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Jan 9, 2013


- SerB states that players with low winrate and high amount of battles played aren't necesserily bots or afkers,  "some of them simply play bad"
- SerB notes that (related to the mobility of the Type 59), it wasn't generally changed
- Q: "Is there an automatic system tracking illegal mods?" A: "No comment"
- 2D hitskins are allowed, because "a normal player knows where to shoot and they won't help a noob anyway"
- SerB states that the amount of platoons overall has increased (SS: not sure if he's being ironic or not)
- the arty hardcap will "most likely" be removed after 0.8.3 (SS: SerB doesn't however say WHEN after 0.8.3, previously the removal of the hardcap was mentioned in connection with the tier 10 arty implementation) - SerB further states: "It's going to be removed after the battle balances are returned to normal"
- SerB has candidates for high tier multiturret vehicles
- the weight of the E-50 turret was calculated according to the data from Jentz and Doyle
- the combined optics equipment works always, not only when the vehicle is moving
- the amount of arty won't be capped in companies and clanwars
- free camera in post-mortem mode is not planned
- garage battles won't have special bigger maps
- historical battles won't have special "historical" maps available only for that mode
- no questions about the ingame complaint system will be answered, as devs don't want players to develop algorhytms to circumvent it
- the devs have the idea that the maps might appear in different seasonal versions (for example summer and winter Lakesville with a frozen lake etc.) - doesn't have a high priority
- an introduction of a branch of vehicles almost always influences the winrate of other tanks a little, but not much
- it's not planned to introduce an option where you can't shoot your teammates (SS: like a firing block)
- it's not planned to introduce hangar options (upgrades) that reduce the repair costs of a vehicle
- the time gap between the base capture and transition to hangar does not depend on the serverload, according to the devs this gap is not a good thing
- the most used camo is the summer one, as the summer maps are the most numerous
- when shooting the mantlet of the gun, most of the "non-penetration" hits are caused by hitting the barrel. Mantlets are penetrated - correctly according to the game mechanics - most of the time