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Feb 20, 2013

Beware the scammer, the cheater, the goldseller!


I won't translate the article directly, I'll just sum it up. Server WoT News, known for its very reliable info (they never post claims or rumors) has issued a warning. Basically what happened: there are players and 3rd party sites, offering "cheap/free gold", which can be "redeemed/claimed" only by entering your WoT account username and password on that respective site. Needless to say, it's a scam. If you do that, you'll get your account stolen. But there's more. Some players actually send chat messages to others, masquerading as "developers", claiming the player "won a prize", asking for the same stuff (or even credit card info) so they can "verify your identity". Yep, that's a scam too.

Wargaming employee will never ask you for your account details, simply because he doesn't need to, he can see them in the system. Also, Wargaming (thru its portal) is the only legal provider of gold, every other "50% off" offer is a scam.

Additionaly, the bastards can install all sorts of crap on your computer thru such sites - malware, spyware, whatever. So don't fall for that shit. Now, we EU server denizens have our own experiences, there was a plague of this especially in the Polish and Czechoslovak community, because several morons actually recommended these websites "to get even with evil Wargaming". They were so dumb they even posted an open thread about this on a 3rd party server (which anyone could read), bragging how much gold they bought from the Chinese. Naturally, everyone from that thread got banned (dozens of people literally) and the shitheads came raging on the forum about it (I literally laughed my ass off).

Don't be such a moron. Thanks.

Lesser known German TD's/Assault guns

Hello everyone,

Jagdpanther. Ferdinand. Jagdtiger. Everyone here has heard of those monsters and a lot of people even play them in World of Tanks. Lot of people knows also about the E-series and - at least generally - about Waffenträgers. But there were others. Some where products of improvisation and German engineering, others were born of sheer desperation - but they existed. Let's have a look at some not that many people have heard about - well, at least not those who don't own the fabled Panzer Tracts from Mr. Jentz and Mr. Doyle. Please note that I completely skipped halftrack and armored car TD designs, as those have zero chance of implementation in WoT.

10,5 cm LG 5.240 auf Gepanzerter Munitionsschelepper VK 3.02

This is a project from September 1941 by Rheinmetall-Borsig (gun) and Krupp (turret) to arm the VK 3.02 ammo carrier with a 105mm recoilless gun. Only a mock-up was ever built.

Armor: cca 15mm
Engine: Borgward 6M
Speed: cca 37 km/h
Weight (ammo carrier alone): 3,7 tons
Weapon: 105mm recoilless LG 5.240

Another conversion concieved in 1941 included a 50mm PaK 38 cannon on the same platform, which was concieved as a light tank destroyer for infantry and parachute forces. The development however got delayed and only two prototypes were built and sent on 1.7.1942 to 19th Panzer Division for testing. However, their performance remains a mystery, as the relevant paperwork disappeared.

3,7cm PaK 36 auf R35(f)

A 37mm PaK mounted on captured Renault R-35 tank. There is no additional info available on this vehicle, as only this picture seems to exist. There were more such 37mm conversions, usually unique, for example the 37mm PaK 35/36 mounted on Panzer I chassis which was used for training:

3,7 cm PaK 36 auf Selbstfahrlafette Bren(e)

After the Dunkerque operation a number of British Brencarriers (Universal Carriers) was captured. A few of them were armed with 37mm PaK and used for secondary duties (patrolling captured territories and such) and for training. As far as it is known, none have ever seen any combat. This is however not the only Brencarrier conversion. Germans also modified an unknown number of Brencarries with (also captured) British 2pdrs. Considering the fact this vehicle was obsolete by the time it was "introduced", it was most likely also used for policing and training. This is how it looked:

37mm PaK 36 auf  T-20

Another interesting German conversion - a 37mm PaK mounted on the Soviet T-20 "Komsomolec" artillery tractor. It's worth noting the Soviets had something like this, called the ZiS-30 (which is scheduled to appear as a premium Soviet tank destroyer), mounting a 57mm gun. This vehicle was used in combat on the eastern front (as can be seen from the "kill rings" on the barrel of the vehicle on the second picture), but it's unknown how many were made and it's also clear that the combat value of such a conversion was very low - it was most likely a stopgap measure.

37mm TaK auf Hanomag WD-25

This is a 1923 Hanomag Raupenschlepper tractor, selected in 1927 by Reichswehr to be a weapons carrier. The number in its name means it had 25 horsepower (there was a 50 horsepower version called WD-50). This is the great-grandfather of German tank destroyers actually.
The weapon it carried was the early 37mm Tankabwehrkanone (anti-tank gun) from Rheinmetall, firing 0,7kg shots at 760 m/s. The elevation and depression was -5/+15 degrees and the gun could be tilted 30 degrees to both sides. The crew was practically unprotected - only the gun shield provided some sort of cover. The vehicle was never build in series and due to the Versailles treaties, it was tested in Russia.

Armor: none
Engine: Hanomag VD 25hp
Speed: unknow, presumed 5 km/h
Weight (ammo carrier alone): 3,3 tons
Weapon: 37mm Rheinmetall TaK L/45

50mm KwK38 L/42 auf Matilda(e)

This was a unique conversion of one Matilda tank, captured by Germans either in Africa, or (from the LL) in Russia. One such vehicle had its turret removed and a 50mm L/42 cannon installed, probably a leftover from some knocked-out Panzer III. It was used for training in 1942 in occupied Holland. The tank was originally intact, it was converted by the end of 1942. The vehicle was probably scrapped later.

50mm PaK38 auf Brückenleger IVc

Another interesting conversion of a bridgelayer Panzer IV vehicle, probably unique. The tank was allegedly serving with 18th Panzer Division and 3rd Panzer Division and it was photographed in winter 1941/1942 near Kharkov.

5cm PaK auf Panzer II Ausf.G

This is an interesting vehicle. This time, it was no stopgap field conversion, this is the "real deal". In July 1940, the German army ordered a new light tank destroyer developed on the chassis of Panzer II Ausf. G, armed with a 50mm gun, mounted in an open turret. Two prototypes were supposedly built in September 1941 and transferred for testing to the unit designated 3.Kp./Pz.Jg.Abt. (Sfl.)559. They fough on the eastern front and one vehicle is listed as operational on 20.8.1942. After that their traces disappear.

Various 50mm conversions

There were various platforms used to carry the 50mm cannon of several versions. Here's the old French Schneider (licensed Caterpillar) tractor converted by Germans to carry the aforementioned gun. The vehicle surrendered near La Rochelle

The 7,5cm PaK 40 Lorraine37L conversions are known. But one unique vehicle was equipped with the 50mm cannon instead. It was used by the French resistance unit designated 1.Groupement Mobile de Reconnaissance - in fact it's not clear whether it was the Germans who made this conversion, or the French themselves.

And another such an unique conversion was made by 23rd Panzer Division (Pz.Jg.Abt.128) - this time, a Panzer II was converted to carry the 50mm gun. It was clearly inspired by the Marder vehicle series.

7,5 cm PaK 40 auf Fgst. PzKpfw.39H(f)

This conversion, not unlike the PaK 40 auf FCM (which is better known) was built by the Germans on the Hotchkiss H-39 light tank chassis - these light tanks were captured in significant numbers during the fall of France. 62 were made in 1942 and from what I remember, they took part during the battles in France.

75mm PaK auf Light Tank Mk.VI (Mk736(e))

Probably a single prototype of this 75mm armed vehicle was built, unknown where or when. The basis was the MkVI chassis - some of these vehicles were captured in the aftermath of the Dunkerque operation and used (amongst other things) to mount German 105mm howitzers to serve as improvised SPGs (although to my knowledge they never really fired in anger).

75mm PaK 40/4 auf RSO

This vehicle usually pops up from time to time in the "most ridiculous tanks" forums threads all over the internet. It's basically a Steyr RSO artillery tractor, converted to carry a 75mm PaK. Around 80 were made in 1944 and they served both in the west and in the east. It obviously wasn't a very successful design, the crew was completely exposed, the only advantage it had was that the crew didn't have to carry the AT PaK thru mud and snow by themselves.

Armor: none (the gun shield was 4mm thick)
Engine: Steyr V8, 70hp
Speed: cca 17 km/h
Weight (ammo carrier alone): 5,4 tons
Weapon: 75mm PaK 40/4

75mm L/70 VK1602 Leopard 

Although I don't really have a scanned picture of that, there was a project to actually create a light tank destroyer with the KwK 42 Panther gun based on the Leopard chassis from autumn 1942 (designated Sturmgeschutz auf Leopard (L/70)). The project was cancelled when the VK1602 Leopard was scrapped. Another design was concieved actually - to mount the same gun on the VK903 light tank chassis. Also stayed on the drawing boards.

7,5 cm PaK 97/38 auf T-26(r)

Yet another very interesting conversion - this time of the captured Soviet T-26 tanks. In 1943 10 pieces were made by removing the T-26 turrets and replacing them with a French 75mm Mle 98 AT gun. The crew was practically unprotected, because the suspension couldn't carry the weight of additional steel plates. These vehicles served with the 3.Kompanie 563.PzJägAbt. In march 1944, they were declared as obsolete and phased out of service.

7,5-cm Selbstfahrlafette PaK (Škoda) (also VOSS I)

A quite obscure project from 1941/1942 by Škoda. Based on the obsolete T-21/T-22/T-23M Czech medium tank chassis, it was supposed to carry the 75mm Škoda A16 cannon on the top of the hull. Very little is known of the development, but it suspected Škoda developed it on direct request by the Wehrmacht, even though the company hoped to offer the vehicle to foreign countries for export. The development was later stopped. Please note that the gun was NOT autoloaded. A VOSS II version existed with 150mm short howitzer mounted instead of the AT gun (the very same weapon, that was produced in Czechoslovakia for the Sturmpanzer IV vehicles)

Armor: 10-50mm max
Engine: V8, 260hp
Speed: cca 50 km/h
Weight: 18 tons
Weapon: 75mm Škoda A16

So, this is it for now. There are many more designs - an insane number of Waffenträgers, the halftracks, further prototypes... all kinds of stuff. Let me know if you are interested.

Overlord answers some questions on 8.4 and other topics

As always, the questions were redacted by me. I'd also hereby like to express my thanks to Overlord for being the only developer who bothers with posting in English and keeps answering our sometimes silly questions :)

Q: How's it with Garage Battles?
A: No time frame for garage battles at this stage, we are thinking of a totally new concept for them and not ready to announce it just yet.

Q: New maps?
A: Neither mods nor maps were planned for 8.4. Next update will bring at least one new map.

Q: What about the E-sports and endgame?
A: Guess, you have already heard of our thoughts on promoting esports and competitive play in-game (possible new mode). We are thinking of an in-game support for 7/42 mode with skill-based matchmaking, ratings and such stuff. Full teams are much harder to find. We are going to promote other formats as well. As for CWs, I have said enough in the recent posts. We are planning a lot of changes. CW is becoming a high priority these days. Unfortunately it hasn't been so up until now.

Q: Yeah yeah ... CW. Many clans are giving up as there are some "old boys" just sitting on provinces for last two years with no way to get rid of them without nukes, so who cares anyway?
A: That's why we need regular wipes and seasons.

Q: What about duel battles for example?
A: Duels would require special maps and are likely to be a kind of entertainment for very few.

Q: What about the number of drawing/prototype tanks in World of Tanks, isn't that a problem?
A: I can't say that agree here. AT-series has got its place in game just like most of top tier German, American, Soviet, and especially French tanks that have seen no or little no service and/or combat use. If you take a closer look, I'm sure you are good at warfare history, you will see how limited was RL usage of tanks with most of the nations having only several highly reliable and popular models. Not dozens. With our numbers (200+ tanks), we don't plan to maintain 100% authenticity, borders have been watered down.

Q: Skill-based MM?
A: Skill-based MM-ing will work only for ranked battles - eg 7/42 mode.

Q: Why not skill-based MM in randoms?
A: Because ordinary player shouldn't be punished for its skill, getting the hardest possible competition in every battle.

Q: Historical battles in random?
A: As for historical battles, we dont think they are suitable for random. They should contain some nicely developed PVE element. That requires time.

Q: OMG, anti-German bias!
A: There should be smth anti-german in every update. ..... Everything is good apart from the "German tanks were superior on the battlefield because they communicated and teams that communicate are superior in WOT" thing. You really need to abandon all myths.

Q: How fast will the new tank branches come?
A: Allow at least 1.5 months for each tank line.

Q: About the 8.4 test Tortoise - I am a bit confused: it has quite a weak armor (or more specifically, a huge weakspot on one of its sides). Storm wrote that it's intentional and it's compensated by high HP pool, but some people claim he was being ironic and that the Tortoise is scheduled for an armor buff (and the weakspot is a bug). How is it really?
A: Armour groups on Tortoise are messed up - half of its front hull is 38mm. Guys will see to it and fix the bugs.

Q: What about the pre-battle countdown?
A: As for "countdown is supposed be used to make a plan" there was some discussion of how to improve the situation, but it hasn't been finalized and is not in development yet.


- Q: "Dear devs, you stated the camo mechanism might change, why is it needed to change it?" A: "Because big vehicles are hard to camouflage" (SS: Hmmm... big tank camo nerf?)
- HE splash passes thru solid objects, because it's impossible to model in real time the explosion "flow" physics around them
- the hidden "module damage" shell characteristic also has +/-25 percent spread
- Churchill GC will cost 49050 XP to unlock from Churchill I
- the shell trajectories in WoT do not respond to those in real life - for example they are symmetrical, while in real life air resistance makes the trajectory asymetrical
- SerB confirms it's possible to "bend" regular shells (eg. to fire behind a hill), doesn't tell how exactly - he only suggests "perform experiements"