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Feb 15, 2013

E50, E50M depression nerf intentional

Update: SerB answers the question about this by... well, trolling.
Q: It's no secret that in the test 0.8.4, E50 depression was nerfed. Why was that?
A: Everytime I read the words "it's no secret", they are followed by total bullshit.

SS: Well, this trolling is actually a good thing. Maybe the thing is just too overblown?

Ectar (EU forum coordinator) confirmed the E50/E50M 0 depression is not a bug, it's intentional. Here's his original post:


And here a picture he posted of how the gun is clipping the frontal parts of the vehicle:

I guess there is very little players can do with that now, although personally, I find the irony of the fact Wargaming not only makes up a tank but it does so badly the vehicle would have 0 gun depression staggering.


- it's not yet clear how much XP will the CGC cost- according to Storm, the FV215b 183mm gun is not overpowered: "Full damage is difficult to deal. The HESH shells don't use normalisation and they explode on tracks, gun, mantlet and spaced armor. And the vehicle itself is paper-armored. In regular random battles it will be very difficult to survive while dealing full gun damage.
- Storm admits FV215b (183) might be overpowered in very skilled hands, but states the vehicle requires a lot of skill- the re-worked Steppes are fine game-wise according to Storm (SS: players complained it has been too much "hillified", like Prokhorovka and El-Halluf, despite Storm writing earlier they wouldnt do such a thing)
- Sexton will be British when implemented, but will be tested as American (Storm claims he's not in a hurry to change it)
- British turret TD branch confirmed, unclear as to what vehicles will be implemented in it (SS: Storm is home sick apparently, he doesn't have the concept with him)
- devs will most likely implement a feature where post-battle statistics will show damage dealt instead of XP earned, no ETA
- it's not possible to add the 75mm L/70 to VK2801, it doesn't fit
- the WoT bug with 310 series of Nvidia drivers is not Wargaming's fault, other games have issues too
- Storm says, that when the battle loads during the loading screen and when it reaches the end, nothing happens - it's the fault of installed mods in 99 percent of cases
- Arizona and Savannah maps were completely scrapped
- the current developer plan is to introduce one branch per 1,5 months
- Nvidia SLI system increases the FPS by 20-30 percent

Churchill GC T6 TD will be unlocked from Churchill I


(Storm answered only a few things so far, so I wont make it a fullblown daily edition)

The Churchill Gun Carrier will be unlocked from Churchill I, not Churchill VII - the way it is on the test server now is a bug.

Edit: confirmed by a special blog entry by Storm: