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Feb 19, 2013


(not many today)

- according to Storm, ramming collision model works fine (SS: player was complaining that tracks eat up way too much ramming damage)
- Storm is testing, whether the new Nvidia drivers from yesterday work properly with WoT (SS: so far, according to Russian feedback, the new drivers work just fine)
- apparently, there is no "excessive" damage, external modules don't eat damage (SS: players were complaining about tracks and gun eating damage and only the leftover damage being transferred to the enemy tank HP, Storm says there is no such thing)
- track repair time based on the speed the vehicle was going when detracked won't be implemented
- later vehicles such as Abrams, Challenger and T-72 will NOT be implemented
- it's not yet decided how the EU tree crewmembers will work, it's too soon to tell

WoT and Nvidia drivers v. 314.07

Yesterday, Nvidia released their new driver version, the 314.07. According to Storm, the 310 series contained a bug that made World of Tanks crash. Storm opened a topic, where he collects feedback on the performance of new drivers, so far the feedback seems to be positive.

Polls, polls, polls...

Hello everyone,

as you might have noticed, I added the first poll. What inspired me to do it? In fact, it was Overlord, who posted a poll on what the players would like to see. Personally, I am interested mostly in the EU tree, which I'd definitely prefer to see before the Japanese tree, despite the fact the Japanese vehicles are actually very interesting. Either way, European tree (I really gotta stop using the "EU" as in "European Union", I really hope noone in WG is stupid enough to try to implement the EU flag) will come eventually, sooner or later.

For those who care: which form would you prefer? One big mashed-up supertree, or smaller national trees (even though some nations might not get all the branches)? The poll is on the right side!

PS: how do you like the new banner? :)