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Feb 21, 2013

Leaks, more leaks, oh my god!

You'll like this:

Straight outta supertest (not confirmed obviously but I trust the guy):

Current tanks being supertested?
T-60, T-70 light tanks, the aforementioned Object 907 and.... *drumroll please*

New Tier 10 German heavy tank, the 150mm VK7201. Apparently, the devs decided to use the "Leichter Lowe" model for some reason and strapped unhistorically thick armor on it. Looks about like this:

Posted Image

Leaked: Object 907 will be implemented

Object 907 will be apparently implemented as the alternative Soviet tier X medium tank. A screenshot was leaked by a supertester and Storm - when confronted with it - replied simply "when it's done, it's done".


On 20.5.1952, Ministry of Defense industry of USSR organized a meeting with tank constructors and with the marshal of tank forces, I.S.Bogdanov, to discuss the future of armored forces development. The result of this meeting was a set of tank requirements from 18.6.1952. The resulting tank was to be better than T-54 - that was however no easy tasks and several teams (notably from plants no. 75, 174, 183 and research institute no.100) were tasked to make a preliminary study. The design, produced by the research institute was designated "Object 907" and - as requested - its armor was significantly better than the one of the T-54. From 1954 to 1956 the metal prototypes of the hull and turret were manufactured in order to conduct armor tests and to find ways to improve the protection even more.
There two variants of the hull. The first hull was cast as whole, the second was welded from cast components. After the tests, the protection levels of the vehicle were found to be significantly higher than the ones of the T-54 (by as much as 30 percent). The turret was (thanks to its angles) as well protected as the one of the T-10 heavy tank.
The vehicle was to be equipped with the 100mm D-10T gun, but there was a plan to install even the 122mm M-62 gun. It was to be propelled by the 700hp B12-5 diesel engine with two transmission types: hydrodynamic (like in T-54) and mechanical (like in T-34).
The vehicle stayed in the semi-prototype phase, apparently because by the time it was introduced, the production of T-54 tanks was already underway.


Armor - frontal hull plate (upper part): cca 162mm
             frontal hull plate (middle part): cca 150mm
             frontal hull plate (lower part): cca 30mm
             hull sides: 60-124mm
             rear hull: 45mm
             turret sides: cca 144mm
Gun - D-10T or 122mm M-62
Engine - B12-5, 700hp
Speed - 55 km/h (45 in terrain)

Other pictures:

Armor scheme (thanks to coolathlon, EU server)

8.4 MM table

This was posted by Panzergert (EU), thanks :) Red are the ones that got changed.


- only amount of platoons in battle is balanced specifically, not their MM weight
- British T8 prem won't come in 8.5
- Q: "Is it worth collecting XP on Chaffee and T-50-2 for when they are moved to T6 and the branch is prolonged?" A: "Always better to wait for announcements" (SS: in other words, another confirmation the fate of VK2801 awaits them too)
- Kampfpanzer M47 (germanised M47) will NOT be a T8 German premium medium vehicle, Storm says it's more like T9,5 material
- 0 module damage bug: Storm claims it's an old bug, around from 7.4, it will be fixed in 8.5 or 8.6
- the issue whether Leopard-1 will get a Bundeswehr cross will be solved later
- SerB on War Thunder: "Release will show what is what"
- no tier 10 premium tanks will be implemented, ever
- sub-caliber rounds do not ricochet more than AP ones in WoT
- on 7/42 companies and statistics: "If your statistics are precious to you, don't play 7/42 companies"
- SU-122-44, Panther M10 and AT-15A are doing fine statistically
- not all trees will have T8 LT's
- T-34-100 back into the game? "We rarely bury tanks for good. The tank is interesting but for now we can't tell anything about its fate"
- SerB considers IS-7 to be overnerfed
- T-64 early prototype in WoT? "We won't comment on that"
- for an ammoracked vehicle to be forced to buy all the ammo (that was destroyed during the explosion) would be too hardcore, won't be implemented
- it's not clear whether the barrel of a destroyed tank counts as "solid", it has been changed several times in the past
- SerB states that the duty to enforce the 12+ policy is on the parents, Wargaming doesn't have a way to control the player age
- those who trade their accounts are banned if the evidence is clear
- there might be a tree bridges between UK and Chinese regular vehicles and arties - SerB won't tell details, because there would be too much whine if this was changed
- SerB is happy with current Batchat155 performance
- in the Brit tree, AT8 is before AT7 due to their performance characteristics
- according to SerB, Chinese tanks are played by a normal amount of people, the most popular branch is the USSR
- it's not yet decided whether the Italians will be a part of the EU tree, or will have their own
- Japanese "O-Ni" superheavy project is unknown to Serb, he knows of other names
- SerB does not yet know, whether the Japanese light tank "57mm gun Type 5 Ke-Ho" will be implemented
- tier 2 Japanese arty was already decided, but won't be published for now
- regarding the Iwakuro tank, the only option for it was the 150mm gun, early O-I (and some others) might have a long-barreled 75mm gun (of unknown type) and a 105mm howitzer
- the bug where on minimum settings you don't see the objects properly and it can happen that you aim into a rock while you don't see anything there cannot be fixed, because in order to improve performance, the surface grid is too sparse and there might be a difference between the object picture on the server and on the client. Minimum settings should be used on really bad machines only.

And some answers from Storm (I'll just copy here the ones I did for the 8.4T2 patchnotes first, some were modified)

- Tortoise won't get the nerf, not even in 8.5
- the new Nvidia drivers contain the same bug as the old ones
- AT7 research test cost (9647 XP) is a bug, will be fixed
- the E-100 fix concerned frontal plate, (SS: not sure how it looks on the schematics but from what I understand come parts of the armor were improperly aligned (angles), causing the parts to be easy to penetrate), devs won't disclose what exactly they did, only the fact the bug was fixed
- Churchill I price confirmed to be cca 49000 (SS: 49050 stated earlier)
- on IS-6 "some little crap on the model" was fixed

0.8.4 Test 2 patchnotes

0.8.4 Test 2 patchnotes (as they differ from Test 1)

Warning: according to WG, even 314.07 Nvidia driver series don't work properly

- 0.8.4 MM and vehicle MM weights have been finalized
- fixed (finalized) the armor of Brit TDs: AT8, Alecto, FV215b, Tortoise
- finalized the XP and credit prices of new Brit TDs and German light tanks
- fixed minor model bugs on 110, WZ-131, Pz38tNa, Hetzer
- fixed model bugs on IS-6, Churchill, M6A2E1 (incorrect proportions)
- fixed the firing effect of Valentine AT
- fixed the lower frontal plate thickness of Panther, Pz V/IV, Panther M10, Jagdpanther
- fixed the correct thickness of the weld between lower and upper frontal hull place on Conqueror and Caernarvon
- fixed the tech tree location of the British premium TD AT-15A
- fixed the E-100 frontal armor bug
- returned the old depression to E-50 and E-50M
- Churchill GC is now unlocked from Churchill I
- 183mm HESH for FV215b now costs 20g
- fixed the bug where multiple critical hit sounds are incorrectly used when the player switches between tanks in post-mortem mode
- fixed some tutorial texts
- fixed the bug where there are missing cases of reports of damage when the vehicle gets detracked
- fixed some tutorial bugs
- fixed some environmental model bugs
- fixed some menu issues with accounts that are not in clans
- fixed the bug where the trees don't load, if the client is minimized during the battle loading screen
- fixed FPS drops on some configuration when explosions and fires are rendered in sniper mode
- fixed the bug where the HE damage is not randomized when the shell lands near the tank and not on it
- fixed the client crash when alt-tabbing during the battle being loaded in some cases
- fixed the incorrect display of battle data in post-battle statistics
- fixed the bug where some accounts crash when loading the garage (desynchronisation of one part of the garage)
- fixed the appearance of mouse cursor when pressing right ctrl
- fixed some problems with screen refresh rate (frequency)

Additional changes, that were forgotten in Test 1 patchnotes:

- added the option where you can select the shell type during pre-battle countdown
- changed the tracers visually
- on some configurations that use higher graphics settings, performance improves by 5-10 percent

Additional info from the discussion:

- Tortoise won't get the nerf, not even in 8.5
- the new Nvidia drivers contain the same bug as the old ones
- AT7 research test cost (9647 XP) is a bug, will be fixed
- the E-100 fix concerned frontal plate, (SS: not sure how it looks on the schematics but from what I understand come parts of the armor were improperly aligned (angles), causing the parts to be easy to penetrate)
- Churchill I price confirmed to be cca 49000 (SS: 49050 stated earlier)