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May 2, 2013

Hack controversy (conclusion)

Getting back to the earlier article from today about the nasty hack "modpack" (TBH I don't know how to call it - illegal mod? hack? does it matter?). Those who condemned me for posting it with righteous fury and those who were afraid that tomorrow the battlefields of World of Tanks will be swamped with thousands of cheaters, you can reast easy tonight.

It doesn't work.

Well, at least not anymore, that's what I got reported from several sources. Apparently, it was some sort of limited edition, a beta of sorts, with limited access. Which is good, it gives Wargaming time to deal with this shit. So you guys in the German "Fragen zum WoT - "Blog-der-nicht-genannt-werden-darf"" thread can stop getting upset over the evil Silentstalker posting omghax and whatnot.

Personally (and I know I will piss a lot of you off with this), if I was a WG developer, the first thing I'd do would be to disable all mods until this can be contained. But I am no programmer, not sure it would even help (what the hell is dll injection anyway?).

Well, let's hope Wargaming contains this. I'd hate to make more posts about hacks in game.

Japanese Ho-Ri tank destroyers

This post is based on the material found and published by SoukouDragon on US forums. As far as I know, he uses original Japanese sources from various magazines and literature, making his research quite accurate. I will quote him in this article at some points, most credits go to him.

Now, the basics: Ho-Ri tank destroyer is a project based on the Type 5 Chi-Ri hull. Type 5 Chi-Ri was the most advanced Japanese medium tank, developed by the end of the war for defending Japan from the invasion. It was better than the Sherman and there were several projects, including a Chi-Ri II, if I understand it correctly (various armament variants were proposed too, including a belt-fed 75mm and an indigenous 88mm gun). In its ultimate form, it would be roughly equal to Panther II I think. This is how the single prototype looked:

It's very likely we will see the Chi-Ri in World of Tanks (tier 7-8) in the upcoming Japanese tank tree. Either way, the Ho-Ri was supposed to be an Elefant-inspired heavy tank destroyer, based on the Chi-Ri chassis. The "classic" drawing (also quoted by wiki) depicts it as this:

As you can see, it DOES resemble the Elefant in a way. According to SoukouDragon, there are two variants (just like there were two Chi-Ri hulls). Here is the wooden model picture and stats SoukouDragon found during his research:

I will now quote SoukouDragon himself, because he describes it the best:

I have a gut feeling that this was the initial design conception and that later, for practical reasons, the Chi Ri hull was used for the elephant looking one we are all familiar with.

One thing to consider is that the 37mm seems to have an important contribution to the design rather then just being there as a leftover from using the Chi Ri hull.

1. It would be used to defend the tank from close range anti tank weapons.
2. To be used as a spotting rifle for the main weapon for long range shooting.
3. To shoot smoke rounds to provide cover for the tank.
4. The firing arc for the 37mm was +20 -15. Pretty nifty gun depression if multi gun support was available. 10 degrees to the left and to the right for a total of 20.

There does not seem to be any place for the 37mm cannon in the sloped version of the Ho Ri 1. If the designers wanted the 37mm to be installed, then they may have dropped the sloped design in favor for the Chi Ri`s 37mm. But in any case, it leaves the door open that both of the Ho Ri 1 TDs can be used. The slopped TD version could be part of the regular TD line, filling in a rather critical spot, or be used as a premium.

Unfortunately, the Maru magazine that I got this from and Haru`s 1978 book "Japan`s Tanks" don`t explain why there are two Ho Ri 1s. But nevertheless, both existed as projects with the Chi Ri based Ho Ri with the 37mm being closer to realization.

Another picture depicts the second version of the Ho-Ri tank destroyer, this time without the sloped frontal armor, but with the frontal 37mm:

Again, to quote SoukouDragon:

Most noticeable thing is the 20mm AA gun on top of the engine compartment. As far as WoT is concerned it does nothing. But I think it adds a rather cool look, like the AA gun on the IS7.

The Maru article says that even though Hara`s book says the Ho Ri 2 would carry 60 rounds of the 105mm, careful examination of this schematic suggest a load of 48 105mm rounds. The 37mm gets 100 rounds. The firing arc of the 105mm is +20 -10. Left and right being 11 for a total of 22 (better then I would have thought).

The 105mm cannon was specifically designed for the Ho Ri TDs. Like mentioned before, it had an auto loader and the rounds are single piece. To help with the increase influx of gas from the cannon during high RoF, a ventilation system was on top of the fighting compartment. There is also a periscope at the top of the fighting compartment. It is the close-up picture to the left of the machine gun picture. This periscope would be used in long range shooting. Well at least, that is an argument for the Ho Ri 2 to have good view range.

The Maru magazine didn't mention armor but the wiki has it at 125 front and 25 on the side.

It is interesting to note that the 105mm for the Ka To was a different development. The Ho Ri`s 105mm was completed in May 1945 whereas the Ka To`s 105mm was completed when the war ended, I guess either August or September of 1945. The Ka To was a TD variant of the Chi To while the Ho Ri`s were TD variants of the Chi Ri.
That's right, the 105mm gun had an autoloader. How cool is that :) One project used the variant without an autoloader, the other had an autoloader. And what does SoukouDragon think about their WoT implementation?

Yea they still fit tier 8 and 9 and they have to. But they will be glass cannons, espicially the tier 9 TD. It is probably why the devs have mentioned the idea of a TD variant of the O-I for the top tier to help with armor. Their strengths will be firepower, good mobility, and good gun depression. Tier 8, the front armor is not terrible but it will be difficult to angle the front armor of 125(mm) because the side is so incredibly thin...25(mm).
Regarding the 105mm gun's performance: it could penetrate 150mm at 1000m, the shell weighted 33kg.

Source: (with SoukouDragon's permission)


- female voices for WoT are not planned
- US tier 7 or 8 premium TD, Russian tier 6 premium arty? "If necessery"
- it's not realistic to expect retroactive medal awards
- Aufklärungspanzer Panther "will get a Mk.103 30mm cannon if the players who ask for it find a proof such a cannon was planned for it - really was planned, not just "could fit"", statistically it's fine according to SerB
- Batchat arty shell velocity was not nerfed
- apparently, Matilda BP was not changed lately (SS: some player complained about lower toughness of frontal armor)
- when a module is damaged - but not damaged enough to reach a yellow status, it is not repaired. Module autorepair activates only when the module is yellow (50 percent HP) and works until its HP reaches 50 percent.
- wet stowage module works by simply adding more HP to the ammorack module, that's why the ammorack module gets yellow later. Cyclone filter works on the same principle.
- apparently there is a bug on the new Pearl River map, some players experience nasty fps drops when playing it
- new ammo types (for example incendiary) are still planned, but works on them have not yet begun
- Q: "Will there be a tank heavier than 200 tons in game?" A: "Ratte won't be implemented"
- gas turbines won't be implemented (SS: damn, I really hoped for the GT101 at some point)
- woodgas engines (used by German for training tanks) and steam engines (allegedly there was a steam-powered KV) won't be implemented
- track module HP of T-62 was not increased in 0.8.5
- no info yet on the new tier 10 vehicles
- Q: "What about the difference between Russian and European gift shop offers?" A: "Envy is bad."
- if a player meets SerB in battle and teamdamages, blocks or swears at him, we will get banned
- removed speed governor consumable doesn't remove a fixed amount of hp per second, it removes a percentage of HP - eg. addind cyclonic filters doesn't make the engine turn yellow later according to SerB
- winter maps will come soon, more desert maps will come... not so soon
- sixth sense is not bugged, it lights up correctly, according to SerB cases where you get damaged when not lit up can be caused by blind fire
- physical shells (with mass) aren't planned, not even for rocket tanks like Sturmtiger
- SerB confirmed that players will be banned for the "modpack" (SS: the stuff I posted about earlier)
- in future, it will be possible for various server clusters (Americans, Europeans, Russians, SEA) to fight each other via a "roaming" system
- the Japanese superheavy (SS: tier 10) tank weights 140 tons
- the info about VK2002DB comes "from the Germans"
- "smooth ride" perk doesn't make shells fall near the center of the aim circle more often, the distribution is always the same

So, in WoT you can't cheat/hack, right?


I ran across this a few days ago and was wondering whether to publish info about it or not.

Basically: Russian modders recently released a nasty modpack with some ridiculous game cheats. I have not tested it, but someone who sent me the link to it did and he says it works.

The modpack contains:

- smart modified autoaim, that can track a target behind obstacles and highlight its contour. Also, it doesn't aim at the center of the vehicle, but at (preprogrammed) vulnerable spots. Oh, and it also calculates the speed of the target and aims in front of it to compensate (pre-aim)
-  automatic fire extinguisher/repair, a script that triggers the repair/extinguish automatically as soon as it happens
- removes any aim circle jerking (contrary to he official version, there is no jerk even when you get rammed)
- counterarty hack that puts a red dot on the spot enemy arty just fired from
- sixth sense mod that replaces the perk (if you don't have it), it shows you not only you are targetted but also who's targetting you
- artymode for tanks and TDs, snipermode for arty (with the artymode you can fire HE shells accross the map with a regular tank)
- tracerhack (visible tracers)
- a mod showing on minimap where trees fell or buildings got destroyed ("ideal for field commanders")
- a mod that removes ALL vegetation in sniper mode
- laser pointer mod

Yes, all that in one.

You can find the mod here:

Oh yea, the site also contains a functional botting program. And not that stupid kind that just runs around.

Now: I am not telling you to use it, I am not telling you it's safe (it's not!) or that it doesn't contain malware or whatever. I won't tell you how to install it either. With something as nasty you can be sure Wargaming will do something eventually.

This post was made to

a) raise awareness that such stuff exists
b) make this mod public, because we all know WG doesn't fight these issues unless they become big

Personally, I hope every cheater gets infected with some nasty virus and that Wargaming bans every last of those fuckers.

But secrecy is not the way to fight this. Remember this page when you see someone counterarty 3 arties sitting on various parts of map in one minute or so...

PS: if you haven't figured this out already: posting this on official forums is NOT a good idea.