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Apr 21, 2013


- the Stalingrad map will appear on World of Tanks (not soon), there might be some famous landmarks (such as the Tractor plant, Pavlov house, the Children dance sculpture)
- it takes several man-months of work to create a medium-sized map
- there is a limit as to how many tank emblems can be implemented into the game, it's related to performance
- A39 Tortoise is doing fine statistically
- British arty branch is not yet completed
- IS-4 track mudguards are not part of the armor model, they never were
- it's not possible to make an arty hardcap only for some battletiers
- apparently, SerB said on recent community meeting in Kharkov that Maus will recieve a hitpoint buff, its gun however won't be buffed. It will happen in one of the following patches.
- it is confirmed that penetration will be taken into account when deciding the shell price, how exactly is not sure yet
- M6A2E1 counts as "promotional tank", eg. not as a premium one
- 2x2km maps are not developed, definitely won't come this year, but eventually in distant future they will appear
- currently, no artillery gameplay changes are planned
- armor penetration indicator shows the ability to penetrate that given armor at 100 meters
- one-color camouflage (essentially tank color change) is not planned for now
- 7/42 format will not be used in CW
- there are plans for alternative endgame mode, apart from CWs and garage battles
- RU251 (tier 8 German LT) will not come in 0.8.6
- devs thought about implementing a gold ammo for credits hardcap (for example only 1/3 of the total ammo capacity could be loaded with them), but decided not to do it for now
- tanks in garage interface ("carousel") will be completely reworked
- devs haven't thought yet about the "cloud storage" system á la BF3
- caps and keyboard language indicator will be implemented for the password screen
- it is not planned to change the French autoloaders so they can be reloaded only when the vehicle is standing still

Brainstorming Tanks: ISU-130

By EnsignExpendable

As if the Soviet Union didn't have enough premium tank destroyers already, how about another one? The ISU-130 is a likely candidate.

An ISU-130 boops a Panther on the head during trials. The muzzle brake has been removed to study recoil lengths.

For a period of time around the mid-to-late war, the USSR was obsessed with putting large guns in the ISU-152. Object 250, or ISU-130, started development in 1944, but trials showed that the gun needed further development. Considering that the 130 mm gun penetrated as much as the gun on the ISU-122BM, there was no advantage in mass producing the ISU-130. The end of the war put an end to experiments with "high power" tank destroyers on the ISU-152 platform.

The ISU-130 had pretty much the same mobility as the ISU-152. For the purposes of making a premium tank, it could lose that fancy modernized engine, and become close to a stock ISU-152 with a BL-9S installed. The larger caliber would obviously increase damage. However, caliber is a double-edged sword, as it would also decrease reload speed. Real life ROF was about 2 RPM (this TD lacked the IS-7's autloading mechanism), so it would have to be boosted just a tad for this to be any fun. Considering that the devastating BL-10 fires at about 4 RPM, 5 RPM for a smaller caliber should be fair.

The ISU-130 was also equipped with a Hertz panoramic sight for indirect fire, but an artillery role is unlikely, considering the relatively small caliber and the TD designation of all of its ISU cousins.

Porsche Unleashed - Typ 205A "Mäuschen"

Author: Yuri Pasholok

This is the Typ 205A "'Mäuschen" ("little mouse", see previous "Porsche Unleashed" for its predecessor) drawing from 28.10.1942.

Krupp started to design the brand new turret with the 15cm KwK L/31 and 7,5cm KwK L/24 in July 1942. Of the initial Typ 205 hull almost nothing was left either. The weight was increased to 150 tons and in terms of the engine, 900hp MB507 was envisaged. The suspension and running part was re-worked because of the problems with increased weight, the tank recieved four tracks. Only a month remained before it would become the rear-turret design...

New garages


So, you liked the 2nd Anniversary gay-rage? No? Well, fuck you then, here's three more. Patch 8.5 brought 3 custom garages, that will be activated on various occasions. At least the last one looks really cool.

This one is for 26th April, SEA anniversary

This one is for 1st of May

This one is for 9th of May