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Mar 11, 2013

11.3.2013 part 2

- AT-2 armor is historical according to WG sources (SS: there has been a complaint that the 203mm frontal armor was only on the earliest variant with 2 machineguns)
- there appears to be a bug that you can do damage to the corpses of drowned tanks, Storm will investigate
- small objects causing too much speed loss to tanks will be fixed
- according to SerB, "many" famous people are playing WoT
- Q: "Will there be additional experience for medals?" A: "Stop begging!"
- GW Tiger - the "round" part at its back is considered spaced armor
- China will have a normal premium tank (SS: to replace the Type 59)
- the S-34 gun will not replace the IS-4 top gun, as it has the same ballistic properties as the D-25
- Italian medium branch: "I'll let you know when the time is right"
- regarding the rough primitive undetailed look of the SU-100Y: it looked unrefined in real life too
- in time, clan names and tags will be also changeable for gold, like the nicknames are now
- arty won't be nerfed for now anymore, after tier 10 arty is introduced - "we'll see"
- Q: "Why doesn't Dickermax have additional grousers equipment, when other Panzer IV-based vehicles have them?" A: "Stop begging"
- Q: "Why does Valentine II have about one half of ammo than it historically had?" A: "Stop begging"
- independent suspension is currently being worked on
- second German TD branch will also have some really huge vehicles
- second German MT branch is still being rebalanced
- German guns are doing okay at this moment (no plans to introduce rapid fire guns)
- larger maps (5x5km) for bigger teams (20-25 tanks) are being worked on
- currently, the depression of M4 (1945) guns is okay - if it was bigger (when the turret is turned to the side), the mantled would clip the hull
- AT-15 mantlet armor won't be increased, it's historical apparently

British TD winrates - RU server


- Q: "When will SerB stop making a god out of himself?" A: "Already stopped, when I made one out of myself."
- SerB states that devs have full right to buff/nerf gift tanks, just like they have principially full right to buff/nerf premium tanks
- M1932 Christie tank (SS: very fast, theoretically up to 200 km/h) might be introduced one day, but it's questionable whether the tank really reached such speeds
- Japanese Type 100 (O-I) - SerB states the 100 means 1940, which most likely means the year when the project was initiated. SerB also states they have info on some other Japanese nomenclature, but he won't publish it now, he'll check the documents first
- Italian OF-40 is highly unlikely to appear
- Italians have superheavy tank concepts "not for the feint of heart" - from these series
- regarding the White Tiger ingame event (SS: 1 "White Tiger" vs 15 T-34, RU server only) - no such game mode is planned, because too few players would want to play the "T-34s"
- assault, meeting engagement, escort mode in Clanwars? "we have some ideas but for now we won't implement that"
- jungle maps have been postponed
- SerB on the difference in online numbers between RU, EU and US servers: "That's because here we troll players and there we don't. Recently, we made a trolling session on US server and the player amount increased by 2 percent. But seriously: here, we have a tank on a pedestal as a monument in each city. In Europe - most players are the Germans and the Poles. In the first case - each grandpa fought on a Tiger. In the second case - everyone knows Sharik" (SS: Sharik is a dog from an iconic communist TV series "4 tankists and a dog" about wartime Polish tank crew - a lot of Soviet propaganda within that one)
- there is no guarantee the Germans will have a T5 heavy, the fact the Americans and Soviets have one doesnt mean the German tree has to be the same
- T7 VK3002DB won't have a new top gun added
- the Patton Valley medal did not decrease battle lifespan of T9 and T10 Pattons
- SU-122-44 does not stand out statistics-wise
- SU-101 was picked over SU-122-44 for the T8 spot, because SU-122-44 was only a paper project
- T-35 is rather bad in it historical configuration, it's too early to talk about it according to SerB
- fan-sites have no influence on game development
- SerB states that if he was to replace the IS-7 for a more realistic variant that he wouldn't have to nerf too much for it not to become too overpowered, IS-4 would have a problem, as its native gun doesn't penetrate well
- when new camo patterns are implemented, those who bought permanent camo will not be able to select them for free
- when VK3601 becomes a heavy tank, its characteristics might change, but the probability of that is small
- unclear whether the client-side physics (Havok) will enter all at once or one effect at a time (independent suspension, turrets flying off etc.)
- FV215b TD and HT have the same hull, including the fuel tanks placement
- 0.8.6 - no Soviet medium line
- SerB states that WoWp BigWorld is better optimized client-wise than the WoT one
- Leopard 1 will definitely have thin armor, but as for other characteristics - depends on tests
- P.40 and 44M Tas will most likely become medium tanks, Japanese Type 95 - most likely a heavy tank
- 75mm Celere Sahariano is according to SerB perhaps not a fake, as it is mentioned often, but he will see what kind of turret it gets, as the gun wouldn't fit the original turret
- there might be a ping counter in the hangar, but not soon, as it represents a load on the server