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Mar 24, 2013


- French LT branch will not be reworked (SS: a player complains that the AMX-13/75 to AMX-13/90 crew retraining is stupid since it's basically the same tank)
- AMX-13 won't get two revolver autoloaders it had in real life (because for reloading the vehicle had to stand still and the crew had to get out)
- AMX-13/105 won't appear in WoT
- T57 Heavy has more shells on board than it had in real life - balance
- the AMX 50 1955 model with improved armor is not planned for now, WG doesn't have more pictures of the uparmoured version than the one posted by the player:

- Does WG plan to release a new strategy game? "We don't announce anything for now" (SS: combined with the information that the GPG studio works on a new MMO game for Wargaming, I think we can see where this is going: MMO RTS)
- WG has enough tanks planned for 3 more years at least
- the possibility to turn regular tanks into premium ones won't be implemented in forseeable future - "premium tanks have to have obvious weaknesses compared to the regular ones"
- regarding the implementation of real tanks in favour of prototypes: "If you want real tanks, go join the army"
- the fact that the highest tier company list is spammed by clan recruitment companies is not percieved as a problem by devs
- fire extinguisher mechanism will be changed - the gold ones will activate immediately automatically, the regular ones will also activate automatically, but after some time (the regular one will not be activated manually anymore, not even as an option), another option was to make the regular useable once per battle and the gold one twice, but the devs refused that idea. Firefighting skill will also be reworked, it will probably make the regular extinguisher activate sooner.
- arty recieves less penalty for teamdamage than other vehicles