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Mar 5, 2013


Well, let's have some good news, shall we?

- client side physics (SS: Havok) development is now in full swing
- there will be separate statistics for random battles, companies and clans
- there will be no account reset option, or XP full redistribution
- apparently there will be no new maps for historical battles (and if there are, they have very low prio atm)
- the history battle winnign conditions will probably be the same
- bots in WoT (historical battles)? "not soon and maybe not at all"
- each historical battle will most likely have some description what it was about and where it took place
- in historical battles, tanks will have historical modules and the matchmaking will be special too
- there will most likely be no Soviet tier 8 premium tanks with high penetration, as historically, the soviet shell penetration became better only after the war and the post-war vehicles don't really fit the T8 position when it comes to their other characteristics
- devs were considering the IS-2 version with a M-62 prototype gun for implementation, but there are very few data on it apart from the fact it existed
- "Province" map won't return to high tier battles
- according to Storm, Lowe mobility was not nerfed in 8.4, Lowe also won't become heavier (even though it became bigger)
- PaK 36(r) and Pak 40 have historical penetration in game, it's not decided for now, whether the Marder II, which historically had the PaK 40 will lose the PaK 36(r) when Marder III (that had it) is introduced
- buildings (objects) do not block sound spread, each sound has its own range
- it's possible "battlefield" maps will be introduced, with a lot of destroyed buildings, trenches etc.
- there are no trenches in the game, as the tanks would get stuck in them
- IS-7 won't be in historical battles

Straight Outta Supertest - Aufklärungspanzer Panther

Since I am fresh in very good mood after the 85-260 shell gig got cancelled for EU server, how about some fresh news from the supertest?

Presenting you - the Aufklärungspanzer Panther.

If you think it's crap, you'd be right. It has a stock Leopard turret - this is the VK2801 turret, that serves as an upgrade. That's right, the model is 100 percent recycled. But wait, there's more! The top gun is the VK3601 "konisch" (so much for "we don't want P2W"), the engine is the HL234A (estimated 850hp), so you can imagine this thing is slow. Oh and then there's that 0 depression (think Panzer IV/V). This vehicle will be awesome to grind indeed.

Beware! The 80-260 shell trick won't work


Ectar wrote:

26 pages long, 225 people currently viewing topic....  You're all excited about what tomorrow may bring.... It will give you one of 2 things.

A - A stockpile of shells.

B - Your money back.

For shells purchased in 8.3, they sell back for the same value in 8.4,
for shells purchased in 8.4, they sell back for their increased value in 8.4

Buying a ton of shells now does nothing for you except fill your depot with lots of HE shells for the 20 pounder.  Sorry folks, the Developers were on to this. The spike in purchases especially today was kinda huge.

So people, don't stock up on those.

Gee.... and they wonder why players get pissed and publish leaks...

SerB explains why the game doesn't "look better"


Recently, a player posted a question on the developer's blog (well, more like an article), basically complaining that the game doesn't look as good as modern AAA titles. SerB replied this:

"It's simple. When you work on a project, you have certain resources. When it comes to the available money and work, you can spend them on graphics, or on the network part. We spent most of it on the network part - the money on acquisitions (purchase of the BigWorld license) and the work on polishing the networking code. Practically all online games have similiar priorities, that's why all online projects are behind with the graphics. If the project is successful, you can allocate your resources to graphics as a second step (with online projects it's the render), which is being done.
That's why you can't just "make a crossbreed between BigWorld and Crysis", because there are format differences in object handling, both in the network and in the client parts. Therefore, it's usually better to polish the already existing solution, which - again - is being done.

A player then asked, why doesn't WG simply make a MMO with the best possible graphics and then focus on the networking part?

SerB answers: "That can be done, but it's very expensive (and the worst part is: not expensive as in money, but in manhours of qualified employees). It's so expensive that noone found it worth doing for now.

The player then suggested giving the "graphics polishing" to an external developer, so it doesn't cost the employee manhours, just money.

SerB answers: "That would be possible, but it would take a long time, as the developer would have to understand the part of the game engine he'd work on. Unless the company in question is the BigWorld, which knows a lot about the part of the engine. But Bigworld needs to get some skill in rendering. So it's the same either way."

SerB also mentioned the new graphic mechanism that already is in WoWp will be implemented into WoT - a scraped off paint on tanks, the metal under it "shining through".

Supertesters in numbers

Hello everyone,

recently, I got my hands on Wargaming supertest monthly (?) evaluation sheet. I'll just post some numbers in case you are interested.

Currently, there are 720 people active on the supertest. Out of that, 2 are "translators" (everything on supertest is in Russian, at least the mail communication has to be translated to english), 32 are "coordinators"and the rest (686) are regular supertesters.

Out of regular supertesters, 66 are Europeans, 1 is American and the rest are Russians. Supertesters are required to perform a certain amount of tests per months, otherwise they get a warning first and then they get fired. This doesn't seem to be working, as most supertesters seem to log in just to "look at the new stuff" Currently, roughly one half of supertesters performed 5 tests or less per month and 254 out of those 720 did NOTHING at all for the last month. Lol.

This has of course consequences. Currently out of those 720, 85 people recieved a warning (sometimes for funny reasons: spamming, messing up tests, breaking the rules of screenshot taking. AFK in test client... supertest must be a great place). Interesting fact is that all those people who have warnings are Russians.

Furthermore out of those 720, 118 people are getting fired. Out of those 118, 4 are Europeans and out of those 4, 2 are Czechs (lol, good job, Xitix and majogl, nice representation).

Each supertester is being marked by a number of points. According to those points (indirectly) he is "paid" with gold. Total number of points awarded for this month was 20691, out of which the best supertester got 402, second best 380 - both Russian. Best EU supertester is 16th.