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Mar 6, 2013

Leopard I - new screenshot

Another leak, this time not mine - courtesy of

Swamp to return in 8.5

Several screenshots from the returning Swamp map


- according to SerB, tanks where one crewmember fills more rolls are not disadvantaged against tanks, which have one member for each role
- teamdamage by ramming does prevent you from gaining sniper medal, it's intentional
- when the tank is burning and moving at the same time, the module crit probability does not increase
- there are no plans to increase probability of premium tanks to meet each other in battle
- there are no plans to introduce a premium tank with better characteristics than a regular tank of its tier, but worse MM
- there won't be premium tier 7 tanks with autoloaders
- Q: "Will there be special awards for playing low-DPS tanks?" A: "Gief, gief free stuff!"
- there is already the function to change nickname, but there won't be the function to change the account e-mail anytime soon - devs are afraid of account hijacks and theft
- when the tank is burning - as long as it burns, the crew skills temporarily drop to 0 (crew is busy putting out the fire)
- crewmembers don't die from fire, because that would potentially cripple the tank and the game would be unplayable
- WG does take the "playability" of tanks into account when making new lines, SerB states this is the reason why T-60, T-70 and T-80 was delayed for so long
- SerB on "losers": "When someone else owns, someone loses. Sorry, we can't make both teams win."
- statistics won't show in the damage section, with how many shells the damage was archieved
- "Expert" medal won't be awarded for killing the teamkillers on our own team, as it would get abused (SerB: "I'll go with my friend Vasja to a random battle, Vasja starts shooting teammates and I will shoot Vasja. Profit!!111")
- Q: "Why are there no tracks armor screens for... (SS: a list of tanks)" A: "Go to school, 1st class, learn Russian grammar. Go to optometrist, have your eyesight fixed, go check their thickness" (SS: SerB's rude trolling ftw)
- Q: "Thanks for fixing the game, how can I show you my gratitude?" A: "We are greedy, we take money!"
- Q: "What premium British tier 8 tank will you introduce?" A: "What can I say: 'Вайн. Вайн невер ченджис!'"
- Q: "What will you do about battles where I lose 15-1? Not fun for the winner or the loser." A: "So, we are supposed to arrange you not losing now? If you don't have skill - go play Tetris."
- Q: "I think the Mauser 7,92mm shouldn't shoot the way it does!" A: "Oh, an expert..."
- server replays will most likely work thru an indigenous ingame browser
- it's actually possible to ignite the engine without making it "yellow" (damaged), fire is triggered by any hits, not just those that make it yellow/destroy it
- there is a British T8 premium medium tank planned
- arcade mode camera angle won't change
- the 7,92mm Mauser gold ammo price is intentional
- Panzer I with its speciall MM is not temporary, it will stay like this
- Archer will appear in WoT (confirmed)
- light Waffenträgers (SS: Ardelt, Krupp, 38D) will appear, unsure if as premiums or as a regular branch
- universal replay mechanism for replays of all patches won't be added for technical reasons
- small objects that slow the tank insanely (stumps, the indestructible tractor on Murovanka) will be fixed
- Soviet 12,7 and 14,5 machnineguns will be implemented on historical vehicles (SS: some Soviet light tanks had those)
- apparently, the unhistorical T71 will be remodelled "if necessery - so far it's not really necessery".