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Links I can recommend

Some links I find useful

Primary pages
Overlord's blog - the blog of the only English-speaking WoT developer - a summary of many,many vehicles (history, characteristics)

ZxHistory - Zarax's blog, mostly about German tanks, some very detailed stuff
Archive Awareness - Ensign Expendable's blog with some amazing info on Soviet (but also other) vehicles
Trollin' Along - a social blog of an ex-supertester, looks promising :)
Esoteric Armor - a blog about some of the most exotic tracked vehicles anywhere

Quickybaby - one of the best WoT streamers out there
Circon - epic chat, epic soundtrack, check it out

Historical Realism blog

Russian WoT info (you don't need to check those unless you specifically want to, I am checking them every day for bits of info to bring you) - probably the biggest Russian WoT news server, publishes only legal/confirmed stuff - another large Russian news server, sometimes publishes leaks - third big Russian news server, again sometimes with leaks
World-of-kwg - Russian developers' blog (kruta = Storm, Serb_2 = SerB)
RU Developer Q&A - this is the main source of the translations