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Jan 27, 2013

Regarding commenting on this blog

Hello everyone

As some of you noticed, I deleted a whole bunch of comments, posted by butthurt players from Czechoslovak section - they all basically said I am an asshole (true) who makes them look bad (not true, you manage that all by yourselves - the days of "I'll write in Czech and noone will understand me" are over, they have been over for years now).

Just a small clarification on comments: I won't delete comments just because I don't agree with then - anyone can rant about Wargaming or whatever you want - feel free to. The only comments I will delete are personal attacks against me (which originate from the aforementioned section). Make no mistake, while I respect freedom of expression, this is my blog. The people mentioned in the "Filth of the EU community" articles are not welcomed here. I mean - you wouldn't let such people walk around your house, would you?

Anyway, this is all, from now on, business as usual