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Mar 23, 2013


- it's still too early to consider implementing a Japanese premium tank (which might come before the branch itself like the Type 59 did)
- the new (Russian) voiceover didn't change the voice mechanics, just the voices themselves
- multi-voice voiceover (one voice for driver, one for commander etc.) won't be implemented, Storm says they thought about it but decided not to do it because they thought it was confusing
- there will be some small client optimalisations (SS: not clear from the question when, presumably in 8.5)
- developers are considering the voiceover options at this moment, including the distorted realistic voices (like from radio)
- regarding the argument the T-80 is too weak for tier 4: "you'll see during the test"
- a tip from Storm regardint the new tier 10 Soviet medium: "don't accumulate XP until you see the new tech tree", the same goes for the AMX-30 French branch
- 8.5 will not bring the T-50-2 replacement, the T-60/70/80 branch does not influence the T-50 or T-50-2
- according to Storm, the Chinese tank designations came from the Chinese partners, they are historical
- another ammo type: "not for now"
- there is no additional bonus XP for destroying the whole enemy platoon, nor is it planned
- Soviet captured premium Panther and Soviet premium TG tank will not come in 2013
- trollplatoons are not a reportable offense, nor will they be punished, the matchmaker compensates for the lower tier vehicle MM weight, the devs consider this solution to be enough
- Sixth Sense will not be touched by devs atm, but Storm says that more than a buff this skill needs a nerf

Regarding the Russian "famous actors" voiceover, Storm admits that they screwed it up, there are bugs in it, some phrases are incorrectly dubbed etc., they will fix it. The current voiceover is a test version, not the final one.
However, Storm says that it's "completely possible" each tank will have a voiceover in language of its crew (French crews speak French etc.).