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Feb 24, 2013

E-100 8.4 fix

This picture was made by M1ll4n (EU forums) to illustrate how the E-100 was fixed (obviously the numbers should read 8.3/8.4)


(a lot of bullshit trolling SerB today, not in mood - skipped it)

- Q: "Dear devs, you wrote that the IS-7 is an example of an overnerfed tank. If you were to remove it, what tank would it be replaced with?" A: "We'd likely remove it totally" (SS: without replacement). SerB also stated that if IS-7 had its real life parameters, he'd be on tier 12-13, the most nerfed parameters are currently speed (IRL 60 km/h), ROF. There was a real parameter IS-7 during the alphatest - it was terribly overpowered
- out of T-44, T-54 and T-62A, SerB considers the T-44 most popular
- on T9 there is Lorraine and not AMX-13/105, "because we simply think Lorraine is better"
- further tank customisation - in far future (it's possible that in far future, hull and track models will also be changed)
- the coefficient of how much silver do you get when winning and losing is the same for all tanks, but SerB states the system is much more complex
- E-100 8.4 change? "upper frontal plate angle configuration"
- the same (gold) round has different parameters for different guns (D-25, BL-9), because it's historical
- SerB likes the work of V.Vysotsky (SS: a known Russian songmaker)

Japanese answers:

Q: When the first post-war Japanese tank was being developed, the plan for the tank was 20 tons with a 76 mm gun, which was changed to a 25 ton tank with a 90 mm gun due to the T-34 during the Korean War. However, the mockup team for the 25 ton proposal realized that the armor would be too thin to deal with bazookas and anti-tank missiles, which was why uparmoring lead to the 35 ton Type 61. Based on this history (as can be read in the Japanese wikipedia article on the Type 61), couldn't a Tier 6 and Tier 7 light tank be possible? (SS: please note that the question didn't sound like this, this is more like an explanation)

A: These tanks (20t 76mm/25t 90mm STA) were only "sets of requirements", they weren't developed industry-wise. Technically, they could be introduced into the game, but there are relatively big differences between light tanks that saw combat and these "requirement" tanks. So they (STA tanks) will most likely remain as medium tanks.

About the perspective 57mm gun, SerB states it's most likely an adaptation of naval 57mm, it might appear on "Ho-I" and the first "Chi-To" prototype, but SerB's not sure.

- the haystack at Prokhorovka do not work as bushes (no camo bonus)
- there might be additional music added to WoT

Cheaters beware! Anti-cheat software implemented


On 20th of February, the Russian server got a small patch (which is scheduled to hit the EU server around 26.2. or so). This patch contains some small engine fixes, but also several Wargaming programs. These programs scan your client - much like the World of Warcraft software does - for illegal mods, possibly even for bots. Obviously, if it finds any, you'll be banned. Of course if you don't use any, you have nothing to fear.

What mods are banned:

- "laser sights" (red line pointing from the barrel)
- defoliants (leaf removers)
- 3D hitskins (which make tanks transparent and show the modules inside) - please note regular hitskins are NOT banned
- tracer changes/hacks
- free camera mods

Please note: some reputable mod sites (drongolab) have been offering them lately. That does NOT mean they are okay.

Straight Outta Supertest part 2

And today in the news....

New supertest vehicle, the.... *drumroll* M60 Patton! 
Apparently it's slower, but better armored than the M48

Also, here's the picture of the supertest VK7201 Lowe

Sorry, no better quality available - gotta make sure the source stays anonymous.