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May 23, 2013

New Korea map pics



The Sacred Valley is surrounded by two mountain roads and small path in the middle, which goes through two villages.Mountain roads are highly covered by vegetation and are quite safe way to enemy base.

Pass through hollow is the most dangerous since has few covers, but this is also the shortest way.
Map provide possibility to use a variety of tactics including defence and rush attacks.

Spreading all tanks through the whole map may also be a key to victory.
Slow tanks should better dig in defense and try to shoot enemy when it will be spotted by lights, which should for sure scout the side paths. Otherwise enemy will attack you suddenly using vegetation high camouflage boost.

Manuvarable and fast medium tanks can also straggle for the hollow in the middle, keeping which will provide team with an advantage. Though SPG will be able to shoot almost though the whole map, there will be lots of destructible objects vehicles can use as a cover.


- all the promo tanks have the same rules as the premium ones, when it comes to crew
- the AMX-13/Chaffee hybrid will go to the nation, "to which it is more convenient"
- whether it is introduced: "no comment"
- if Object 430 is ever introduced, it will be tier 10
- in the next patch, the HEAT mechanic won't be changed further, after that - "no comment"
- British tanks won't have HESH rounds replaced with HEAT
- the turret and hull hitpoint changes reason is better HP distribution when switching turrets
- 0.8.6 won't be the last 0.8.X series patch
- devs consider the "newly researched tanks get better MM" a proper thing
- T-43 lost the 100mm gun (long time ago), both because it wasn't historical and for balance reasons
- 100mm D-10T won't return to the Soviet medium tanks on tier 7
- T-43 won't get an alternative gun in the future

List of superheavy tanks (for the purpose of extra large spall liner):

USSR: KV-4, KV-5
Germany: GW E, JT88, Jagtiger, Jagdpanzer E-100, VK4502 Ausf.B, Maus, Lowe, E-75, E-100, VK7201
US: T95, T110E3
UK: Tortoise, FV215b, TOG II

- devs are permanently fighting illegal mods
- there will be no game mode without arties
- it's possible that Walker Bulldog will be implemented as the US light tank one tier higher than Chaffee
- if you have a spall liner on Maus or other superheavies installed, it will be uninstalled automatically, changed to extra large and moved to depot
- 8.7 will apparently bring US rebalance + British arty (SS: earlier it was said that 8.7 will come very soon after 8.6, possibly within 2 weeks)
- 8.8 will not contain German TD's
- there is no plan to introduce decals for kills (SS: such as the German rings on barrel, or skulls like the fighter planes did)
- Storm explains the XP for detracks: "It will be only for XP, there will be no credit bonus. The detrack bonus will be 25 percent at the most (and not 50 percent like when lighting up).
- there will be more premium tier 8 tanks in 2013, they will be introduced gradually (not all at once)

Also, you might have noticed there are basically 0.8.6 changes out already officially - allegedly, it's because the developers are certain that by the time the "finished" 0.8.6 hits the last phase of supertest, some supertester would leak the info anyway. In this sense, the leaks worked to open the "WG kitchen" a bit more.

The EN translation is not exactly top notch either this time (for example EN "flight velocity of shells for short mortars will be nerfed by 50 percent" RU: "UP TO 50 percent") but it's okay. Big changes then. Here's what Storm commented under his article.

Following changes were done to the economy  - rebalance of gold shell prices:
- with each gold shell, its effectivity was considered (taking into account its damage and penetration) and its price was changed to match its effectivity
- subcaliber shells were sometimes made more expensive, sometimes cheaper
- HEAT shells were almost all made more expensive, because they proved to be cheaper for the same performance of the subcaliber shells
- premium HE shells were practically not touched, apart from some exceptions

- dynamic camera does mean that the camera will stop that nasty twitching, when the tank is going over the railway
- there will be no special opportunity to buy new camos (camo reset + price refund)
- 0.8.6 will come in June
- the Korea map will use winter camo
- Storm has no info on the Nvidia crash bug yet
- France will (as seen on the previously released pictures) have more modern camos
- the E-100 armor nerf reason is "unification" (SS: with Jpz E-100 I think)
- railway tracks were not yet sunk into the ground (as Storm planned to do) in 0.8.6

"How to become a noob" RU video

Thanks to LoooSeR72V (US forums) for linking this

This video is just... epic :)  (Olen - "deer" - is a Russian expression for noob, that's why the deer picture)

Translation of the commentary:

Noob 1 - "What a turn"
Arty tries to get into the fight
SU lit up the arty
A little more!
That's too much...

Noob 2 - "Learn by mistakes?"
Pearl River. T57 delays a few enemy tanks.
He needs to hide somewhere while reloading the autoloader
At that time the enemies break thru the bridge
But the IS-7 notices that there is an unkilled enemy remaining under the bridge
Do something, we need to kill!
And stuck
IS-8 doesn't notice the IS-7's fail and also wants to kill the enemy
Suddenly, IS-8 gets stuck too
And this is how IS-7 and IS-8 ended the battle

Noob 3 - "A maneuver"
IS-3 hunts for arty
And here's SU-14
And now the IS-3 will show us how to flank the arty
Uuups, didn't work

Noob 4 - "Bought"
End of battle, Jagdtiger 88 left against 4 enemy tanks
The enemy already started to capture base
Does the Jagdtiger still have a chance to win?
All taunt the enemies in chat ("T57 kill him, you'll get XP for him")
The base is almost captured
T57 doesn't cave in to taunting, continues to cap the base
But the war demands it!
And Jagtiger 88 starts its cap
T57 decides to start capping again, but it's already late
Arty shoots blindly
Jagdpanzer E-100 and Lowe don't catch on
As a result, the fate of the battle was decided by one second

Noob 5 - "Autoloader is still loading"
Foch goes to defend the "corridor of death"
Two E-100 and an AMX-13/75 go against him
Autoloader depleted. Reload time: 45 seconds.
What do you think, can 3 tanks send a defenseless TD to the hangar?
Autoloader ready!
Attention, (SS: here I am not sure what "sliv" means in this context)

Noob 6 - "Drunk as hell" (SS: not an exact translation but you get the meaning)
End of battle. Two arties left against an almost dead KV-1S.
And here he is!

Noob 7 - "This is Sparta!"
Almost dead IS-3 delays 5 enemy heavy tanks
How many shots will it take for the enemy tansk to kill the almost dead IS-3?
Shot count:
Arty as always

Noob 8 - "Nine vegetables, part 2"
Object 263 remained alone against 9 enemies
One down!
That one bounced!
Second one goes to the hangar!
That one bounced!
Almost no HP left, track is down
Can anyone of them reload a HE shell?
Minus three!
Arty goes for the kill!
Fourth kill!
Arty in the line of fire...
....and becomes a fifth kill
The enemies are afraid to attack and to go cap too
One brave appeared...
Three left :)
In the end the enemy decided to go cap...
...or not
The Object decides to take the fight of the battle in his hands
Two left
That one bounced!
Only one left!

Mistake in english "Let's share" translation

There are a lot of confused folks out there from what I've seen, so, for the record:

There is a mistake in the official english translation of today's article. The original author of it is Storm, it was almost literally translated from his original. 

Storm says: Уменьшение нормализации всех подкалиберных снарядов до 2 градусов (с текущих 5).

It means the normalisation was reduced ONLY for SUBCALIBER (APCR/APDS) shells. The english version says "all AP shells", which is wrong.

Damn. They should really pay me for this shit.