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Jan 31, 2013


- tier 10 light tanks? "I am really not sure" (SS: apparently there was another leak from somewhere saying those might come eventually)
- WG doesn't plan to make a singleplayer game (SS: connected to the question what is WG going to do with the new console game US studio it bought)
- apparently, the Leopard's gun L7A3 might be even more accurate and have faster aiming than the one of the E-50M (SS: 0.28 mentioned)
- there is no en-masse amnesty planned for banned accounts, each case is handled individually
- no special matchmaking for platoons is planned (SS: for example for the cases where one team recieves one platoon of 3xHT8, another 2xMT6) to make them more balanced
- HE shells have no limit on module criticals damaged per shot, this only concerns crewmembers (SS: HE shell can never kill more than half of the crew with one shot, the borderline case being 3 of 5)
- SS: this is a bit indirect answer but from what I understood, there are no light tanks candidates for now for tier 10
- WG doesn't support the P2W attitude despite the fact that the Chinese (SEA) server sort of inclines to it
- T-34/100 has not yet been introduced as a premium vehicle, because there is the possibility of it being introduced as a regular vehicle
- SerB writes that the "late model" E-75 (designated "F") having a rear transmission is a hoax and that there are no existing graphic materials suggesting there was any such things, Doyle also agrees there was no such thing
- holes in tanks after they are hit have no effect on the armor (SS: eg if you hit a place where another shell has previously penetrated, it doesn't count as 0 armor area)
- both US and RU servers have roughly the same amount of people mass-using gold shells
- disabling one map from the random map pool? "Let's say we won't do it for now"
- the system where you can "forgive" teamdamage (SS: the teamdamager doesn't get "ban points" if you forgive him) is not going to be implemented
- tanks in game do not act as a arty splash barrier (SS: if a MS-1 stands hidden behind the Maus, an arty shell falls next to the Maus so that the Maus stands between it and the MS-1, if the splash is big enough to reach the MS-1, it will get damaged despite the fact it is covered)
- it's possible the British crews will get additional names in their name and surname pool in the future ("when it's done it's done")
- T-62A was introduced as the Object 165 without the smoothbore gun instead of the paper project Object 142 because 1) some T-62A's were actually built (around 100 pieces) and 2) Object 142 is practically the same as one of the T-54 versions that already is in the branch, it's possible (but not guaranteed) that the Object 142 will appear as a separate vehicle
- SerB doesn't see any suitable tanks for German premium T8 med tank
- smoke shells and generators are difficult to implement technically, they will come in distant future
- no plans to introduce earning gold in random battles
- Province will be remade "if needed"
- AMX AC 48 mantlet thickness is 150mm
- SerB is exping up the British medium branch, he's at the Cromwell now
- according to SerB, WoT works on Windows 8 just fine