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Jan 2, 2013

Russian winrate statistics - last 2 weeks

2.1.2013 part 2

- SerB's answer on the complaint of (once again) ubalanced tier 10 battles (this time flooded with scouts): "For better balanced games go play companies"
- it's possible the "option" (previously: an exploit) of re-training your crew to the tank you don't physically have in your garage might return
- a player asked about the return of the Type 59 and about the arty nerf. Answer: 42 days of RO ban
- when you camp behind a bush and someone rams you and moves you, it is considered a movement (eg. will get you demasked)
- about the removing of the M107 French shell: "It can still be used on the 155 Lorraine"
- there might be implemented a historical info to each of the camouflages (where and how it was used) one day
- Mouse Trap archievement was not removed
- the devs are not sorry about the cases where they implement the vehicles and the vehicles aren't popular, as these practically don't exist
- nerfs and stat changes are legally okay - EULA refers to the fact that WG can change the ingame properties as they want
- "If the FV215b is moved to the TD branch and new tank is introduced instead of it, the player stats will most likely be transferred to the FV215b TD" (SS: so, they ARE considering a transfer and not a FV215b copy after all)