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Mar 25, 2013

VK7201 Failowe characteristics

This isn't my leak and it's extremely preliminary. It was found in the database of 3Dmodels apparently - shows the supertest statistics of the Failowe (which is something not usually disclosed as even the supertesters can't see the garage statistics themselves). The pictures are the courtesy of xCaptainObviousx.

Keep in mind that the vehicle properties might (and most likely will) change.

Regarding the premium tank status:

My guess is there are two options: either it's just a placeholder (eg. will be changed to regular tank eventually), or it's a very special prize for some big ass tournament, so only very few people will get it.

Let's have a look:


- the official reason for fire extinguisher change is the elimination of autoclicker macros
- WG is still working with Nvidia to fix the Nvidia driver WoT crashes, Storm states he won't say anything more about that
- there are no plans to introduce the bunker-busting anti-concrete shells for the M-10, BR-2 and B-4 howitzers
- gun calibration (ranging shots) won't be implemented
- gun sights for the T-26 Russian tanks won't be upgraded (SS: the player apparently asked for accuracy buff, no idea why people ask such retarded questions)
- there won't be any credit compensation for people who bought tons of fire extinguishers, which now get changed
- complete destruction of the environment on maps won't be introduced, because the servers are not powerful enough to handle such a thing and it's not possible to do client-wise
- modern MBT's are not planned for WoT
- Storm says the game doesn't make the graphic cards overheat anymore than other games do, if you have such a problem, Storm recommends enablick V-sync
- Type 59 return to the store is not planned
- it's not yet decided, what exactly will happen to crew, camo and modules of the T-50-2, when it is removed from the game and replaced by MT-25
- platoon teamkills statistics are not examined by devs
- Storm states it is not unfortunately possible to create a program to check the mods ever cca 1 hour (checksum) in order to fight illegal mods
- the "new" fire extinguishers will be introduced at the same time as gold consumables for credits
- M18 Hellcat will NOT become a premium tank (SS: for some reason, every now and then RU forums start a rumor that *random tank* will become a premium vehicle, this rumor probably started when someone mistook the M18 and its 105mm howitzer prototype T88)
- SerB on the question why the PaK 43 (88 L/71) looks different on Tiger and on Panther II: "Yes, we'd like to make that gun into two different gun models, but the whiner part of forum would commit suicide if we did that"
- amphibious tanks are difficult to implement, according to SerB - they don't cause bigger client load directly, but in order to implement them, there have to be bigger maps, when those come, amphibs might come also
- there will be no special map-based MM ("You have no idea how much and what garbage was suggested...")
- press accounts can really select what maps they want to play, because their owners don't just play, they work and sometimes, they need a demonstration of exact maps.
- questions regarding the map statistics (for example the winrates, popularity etc. of respective maps) won't be answered by SerB, he noted they should be asked during some interview with specialised map developers
- SerB explains why there is no map selection yet (like you can select modes to play): "Well, and then one day 30 people will meet with different map selections each and the matchmaker will collapse. The result will be that all the battles will drop into 3-5 common cards."
- Q: "If only 3-5 maps would get played, doesn't that point at the fact other maps are bad?" A: "It points at the laziness of some players: even one with his 'favourite bush' could block 29 others from entering the map"
and "our conclusion is that some players are like Hobbits - 'they read only the well known books' - we don't intend to support such players"
 - Q: "Is it true that the Sturmtiger is planned as tier 7 premium arty?" A: "What the hell?!?!?!?!" (SS: told you those "supertest tree screens" were a fake)
- Micromaus has special MM weight because of its characteristics
- LL Matilda shells (penetration, higher cost) are historical
- SerB likes to read War and Peace by L.N.Tolstoy
- the change of fire extinguishers is already decided, it's not however decided yet how effective will the Firefighting skill be
- apparently, the Prokhorovka assault is being re-worked
- the fact you can't issue orders or ping the map when chatbanned will not be changed
- PaK40 and PaK36(r) penetrations will not be changed, they are historical according to SerB (SS: some sources state that the PaK40 had better penetration)
- there will be no recoilless guns
- the effect of German interwoven suspension on German vehicle properties is already modelled properly
- Q: "In recent interview with H.Doyle, he mentioned there was not a single case repoted of fire caused by shooting the tank in the frontal part. Will the fires caused by shooting German tanks in the lower frontal armor be fixed?" A: "In Lord of the Rings, there was not a single mention of Aragorn's trousers (let alone underpants), which proves irrefutably: Aragorn is walking around butt-naked!"
- SU-85 with 100mm gun won't return
- KV-1S won't be split into more tanks
- Hetzer has a medium-caliber rammer even for the 105mm FH, because the rammer is a part of the vehicle, not gun
- D-25 gun will not be changed to resemble the 88mm L/71 accuracy

BTW, the questions from PaK40 down were asked by a single person. In total, he recieved 98 days of RO ban for "asking stupid questions" :)

Oh and personal greetings to the hardwarebg guys, "О, тигре, тигре..." sounds definitely interesting. чалга до дупка ftw! :)

8.5 new map pictures

Okay, this is funny as hell. released "exclusive" screenies of the new map. At the same time, the same screenies were leaked to one Czech streamer, who published them as "exclusive content" and I republished here (should have known his source will be worthless, exclusive content my ass) :)

So, here are the screenies. Enjoy!