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Jan 26, 2013


Not many answers today

- if tank A has a top engine that doesn't need to be researched in order to unlock tank B and tank B has the same engine as stock, by unlocking tank B you automatically research the engine that can be used with tank A (works the same with all modules) (SS: related to the question whether by unlocking the FV215b you automatically unlock the Rolls Royce Griffon for the Conqueror)
- so far, the number of arties has decreased after the nerf, however, SerB is not yet decided whether it's enough or more nerfs will come
- IT-130 tank destroyer (SS: Basically SU-122-54 with a 130mm gun) won't be implemented in the game. SerB states that he doesn't have any data about the vehicle and that it's possible it was a misidentification of one of the SU-122-54 mutations equipped with the M-62 cannon. Either way, SU-122-54 isn't getting a new gun.
- SerB states that after the US autoloader branch introduction, there were fewer French tanks playing randoms, but only by a little
- more Kolobanov-like archievements won't be implemented into the game
- the separate statistics for random and company (CW) battles currently have extremely low priority
- Q: "Will the historical battles be a more complicated (as in complex) mode?" A: "Yes, they will be more complicated. But the level of complexity won't be simulator-like, as many here dream."
- it has happened several times that the developers made a tank model, they tested it in game and then decided not to implement it
- as for the amount of ammo carried, developers are trying to be historical, but the ammo was increased with some machines that in real life carried too few shells to last thru the game
- the developers know which celebrities are the fans of World of Tanks but they won't disclose that info
- "national voices" will be implemented (WIDID) - (Russian tanks speak Russian etc.)
- there is an "indirect" relationship between the overall HP pool of the tank and the HP of the installed modules
- tier 5 LT and tier 6 MT have roughly the same MM weight. A question was asked, since they are MM-weight-wise roughly equal, if when a tier 5 LT destroys a tier 6 MT, whether it counts as a kill of a tank that is one tier higher. It does.