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Jan 30, 2013

SturmTiger in 8.4? A FAKE

A Russian WoT news site reported that Sturmtiger would be implemented soon.


Unfortunately this was confirmed by The_Chieftain and Falathi from the Polish EU forums to be a hoax. Ah well. Maybe next time :)


- SerB considers the winrate of a player to be the indicator of that player's skill
- SerB confirmed the fact that when the arty branches are prolonged to tier 10, various arty branches will have new machines inserted on various tiers (SS: eg logically, it's not sure T7 will go to T9 and T8 to T10 automatically)
- 15vs15 companies won't be cancelled according to SerB, they make a great training ground for the CWs
- looks like the Fog of War won't be in randoms after all
- the devs don't introduce a bigger number of low-tier premiums into the game (despite having them prepared in advance) because sometimes, the vehicle designed to be premiums are used to "patch up" the holes in regular trees and to supplement upcoming branches
- it's not totally excluded for 3 branches of the same class to exist in one tree
- the spare tracks mounted on hulls/turrets of the ingame vehicles do not count as armor
- the 59-16 Chinese LT has an autoloader on its top gun. At the same time it can mount a rammer. The rammer reduceds the autoloader loading time, not time between shots - and it's not a bug
- tier 10 TD's have lower MM weight than tier 10 heavies
- Q: "Do you plan to improve the premium account by allowing to buy shorter period premium account?" A: "Yes, we are currently thinking about allowing the player to buy one second and one milisecond premium" :)