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Feb 10, 2013


(a compilation of more Storm Special answers + the regular thread)

- Storm doesn't see unusual/buggy amount of "teleporting" tanks
- players won't be able to test tanks without entering the test server (technical reasons)
- map clickspam won't be remedied for technical reasons
- module menu won't be made transparent
- it's not planned to implement a feature where you will be able to recognize whether you are lighting up the enemy or someone else is
- the fact crews "forget" previously trained tanks won't be changed
- prem tanks won't be possible to sell for gold (not even for reduced amount)
- there will be no official WG module layouts and armor schematics for vehicles
- KV-5 won't be buffed and its MM won't be improved, it would be imbalanced otherwise
- tank horn will most likely not return
- M4 and Panzer IV gold derp shells will be nerfed. How - Storm is still deciding.
- El Halluf slopes will be fixed (they cause too many detracks of light tanks)

- SerB describes how weird low-damage hits are the result of residual damage, shell damage that hits external modules (gun, tracks) and penetrates into the hull diminishes its damage (and penetration) by the amount of the module HP (for example if a 200 DAM shell hits tracks that have 50hp, penetrates them and the armor behind them and does damage the tank itself, the damage on the tank will be 150)
- the screenshot Panzer I is the Ausf. B - the Ausf. A might go to the Chinese tree
- Panzer I won't have regular 7,92mm ammo, because it's ineffective
- current average arty amount per team per battle is around 3, but SerB states this statistic is worthless, because it's not natural, it's caused by hardcap
- French hightier vehicles without autoloaders still planned