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Mar 17, 2013


- there will be no special game mechanics for semi-AP marine shells
- ejector graphic (cleansing of the barrel after each shot) might be implemented (SS: some modern guns have it), SerB thinks he actually implemented this already for some tank in WoT
- SerB says that the Designated Target perk works 15 degress from the barrel (SS: official description is 10 degrees)
- apparently, Brothers in Arms does influence the Designated Target perk
- MTLS-1G14 is not planned to appear on Russian (or EU) server
- 2 HE shell non-penetration hits in a row can kill off the entire crew (SS: the "no more than half a crew dead with one HE shell" rule applies only to one shell, not two shells in a row, plus a penetrating HE hit can kill off the entire crew completely)
- AMX-ELC can get to tier 5-9 battles
- SerB states there aren't any blatant spots on the Abbey maps where tanks would get stuck often
- Ram II is placed in the US tree because it uses American chassis and was co-developed by Americans, it won't be moved to the UK branch
- according to SerB, the Swedish possible heavy candidate KRV tank weighted 45 tons (SS: a player claimed it actually weighted 28 tons, my bet would be that the player confused the projected weight with the weight of the turretless prototype chassis that was actually made)
- SerB states that the incoming camouflage system change is connected with the camo having too little effect on large vehicles
- coniferous trees crowns (the large parts, near the ground) do act as bushes, when it comes to camo calculations
- according to SerB, the BT "Christie" turret is historical
- a player with hightier tanks can very rarely drop into the Province map - this happens when press accounts are present in the battle, they circumvent the regular map limitations (they can pick which map to play apparently)
- T23 won't return in forseeable future
- T-50-2 confirmed to be removed out of the game. The tank that will replace it will be transferred to tier 6, but this is not connected with the T-60/70/80 introduction (eg. won't happen in 8.5)
- AMX-30? "no comment"

1 million hits - and now?

Hello everyone,

first, I'd like to thank all my readers for your continued support. I deleted the previous article from this morning (including the comments, sorry about that), because I have generally reached a decision. From now on, this blog will be 100 percent legal. For those who liked the leaks - sorry about that, no more leaks here. This blog will stay legal.

With kind regards

Edit (17.3. 17:12 CET): The thing about decision is - when you make one there will always be someone moaning. When I posted leaks, people whined about me being a dick, destroying supertester community and whatnot (like I give a fuck about most of them), when I refuse to post more, people whine they want them back - that's the way the life works. Get over it. If you went here only for the leaks, well, too bad, seeya.