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Mar 29, 2013


- P.43bis might have the same gun as the Semovente 105/25 (most likely nothing longer)
- apparently there were no Japanese SPG's developed based on the superheavy tank chassis, as the tanks themselves were barely properly developed
- regarding the possibility that the top Japanese tank destroyers will be modified superheavy chassis projects with 155mm+ guns - "we'll see"
- according to SerB, new re-worked maps don't have less cover from arty, their surface was levelled in order to allow better maneuvering
- the situation with arty around tier 10 is still not satisfactory according to SerB, but it'll get better (SS: with the T10 arty introduction)
- there will be no 4 man platoon
- completely destructible environment would require several times more powerful servers than what WG now has, unrealistic
- real unit emblems will not be introduced, SerB doesn't want SS "Totenkopf" symbols in game (not even for historical battles)
- when using a repair kit in game, the cost of that module repairs is not included in the final repair costs for the battle, SerB states that using repair kits is more expensive even for hightier tanks, he also states that while the price for module repairs is different for each module, repair kit is always more expensive
- it's planned that when a burning tank drives into water, the water will extinguish the fire
- WG doesn't use much outsourcing when creating ingame models
- 0.8.6: tier 10 arty plus British arty
- Q: "SerB, what will you do with forum trolls?" A: "I'll go feed one"
- there will be a special map screen, on which the Clanwars commanders will be able to draw and explain tactics for their teams
- apparently, the M110 US heavy artillery won't be introduced
- related to AT-2 introduction, other nations' TD's won't be buffed
- alternative guns for arty will most likely not be introduced
- there will be no alternative guns for premium tanks
- Dicker Max doesn't have additional grousers equipment, because they are not needed
- Swamp and Pearl River might have more game modes than just the regular battle

FV215b(183) god of WoT with 15 kills? Not really...

A few days ago a Russian player MACCA_B_TAHKE amazed the world (of Tanks) by archieving 15 kills with a FV215b (183), which only has 12 shells.

Here's his RU page profile (courtesy of Trollin' Along)

Now it turns out the suspicion was correct: the guy is being investigated and the thread that celebrated the game on the RU forums has been shut down. Apparently, the battle was staged - no big surprise there.

Aufklärungspanzer Panther - screenies