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Feb 8, 2013


Hardly any new answers today, I guess the devs are busy with the dev stuff... well, apart from the usual SerB trolling (a player asking a question in Ukrainian, SerB answers something like "speak proper Russian".... in Hungarian).

- Storm says Jagdpanzer E100 statistics are fine
- SU-100Y uses two types of AP shells (one with high pen and lower damage, the golden ones with higher damage and lower pen), this is intentional and will be kept so
- Kpz70 won't be introduced
- new re-worked maps shouldn't be as bumpy as the older re-worked stuff
- new maps should come "soon"
- according to SerB, EU server is better than RU cluster lag-wise, as the European data streams (? data ways? not sure what the proper IT term is - anyway, the paths thru which the data go) are better
- FV4005 was refused as a top TD "for a good reason"
- FV300 series vehicles? "no comment"

Storm on some 8.4 changes


Storm on some changes in 8.4:

- lower frontal armor angle on Panther and vehicles based on its hull increased to historical 55 degrees (Jagdpanther, GW Panther, Panzer V/IV and others, does not concern Panther II and E-50)
- lower frontal armor angle on T-44 reduced to historical 45 degrees
- Caernarvon, Conqueror and FV215b - increased armor thickness of the meeting point between upper and lower frontal hull armor (203, 203, 254)
- Nvidia SLI support added
- removed the "exterior" hangar button blocking when the crew is incomplete
- (SS: I am really not sure what this means - an automatic chat log) added the ingame chat addressing (logging?) option - with or without autosave
- for vehicles and crews with Intuition perk and autoloader, when the the perk is triggered, it'll reload the whole autoloader and not just one cassette
- arty-mode FPS drop fixed for some configurations
- FPS in hangar limited to 60 FPS
- re-worked and optimalized the tank exhaust smoke effect
- returned the possibility to retrain the crew to a tank you don't physically own in the hangar - a special warning window added for this case
- added the fullscreen windowed mode ("maximize" button on the window)
- fixed the bug where the bug where the turret and gun barrel get stuck if a shell hits the turret
- fixed left speaker weird sound on some configurations, occuring after a shot
- fixed the bug with ammo order getting screwed when changing turrets
- fixed the bug where the barrel gets stuck in some cases when you aim at near obstacles

So much for the article. Storm explains some things in the discussion:

- the 60FPS limit in hangar is for the reason that some graphic cards try to generate very high FPS and therefore get too much used in the hangar, Storm also states Vsync didn't work, at least not always
- regarding the fact it was banned to retrain crews to vehicles not physically present in the garage: "We solved that and decided more harm than good would come out of it"
- Malinovka and Westfield assault mode gets removed for re-work, because they were imbalanced: Westfield more than Malinovka
- Storm doesn't know why Sexton I counts as "American"
- Caernarvon, Conqueror and FV215b have the same amount of fuel tank hitpoints as other tanks of the same tier
- "test will show" about the statistics of the VK2801
- test will "not start this week" (SS: they probably don't want to collide with the Chinese weekend)
- garage chat channel history: "when it's done it's done"
- Pz IC and Pz IIG armament? "it will be seen in the test"
- tier 10 Brit HESH ammo won't be changed to HEAT/APDS soon, as far as Storm knows


- no plans for SU-101 buff
- no plans for now for re-training the crew roles (for example a driver into a radioman)
- historical Soviet Guard unit emblem won't be implemented
- XP on VK2801 (and other tanks) will stay when they get pushed one tier up

Update 2:

Overlord translated it officially. You can read it on his blog . Some of it, anyway :)

Jagdpanther II panic explanation

Hello everyone,

just a quick explanation. A lot of people asked recently "what's going to happen to the Jagdpanther II" as a result of reading the last batch of translations. The answer is: nothing is going to happen.

SerB answered cryptically about some compensations and whatnot and I translated it, because I was tired and too lazy to figure out what the hell he is talking about. The whole thing is a result of Russian portal error where the new German tree was released without the Jagdpanther II icon - it was an error of the artist who made the tree. Naturally, panic ensued and people started to ask SerB what is going on - and he trolled them. The only thing that happened is that Ferdinand went back to its original place in the main line and Jagdpanther stands out, suggesting its fate will be.... glorious :)