanks DDOSed

Apparently, the saturday night WoT lagfest is caused by a DDOS attack, it was mentioned on the general ingame chat by one of the moderators. Seriously, who the fuck bothers with that shit...


Kacsa1 - Hungarian moderator on this topic (source):


- El-Halluf won't be removed from the map pool for rework
- Serene Coast is scheduled for rework (SS: in 8.4)
- it's possible low tier Chinese tree tanks such as the Carro Veloce CV-33, Japanese Ha-Go and Panzer I will be introduced
- IS-3 will most likely not be introduced as Chinese premium heavy
- the small pictures (icons) of the tank in the hangar are supposed to be made according to how the tank looked in real life
- it's possible the assault mode will have the battle time increased from 10 minutes (but unsure)
- no 105mm L/100 gun planned for the E-50M ("it looks like a fishing pole even on E-100")
- Canadians tanks - it's 100 percent sure they won't get their own tree, but they might appear in the British tree in the Commonwealth part
- T-43 icon won't be changed (SS: some player complained the gun on the icon is unhistorical)
- regarding the fact how will the Japanese Chi-Ha named when the "Chi-Ha" ingame name is in the Chinese tree already: "we'll see"
- German TD "Elefant" won't be introduced as a special vehicle (premium or otherwise) as the differences between Elefant and Ferdinand were very few
- the 75mm Konish gun for the Tiger? "not for now"
- E50M shell prices weird? "ingame economy reasons"
- accumulated XP from tanks won't be freely transferrable
- a "duel" mode (2v2) was mentioned.... (SS: really unclear, probably just a rumor - "If this is implemented - I'll let you know")
- Japanese premium tank in advance before the tree itself? (SS: like the Type was for Chinese and Matilda BP for the British) - "unclear" (as in not decided yet)
- more clan functions planned (when it's done it's done)
- the Soviet gun copy on the Type T-34 weights more than the Soviet original - it's probably just a typo in description
- no real additional details on the German TD branch (supposedly it comes after the German medium branch)
- SerB and Storm prefer to walk and to go by train, SerB has an old Moskvich in the garage and doesn't feel the need to buy a better car
- it's possible that tier 7 arty will not become tier 9 automatically, compensations for "expectations" are unlikely
- private messages within battles are unlikely, in order for the message not to interfere with the battle itself
- the rumor that WoT will move to different engine are false
- identical turrets of the Chinese IS-2? "If you don't want it, don't research it"
- there will probably be free camera in replays