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May 12, 2013

Gold Ammo and Cruel Matchmaker: Historically Realistic

By EnsignExpendable

Ever get penned through your mighty armour when you least expected it? Ever had to begrudgingly load expensive APCR when you get thrown into the bottom of the match by the cruel matchmaker? Turns out, it's not just Wargaming raking in your blood and sweat gold and credits, it's historically accurate! Sometimes you have to dance the dance of death, but sometimes you can load gold and strike back!

Even the mighty Tiger falls to the power of OP APCR.

Although, even without "gold" ammo, the T-70 is no slouch against higher tier vehicles.

"On March 26th, while conducting reconnaissance, Junior Lieutenant Pegov spotted a column of Panther tanks. After ordering the driver to drive behind a bush, comrade Pegov loaded his gun and waited. At 200 meters, Pegov fired and knocked out the head tank. He then damaged the second tank, immobilizing it, and blocking the tank column, defeating the enemy's counterattack." - M. Svirin, Heavy Panther Tank.

"Low tier" vehicles didn't perform that poorly overall. The Panther's top enemy in combat in 1943 was the 76 mm caliber, at 41% of the kills, the second was 45 mm, at 38%. Then, 17% for the 14.5 mm anti-tank rifle, and 4% from all other calibers.

Even the little T-40, approximated by a stock tier 2 T-60 in the game, was no slouch on the battlefield.


- Type 79 with rifled 105mm won't appear
- the changes for Maus and other superheavies will be "as necessery"
- all tanks have the same ratio of increased gun spread with damaged and undamaged gun. The same applies for the gunner, if he's dead/alive
- regarding the previous point, T-62A is no exception (SS: a player was complaining that the effect of destroyed gun/dead gunner is too small for it)
- according to SerB, arcade mode firing in arty is fine the way it is
- according to SerB, the target audience for World of Tanks has not changed. During the game livespan however, certain audience "segments" disappeared, but SerB won't give any details
- when for example your net connection shuts down in the middle of the battle and you get disconnected, upon reconnecting you can either return to the battle if it's still running, or get the result without any penalty - but if you quit the battle yourself, you will still get a penalty, it's different
- the special RU server movie for 9.5. ("day of victory") was really liked by SerB, he might ask them to do such things regularily.

SS: here's the video - only in Russian (which on one hand is a pity, on the other hand, celebrating Soviets might not be exactly popular on EU server)

- apparently, the sound effects from 0.8.0 video won't be added
- any British tech or American TD in upcoming patches? "Will tell when the time is right"
- regarding the second Soviet TD branch being used for aggressive fast tactics: "All TD's shoot from behind the bushes - simply from behind different ones. Some shoot behind those, that take long time to reach with slow speeds."
- fingerprint account authorization is not planned, because "collecting private data" legal issue would be involved
- regarding the Nvidia bug, where the game crashes when opening the tech tree (or any other research panel): it's a bug caused by Nvidia, Nvidia has to fix it (SS: yesterday a new 314.22 driver iteration came out - according to some Russian reports the bug was fixed by it)
- according to reports by some players, the aforementioned Nvidia bug can still appear when using the Jove mod pack (SS: sorry, no idea what that is, I don't use mods)
- a special "developer-recommended" mod list will appear at some point
- unification between WoWp and WoT accounts (regarding gold etc.) won't happen until the testers in WoWp stop getting gold for free
- the option to pick either "more XP" or "more credits" as a reward when the battle is over won't be implemented ("we're not Heroes of Might and Magic")
- official reload timer: "when it's done it's done" (apparently not in 0.8.6)
- the current replay system won't support older replay versions
- according to SerB, the new T10 "special" tanks will be awarded for outstanding merits
- Type 58 doesn't have a howitzer type gun, because it had none historically
- according to SerB, the dimensions of tanks in the game are historical, for those vehicles that existed on paper only, the dimensions are taken "from analogical machines"
- the new SEA server statistics system will most likely be applied to other servers too
- according to SerB, heavy HE shells could do a lot of damage on enemy tanks (as an example he talks about D-25 effect on Königstiger)
- apparently, the "Konisch" AP shell was not historical, it was introduced so that the gun has cheap alternative to the golden rounds
- regarding the FV215b heavy tank replacement: "We haven't found other suitable heavy tank"
- apparently there is an alternative to the FV215b 183 TD, "no comment"
- there is apparently enough info for the Japanese branch now (SS: here I am not sure what SerB means by the answer, but I think my interpretation is correct)
- there will most likely be no official championships in the historical battles mode
- historical battles won't be connected with clanwars