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Mar 12, 2013


- flight speed of 183mm Object 261 AP shell and 203mm Object 212 HE shell are nearly identical, that however does not mean their trajectories are automatically the same
- crew icons and pictures (uniforms) won't be based on the tank era (eg. Bunderswehr Leopard crew will still be using Wehrmacht uniforms)
- the mound of dirt that gets the tanks stuck apparently won't be fixed ("takes a real talent to be able to get stuck anywhere, against such a talent we are powerless")
- independent suspension is already tested internally
- KV-5 depression is historical
- T30 has no turret counterweight "for historical reasons" (unlike T34)
- destroyed tank hulls on maps might be movable in distant future
- each shell (bullet) in game counts as a separate object with its trajectory being calculated in 0.1s intervals, not just as a graphical effect of a pre-calculated trajectory. Therefore the Panzer I Ausf.C machinegun does put more stress on the server than regular cannons (due to the amount of ammo it dishes out), but it's manageable
- SerB states they work on tank stats only when they have nothing better to do, the game is for masses, not for statistics
- ramming mechanics rework? "if necessery - for now I don't see the necessity"
- HEAT shells don't ricochet because the devs didn't consider it necessery
- regarding the Japanese supertank: SerB states Maus and E-100 can call him "bro"
- Italian tanks weren't projected with 4 tracks (2x doubletracks) for too long (such as the GL-4 monster), SerB will check what kind of caliber would this project carry
- E-75 and E-100 armor is historical and it is modelled according to Wargaming's sources

Banned from EU forums

Hey everyone,

never a dull moment, eh? :) As some of you might have noticed, I have been permanently banned from EU forums about an hour or so ago for "discussing of unreleased content" (the banning was done by moderator Kacsa1). Well, basically for the leaks. My game account is intact.

Ah well. Doesn't matter. Just heads up - the translations will continue only here from now on.


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Retarded Russian projects part 5 - "Salamander against fascism"

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Retarded Russian projects part 2 - "Broneistrebitel"
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Author: Yuri Pasholok
Original source:
Redacted: Silentstalker


On 2nd of February 1942, the bureau of J.V.Stalin recieved a letter from the city of Nevyansk in Sverdlovsk disctrict, addressed directly to J.V.Stalin, from two technicians by the names of A.Kuznetsov and P.Alip. Inside was a proposal for a quite odd fighting vehicle, named "Salamander against fascism" by its authors. 

Why such an odd name? The authors themselves explain: "Salamander is animal that can take the colour of its environment, it is also toxic, attacks its victim suddenly after crawling silently towards it, it has a low but long shape.We wanted to create such a war machine, which would resemble the salamanders with its properties. That's why we decided to name the vehicle "Salamander against fascism".

The history doesn't mention whether the vehicle could change colours or spit venom, but it certainly was long: