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May 25, 2013


- according to Storm, test server shouldn't be as overloaded as it was in 0.8.5
- 10 percent T10 profitability increase was SerB's idea
- Chinese WZ-111 premium heavy won't be introduced to EU server, because such a tank is already in the regular heavy branch
- if you have Object 212 unlocked from S-51, it doesn't mean you will have the SU-14 unlocked too in 0.8.6
- 0.8.6 camo net won't be tied to various vehicle types
- tracers are removed for re-work
- 0.8.6 won't bring other new vehicles, apart from the arties and the premium Excelsior
- the 10 percent T10 profitability buff is tied partially to the pen reduction

- Credit arty costs in 0.8.6 will be roughly equal to TD costs:

900k  - T6
1400k - T7
2500k - T8
3500k - T9
6100k - T10

- in 0.8.6 it is possible for tier 10 arty to end up as team's top vehicle
- according the SerB, the short guns from the thirties were short because the engineers didn't know yet how to deal with recoil, and because HE performance was more important anyway
- there will be no interplayer auction in the game
- in 0.8.6, Wargaming (!) fixed the Nvidia interface crash, after its release even those who experience crashes can use latest Nvidia drivers
- it's not known whether post-battle statistics in replays and ingame reload timer will come in 2013
- it's possible a function will be implemented into the game to shoot as soon as the gun is reloaded (there is a mod allowing that currently)
- new French tanks won't come by the time the French celebrate the Bastille day (SS: July 14th)

E-10 in World of Tanks

(thanks to a Russian friend, who did let me know about it)

It's possible we might be getting the E-10 with the "hulldown" supension lowering system:

Explanation: E-10 light tank destroyer (intended to replace the original Jagdpanzer 38t "Hetzer", was designed with a special suspension system, that allowed it to lower the hull into "ambush" position - that way, the vehicle was very low, but couldn't move. My guess is it will be implemented as a "handbrake" with some time to switch from one mode to another and in hulldown position, it will have a camo bonus.

By the way, it has often been said that the Jagdpanzer 38t was never historically called Hetzer. In fact, the name Hetzer belonged to this project, the E-10.

Preliminary (historical) stats:

Weight - cca 10-15 tons
Upper hull - 60mm (60 degrees)
Lower hull - 30mm (60 degrees)
Sides - 20mm
Rear - 20mm
Engine - Maybach HL-101, 540hp
Weapon - 75mm PaK 39 L/48

Design by Magirus-Deutz (Summer 1944). 3 prototype hulls were made but no prototypes were finished before the factory was captured by the Soviets. 

"112" - new Chinese tier 8 premium


112 stats:
112 comparison to IS-6:

Storm on 0.8.6 - additional info

Hello everyone,

you have probably seen the newest Storm's post in english. While the translation is not literal, it's sufficient. As usual, under the Russian original article Storm answers some of the questions asked by players. Here's a short summary of what he said:

- ingame version of "noobmeter" (XVM) is still planned, but not soon
- large and XL spall liners will have different prices, the player won't be able to choose between them
- M6A2E1 ("the Alien") income won't be buffed
- the spall liner might be buffed to also reduce the crit chance of crew and modules, but not in 0.8.6
- the XL spall liner was not meant for ALL the vehicles about certain weight, the weight there is just an indicator
- it seems that new Nvidia drivers FINALLY fixed the interface crashing bug