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Mar 4, 2013

8.4 undocumented changes


The first number is the 8.4 value, the second the difference from 8.3. To avoid any confusion, I am using EU depression/elevation measures, not the RU ones. So, if it says "depression 6 (1)", it means "the gun depression was buffed by one degrees", where for example "elevation 17 (-8)" means "elevation was nerfed by 8 degrees". Logically, "depression 6 (-1) would mean the depression was nerfed by 1 degree" and so on.

F-34 gun elevation 17 (-8)
F-34 gun depression 6 (1)

LB-1 gun elevation 20 (-3)
LB-1 gun depression 5 (-2)

Tiger P
88mm L/56 elevation 17 (-1)
105mm L/28 elevation 17 (-1)

105mm L/68 depression 8 (1)
128mm L/55 depression 8 (3)
128mm L/55 elevation 24 (6)

US gun 75mm M3 L37A
Elevation: 20 (-5)
Depression: 5 (-5)

US gun 120mm T179 (from T57/58)
Elevation: 12 (-3)

Renault BS
Suspension M17 braking force: 4500 (-31000)
Suspension M26 braking force: 5000 (-30500)
(SS: this basically means Renault BS stops being able to stop on the spot as if "glued" I think)

37mm APX SA18 depression: 20 (18)
37mm SA38 elevation: 17 (4)
37mm SA38 depression: 6 (4)

AMX M4 (1945)
90mm DCA30 depression: 10 (5)
90mm F3 depression: 10 (5)
90mm DCA 45 depression: 10 (5)
105mm 13TR depression: 10 (5)

First British TD statistics

Keep in mind this is very preliminary.


- new "superheavy" tank class - not certain, but if it comes, most superheavies will be re-classified today's heavies (Maus, E-100) rather than new tanks (SS: the only other nation with superheavies that comes to my mind is Japan)
- SerB states he doesn't hate German tanks, only idiots
- the "camo" zone appears where the crown of the fallen tree is, its shape is a simplified shape of the crown
- during very long queue times (during least populated hours), sometimes it happens a vehicle gets dropped into a battle it normally wouldn't drop into (MM spread is ignored)
- devs make special "combat maps" for internal purposes, where areas of intensive fighting are shown
- Leopard 1 will not use HESH
- IS-2, KV-1S and VK3601 - there is no special mechanism that would make them ricochet more
- regarding battles filled with tanks of one tier: Storm states this doesn't happen too often and doesn't consider it a problem
- Lowe and M6A2E1 won't get better MM spread
- Tank in tall grass doesn't get any camo bonus, neither does a tank that is mostly hidden and only a part of the turret looks out or partially hidden behind an object
- "hardcore" mode has been abandoned altogether
- Panzer IV Ausf.K ("Panzer IV with Schmalturm and sloped frontal armor") is not planned
- if you see some account with the name you want, which played 42 battles and last time logged in one year ago, you can't do anything, such an account counts as active, support won't help you
- new garage filters planned
- currently, both open and city maps are developed
- separate statistics for damage done when lit by you - not planned
- 8.4 introduced a bug with the display of amount of criticals in post-battle statistics, it's just a display bug - the real amount of crits has not changed

How to make money on 8.4


In 8.4, the price for 83mm High-Explosive HE Mk.3 shells will quadruple (already confirmed as 8.4 is live on RU server). Now it costs 85 credit per shell, in 8.4 it will cost 260 silver per shell. Which means if you buy one for 85 now, you can sell it in 8.4 for 130, generating 45 credits of pure income. You can buy shells for guns you don't own in the store.

8.4 will come to EU server on Wednesday (6.3.) and to NA server on Thursday (7.3.) - at least that's the rumor.

Confirmation from RU server: