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Jan 15, 2013

15.1.2013 part 2

- you get a free slot along with the tier 1 Chinese tank even if you have empty slots in your garage
- the 113, 120, 121, WZ 131/132 tanks have the same internal layout as the T-54, eg. the ammo rack is at the back of the tower and behind the frontal armor on the right side, the fuel tanks are also there
- announcements about tanks splits and transfers (IS-4, KV split etc.) had strong impact on the amount of those vehicles (both in hangars and in games)
- the aforementioned is not expected to happen with the artillery being transferred to tier 10, as the arty won't improve (quite the opposite)
- it's not yet sure whether the introduction of tier 10 arty will mean that the hardcap will get disabled or not
- Meeting engagement shouldn't be enabled for tier 1-2 vehicles, seems like this bug appeared in 0.8.3 - Storm will investigate tomorrow
- 120mm M62-T2 and M58 guns have the same primary (silver) penetration and different gold penetration "due to different shells"
- regarding the plans to revive tanks long gone (SS: T23): "no comment", however the former tier 10 Chinese heavy (from 0.8.2 test) was incorporated into the tier 9 heavy.
- no plans to enhance the flightpath of the projectile in sniper mode
- T110E3 and E4 recieved the 155mm guns straight away because (unlike the mediums) there are no tier 10 TD's in the game with unlockable guns
- the Chinese top tanks' names consist of numbers only because "Chinese comrades said it's that way and they know about the Chinese tanks more than anyone else"
- tank guns aren't balanced only around gun penetration, but also around other characteristics (SS: Storm explaining why the tier 9 Chinese tank has good penetration, there is a lot of "WZ120 is overpowered" whine)
- Object 268 and Object 704 won't get a damage nerf

KTTC (ASAP) - 15.1.2013

New "KTTC" (ASAP) video is here, with the king of trolls, SerB


- arty nerf (nothing new there, same reasoning as before)
- tier 8 arty will (SS: generally?) go to tier 10 but its stats won't improve, it will stay as it is now
- SerB doesn't think there will be too many changes in the tier 8 arty gameplay when it gets transferred to tier 10
- not much more about the arty nerf, WG doesn't want the arty running around in TD mode
- SU-26 got nerfed because it became imbalanced
- the hardcap is 5 and not 3 in order to avoid problems with the MM
- no battles without arty planned
- light tanks plague won't be handled specially, because gameplay of light tanks isn't that specific from other vehicles
- Chinese tanks didn't come out with an arty branch because it's not yet formed, Chinese partners are looking into the arty and TD vehicles


(Apparently SerB started new way of trolling - he now tells people who post stupidities that they should focus their efforts on real life)

- This vehicle is something different than the ingame GW-E (SS: there has been a lot of whining about the GW-E parameters lately)
- SerB states that defragmenting the disk every 3-4 months helps making WoT run better
- it's possible than in the future, more low-caliber but high ROF British guns will be introduced, but SerB states those weapons were quite unique
- in 0.8.3, the golden shell was removed from Lorraine 155 only from one of the cannons, not all
- VK4502P now has a new frontal armor weakspot - the bow machinegun (regarding the change of the VK4502P in 0.8.3)
- if the server resets when you are in the middle of a battle and you drop out of battle to the menu instead of garage, the results of the battle do not count
- T32 won't recieve a more powerful gun
- there is no plan to make the MM loading screen (SS: where you see the table with various amounts of available players and tank classes straight after you press "Battle") stay on for some minimal time so you can cancel the battle
- Object 261 and T-82 had some minor armor bugs fixed
- it is not considered to award the scouts who light up the targets 75 percent of the arty kills' XP instead of todays' 50 percent
- the 0.8.3 WZ-132 engines (second engine: cost 10500XP, but the only difference is 10kg of weight) are not bugged, it's intentional
- same goes with the WZ-120 engine, that the asking player considers too expensive for its power

Looks like a lot of Chinese whine incoming today.