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Jan 7, 2013


I really hope it's okay this time. I am rather tired, that's why it took so long.

- there were some premium/promo tanks that stood out so much in the statistics that they'd be nerfed, if they were not premium tanks
- a new tutorial is planned (SS: that was announced already), but only for new players (SS: Storm noted that before I believe) (related to the question, whether the tutorial will explain how arty should shoot, what is "scouting" etc. - SerB stated "yes, but some players won't see it anyway" (in the sense they'll skip it regardless))
- average lifespan of a vehicle in WoT battles is cca 5 minutes
- WoT for tablets? SerB wrote it in length, but basically "so far no comment" (or rather "we'll tell when it's certain")
- devs already have an idea what there will be in the British artillery branch - Churchill AVRE won't make it though, its gun elevation is not high enough
- additional tank armor screens (equipment) - planned, but because it's hard to implement (change of models etc) - not anytime soon (far future)
- only 1-2 percent of players visit (Russian) forums, it's not planned to implement "hints" into the game, pointing to the forums ("if you want to know more, check forums")
- the mantlets of the Soviet T-34 and KV-1 series tanks act in the game like spaced armor, even though they look like the part of the turret (if you hit it, the penetration decal will "disappear" etc), because there is another thin layer behind them and only penetrating leads to damage
- light tank cap (eg. both sides having the same amount of light tanks) MM won't work based on tier only, but (as it does now) based on their MM weight
- the arty hardcap is temporary and will be removed "when it's not needed anymore"
- buffing or nerfing tanks does not depend on anything else, like f.x. introduction of new maps, it's completely separate
- chatbanned players won't be able to issue commands in game (won't be changed)
- it's not planned to allow deleting the WoT accounts, but the devs are thinking about how to solve the situation when an unused account is "blocking" a desired nickname
- only those medals are rewarded retroactively, for which the data can be found easily from available sources
- in the past, the platoons had a bigger balance weight, they don't anymore
- it's not planned to turn the thin plates of the M10 Panther into the spaced armor
- tanks aren't balanced only based on their guns, but at a complex of characteristics (SS: the question was, how come the tier 10 meds have comparable penetration to tier 10 heavies, while the lower tiers have it inferior - it's compensated by mobility in this case)
- the developers consider the situation, where an ally destroys your gun (a crit), you spend 3k repair kit fixing it and in the end you get 60 silver compensation (hardly any damage was done) as normal
- the fact top TD's have lower viewrange than top meds and heavies is okay with the devs
- KV-5 armor wasn't buffed for "a lot of reasons"
- according to the devs, the "Serene coast" (how's the map name in english?) map didn't become the new Swamp/Komarin (eg. a standoff map full of long battles), it won't become a lowtier map (like "Province")
- high-gold-cost low-tier premium tanks that would earn more credits are not deemed necessery
- it's not planned to remove the penalties for very small hits by allies (20-30hp)
- the chance of dropping into meeting engagement battles won't be modified
- the devs know about the platoon spam in random battles
- it's possible there will be new perks and skills for crews
- apparently there is no plan to put the "planned" 700hp engine to the VK2801 ("you can believe *SS: the fact that vehicle was to have that engine* but that doesn't mean we have to put it in")
- there will be a self-propelled gun (SS: unclear if arty or TD, in Russia, they both share a generic term SAU) based on the KV hull introduced into the game
- T-60-2 will be introduced with high probability
- the gun elevation and depression of the new German medium branch will be similiar to the other German branch (alternative explanation is that SerB is trolling and answering the question "What will be the elevation and depression of the new German branch like?" with "Like the one of the new German branch")
- the gun depression and elevation of the Leopard tank (-9,+20 mentioned - "only if this turns out to be historical")
- it will be possible to equip the Leopard with a gun stabilizer