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May 13, 2013

And some tank music...

For those who don't know this:

Thanks go to kvaskatank ( for posting this, I normally don't listen to Megadeth at all

Average EU1 chat...

And the Rage of the Day award goes to.... :)

Broken engrrish rages are funny :)


- camo (summer, winter, desert) is attached to whole maps and works on them even if they have a part of them with different textures (SS: for example if a map classified as "desert" has some "summer" parts, desert camo will still work in them)
- in premium garage you can zoom out more than in the basic garage, this is intended and additional zoom won't be added to the basic garage because "walls are in the way"
- other objects than tanks can't ricochet a shell, doing so would be a waste of server resources
- in case of the subcaliber rounds for the Konisch gun - SerB states that even the silver ammo for it is historically subcaliber (instead of tungsten core it has a steel core), it was only designated as AP so people don't get confused
- post-battle chat won't be introduced because it would only serve for people to insult each other
- the main gun for the T-35 tank will most likely be the 76mm KT gun, will most likely be tier 4
- from the current tanks, the multi-turretted mechanism will be applied to M3 Lee, perhaps even to Char B1, but that is still being considered, since the Char B1 hull gun had 0 traverse (couldn't turn to sides at all)
- multi-turret mechanism will be implemented so late because it's complicated to implement
- multi-turret premium tanks will be apparently introduced all at once
- clanmates will get a separate category (in battle, in chat)
- according to SerB, damaged tracks have no influence on vehicle performance
- the option to recieve private messages only from friends will be implemented (SerB states he is looking forward to this a lot for obvious reasons)
- SerB on why he doesn't want a strict 3-per-team arty hardcap: "We don't want to implement severe matchmaking restrictions. This leads to distortions in vehicle balance (it's not possible to fix some nuances) and in matchmaker mechanism. Also, if you limit one class, it will lead to whining and calling for hardcaps for (for example) tier 8 premiums, light tanks etc. This alone is reason enough."
- making a teamkiller blue after two shots aimed at allies in a row won't be implemented - developers feel that it would lead to more "getting blue" accidents and they consider eliminating punishment for accidental teamkills more important
- SerB states that issues with tanks driving into ground textures (SS: falling thru ground, house clipping etc.) cannot be entirely avoided, but the amount of such issues dropped
- according to SerB, arty effectivity won't decrease a lot in 0.8.6
- British Shermans will be implemented ("when it's done it's done")
- according to SerB, the British didn't have any turretless TD bigger than Tortoise, so the replacement of FV215b (183) and its transfer to the turret TD branch won't happen
- one-click ignore list clean-up won't be added, according to SerB it would only help account hijackers
- E-100 will not get the "Henschel turret", because that's a fake (SS: yes, it is), IF E-100 gets a new turret, it will be the Maus-like one (it's possible that will happen), with 128mm and 150mm guns
- new crew skills will be introduced "if needed"
- the problem with captured tanks introduction is "the absence of the conditions of their introduction"
- special reward perks for archievements won't be introduced
- it's possible perks unique to each nation will be introduced
- ignore list won't apparently be made longer
- in 0.8.6, Object 261 won't have its gun traverse buffed most likely
- past archievements for killing vehicles that will have their tier moved will not be affected
- according to SerB, it's not guaranteed top arties will get new modules, but it might happen
- the option for players to disable their least popular maps has not been scrapped, but it will come "when it's done"
- Q: "How is it justified that purely German Marder I is in the French tree?" A: "Want justice? Go to Hague tribunal. Want answers? Read earlier posts." (SS: it was a purely balance decision)
- Superpershing's armored screens (spaced armor) won't be buffed, they aren't meant to serve against HEAT rounds and their thickness is sufficient to deflect most AP rounds
- KV-5 gun pen won't be buffed
- on tanks without radioman (T-62A, Leopard 1), radioman perks can be unlocked by the commander, because historically it was the commander who acted as the radioman, despite the fact a loader would be more useful with them
- SerB states that from the raging forum e-lawyers threatening to sue WG, not even one case has been brought before a court, because WG has a powerful team of lawyers while internet e-lawyers are silly (SS: SerB posted even a pretty funny picture, hard to translate)
- subcaliber core material by itself has no additional effect on penetration mechanics (SS: as in, a shell has a penetration X, regardless of what the core is made of)
- the chance for Type 59 to return into the shop is zero
- regular/free XP won't be transferrable for gold to crew XP
- in order to get a WG press account, you have to be an accredited journalist
- voice selection (as it was in patch 0.7.5) won't return
- WoT won't be ported into a browser game, as it would perform even worse than it does now
- SerB is not considering to buff/nerf the HT FV215b atm
- it's possible the B2 premium tank will appear in shops again
- random battle skill MM won't be implemented
- it's possible that when the Somua S35 gets introduced as a regular vehicle, the German premium Somua S35 gets removed from the shop, but it's also possible that when the captured tanks as a category are introduced, these previously removed vehicles will return
- it's possible the VK3002DB has too high MM weight, SerB will investigate
- experimental vehicles in game won't be replaced by "serial" ones
- Q: "Are real life tank soldiers using World of Tanks as a training software?" A: "Yeah, and the infantry gets World of Warcraft!" :)

8.6 and 8.7 additional info

So, not enough info for today you say? Arty stats and 105mm HEAT nerf not good enough?

Very well then! From yet another WG insider (even though, as always, I can't guarantee this is true):

- 8.6 will be finished before 23.6 and work on 8.7 will be finished soon after (cca 2 weeks) - actual release date is not yet set
- there will be big changes in Clanwars. To quote the source:

"New areas: US (D'oh), Southern Africa (including but not limited to: South Africa, Somaliland, Madagascar), Mongolia, and, *drumroll*: Atlantis. There will be a few big events each with a ton of medals. And WG is working on a very big CW campaign with 4 stages, each stage has its own objectives and respective medals. Total amount of new medals: 58."

112 and IS-6 comparison

SS: I got this by mail, I hope you enjoy it

Author: Awesomecaek/M1ll4n (Czech community, EU)

Let me sum up the soft stats. Direct comparison to IS-6.

The Chinese has:


+ Better aiming time (3.1 vs 3.4)
+ Better accuracy on the move (0.21 vs 0.23)
+ Better turret traverse speed (26 vs 24)
+ Better standard AP shell movement speed (900m/s vs 790m/s)
+ Far superior premium shell - 300mm penetration HEAT vs 217mm penetration APCR
+ Higher shell capacity (45 vs 30)

- Whopping 0.3 seconds longer reload (12 seconds instead of 11.7 - whopping 117DPM drop)
- Whopping 3 degrees worse max elevation (+17 degrees instead of +20 degrees, depression stays the same).


+ Higher top speed (45km/h vs 35km/h)
- Slightly worse HP/ton ratio (12,69hp/ton vs 13.67hp/ton), however
+ Better braking force (46000 vs 39500), and
+ Much better terrain resistance (1/1.1/2.2 vs 1.2/1.5/2.3), so
Eventually, it's faster AND more agile than IS-6 everywhere except maybe softest surfaces

+ Better view range (380m vs 350m)
+ Better radio range (who cares honestly)
+ Lower chance roll on immediate on-hit engine combustion (0.12 vs 0.15)

- Lower module health (Engine being the biggest difference, 260 vs IS-6s 370, other modules ~10% difference - 200hp ammoracks vs 220hp ammoracks).

To this, add, the armor.

Frontally, the 112 has thicker upper glacis (120mm vs 100mm) with no (90mm and 80mm) weakspots on it, unlike IS-6. It has significantly weaker power glacis (80mm) and it's a viable weakspot, but it's small and low placed.

The turret has 240mm thick front with 240mm thick mantlet, which has 150mm thick armor layered under most of it's thickness (so a big part of the front of the turret is 390mm thick). IS-6's front turret is entirely 150mm thick with two cupolas as well (albeit smaller). IS-6's mantlet is 150mm thick, and has less overlap with the turret than the 112's mantlet.

All in all, 112 has significantly better frontal armor than IS-6.

Lastly, IS-6 has better side and back armor, all around 100mm, with some good sloping, and with 30mm falseboard. 112 has 80mm all around with less sloped space (which will still definitely ding something here and there) and with less space covered with falseboard, along with 60mm butt.

Now, let me point out IS-6 is currently statistically the best performing tier 8 premium heavy, when player skill levels get taken into account (

If they release this vehicle as it is, it will utterly dominate other tier 8s, premiums or not. It has very few disadvantages over already greatly successful IS-6, while boasting hefty advantages.

All we can do is pray that WG didn't skip their morning vodka and this thing will receive a SERIOUS nerf, before it gets offered openly. I for one think that it could still be good tank with 3,5RPM instead of it's current 5RPM. That's how fucking good it looks like, so far.

0.8.6 SO, FR, US new arty stats



Stock (Top)

Tier: 5
Crew: 4
HP: 210
Hull armor: 20/15/15
Turret armor: 10/0/0
Turret traverse: +/- 7,5 degrees
Rate of turret turn: 16 deg/s
Hull turnrate: 24 deg/s (26)
Max speed: 30/10
Engine: 140hp (170hp)

Gun: 122mm M-30 (152mm D-1)
Penetration: 65/200 (88/250)
Damage: 465/390 (910/700)
ROF: 4,11 (2,31)
Reload time: 14,6 (26)
Accuracy: 0,86 (0,86)
Aim time: 6,5 (6,5)
Ammo: 20 (15)

View range: 340
Radio: 360 (625)
Price: 385000 credits


Tier: 7
Crew: 6 (no radioman, two gunners, two loaders)
HP: 350
Hull armor: 20/20/10
Turret armor: 10/0/0
Turret traverse: +/- 4 degrees
Rate of turret turn: 12 deg/s
Hull turnrate: 16 deg/s (26)
Max speed: 30/8
Engine: 500hp (700hp)

Gun: 152mm ML-20 (203mm B-4)
Penetration: 88/250 (102/260/102)
Damage: 910/700 (1850/1450/1850)
ROF: 2,5 (1,18)
Reload time: 24 (50,9)
Accuracy: 0,8 (0,9)
Aim time: 7 (8)
Ammo: 32 (16)

View range: 360
Radio: 360 (625)
Price: 1370000 credits



Tier: 6
Crew: 5
HP: 280
Hull armor: 12,7/12,7/12,7
Turret armor: 12,7/12,7/0
Turret traverse: +/- 30 degrees
Rate of turret turn: 10 deg/s
Hull turnrate: 20 deg/s (22)
Max speed: 56,3/14
Engine: 770hp (810hp)

Gun: 155mm M1 (155mm M45)
Penetration: 78/240 (78/240)
Damage: 700/700 (700/700)
ROF: 2,86 (3,11)
Reload time: 21 (19,3)
Accuracy: 0,8 (0,78)
Aim time: 6,5 (5,5)
Ammo: 36 (36)

View range: 360
Radio: 500 (750)
Price: 920000 credits


Tier: 9
Crew: 6
HP: 450
Hull armor: 25,4/12,7/12,7
Turret armor: 12,7/12,7/12,7
Turret traverse: +/- 30 degrees
Rate of turret turn: 10 deg/s
Hull turnrate: 22 deg/s (24)
Max speed: 56,3/14
Engine: 770hp (810hp)

Gun: 155mm M46 (203mm M47)
Penetration: 88/90 (102/241/102)
Damage: 1250/1250 (1850/1450/1850)
ROF: 2,04 (1,38)
Reload time: 29,4 (43,5)
Accuracy: 0,67 (0,83)
Aim time: 6 (7)
Ammo: 40 (20)

View range: 350
Radio: 500 (750)
Price: 3550000 credits


AMX Ob. AM105

Tier: 4
Crew: 5
HP: 170
Hull armor: 30/20/15
Turret armor: 10/0/0
Turret traverse: +/- 30 degrees
Rate of turret turn: 10 deg/s
Hull turnrate: 23 deg/s (26)
Max speed: 60/14
Engine: 200hp (250hp)

Gun: 105mm DEFA (105mm Canon de 105 Mle 1950)
Penetration: 53/104 (60/223)
Damage: 410/350 (445/330)
ROF: 4,11 (3,77)
Reload time: 14,6 (15,9)
Accuracy: 0,77 (0,74)
Aim time: 5,5 (5,5)
Ammo: 40 (40)

View range: 340
Radio: 400 (750)
Price: 124000 credits

Batchat 155 55

Tier: 9
Crew: 6
HP: 440
Hull armor: 101,6/76,2/50,8
Turret armor: 50/20/10
Turret traverse: +/- 360 degrees
Rate of turret turn: 10 deg/s
Hull turnrate: 22 deg/s (26)
Max speed: 56,3/14
Engine: 770hp (250hp)

Gun: 155mm Canon de 155mm L GPF (105mm Canon de 155mm)
Penetration: 95/95/185 (95/95/185)
Damage: 1250/1250/720 (1250/1250/720)
ROF: 2,04 (2,18)
Reload time: 29,4 (27,5)
Accuracy: 0,67 (0,67)
Aim time: 6 (5,5)
Ammo: 36 (36)

View range: 370
Radio: 400 (750)
Price: 3500000 credits

E-25 and "112" stats

Source: Game3dmodels via Ogogopogo (US)


Tier: 7
MM balance weight: 27
HP: 830
Hull armor: 50/30/30
Turret armor: 0/16/16
Speed limit: 65/20
Penetration: 198/244/38
Damage: 135/135/175
Rate of fire: 18.75
Accuracy: 0.31
Aim time: 1.5
View range: 360
Signalrange: 710
Weight: 26 025
Price: 3 200 Gold


Tier: 8
MM balance weight: 48
HP: 1 550
Hull armor: 120/80/60
Turret armor: 240/130/60
Speed limit: 45/15
Penetration: 175/300/61
Damage: 390/390/465
Rate of fire: 5
Accuracy: 0.46
Aim time: 3.1
View range: 380
Signal range: 600
Weight: 45 725
Price: 12 250
Elevation arc: -6..+17

Also, this tank seems to be real, not a WG fantasy - a Chinese site has whole description of it.

Edit: good guy Zanyu Ren translated it for us :) Thank you! Thanks to Anson Wu also for partial earlier translation and corrections.

Communist Party of China request the Soviet Union provide nuclear weapons and nuclear submarines as promised at April and July 1958. The Soviet Union, in return, suggests building long-wave radio station in Chinese territory and organizing combined fleet with China in China's territorial water. China believes that this suggestion violated China's sovereignty, which leads to the breakoff of Sino - Soviet relationship. In order to prevent the invasion of Soviet Union, China accelerate the process to develop heavy tanks which can effectively fight against Soviet Union's T-10M and IS-3 tanks.

At this background, the WZ-112 project is launched. 112 heavy tanks has 5 crews. Crew cab is located in the front part of the central, which is the same as IS-2 heavy tank and significantly different from the traditional location (front-left) of China tanks. Batteries and Shells are located at both sides of the driver. Transmission system is located at the mid-front of hull, turret placed at the rear. An important feature of this tank is longitudinal engine mounting, different from most Soviet and China tanks, which are transverse engine mounting. Transverse engine mounting allows the overall compact layout. However if the length of some high-power engine is longer than the width of the tank, it has to be longitudinally mounted without choice. Additional fuel container is placed at the bottom of fighting compartment to increase the maximum travel of the tank to 400km. Most noteworthy feature of this tank is the adaption of '3-liquid' device which are hydraulic transmission device, hydraulic control device and adjustable liquid-gas suspension. However, this tank had not entered mass production because of the inadequate industrial level at that moment.

This tank adapt 120mm smoothbore gun which can deal surprisingly high damage. Some people say this tank is equipped has 152mm cannon mounted version historically, which is not quite credible. In 1960s, the industrial level of China is overall poor and the technology of turret was not completely transferred from Soviet Union. If the caliber of gun is too large, the shoots will blow the turret off the tank. So it is better to treat this rumor as a joke.

0.8.6+ observations

A few short points I have put together from today's leaks:

In 0.8.6, 105mm HEAT shells (Panzer IV, Sherman) get a bad pen nerf (from 150 to roughly 104 pen), unless they keep "special" heat shells for arty (unlikely, it's not like that now). Bye bye T5 derp.

Also, splash for hightier arty shells gets reduced, roughly by 10 percent. This doesn't have to be a rule, but it's like that with the new T8 GW Tiger P arty, which means the GW Panther and GW Tiger will have their splash reduced too, as they use the same guns.

Oh and as for the upcoming tier 10 Waffentr├Ąger E-100: schematics are already made and it's confirmed it won't have a 210mm gun, so (unless it has the same gun as Jpz E-100, which would be lame), we are looking at 150mm L/68 - verdict: most likely more mobile vehicle with VERY high penetration, armor is yet to be seen.

0.8.6 new German arty stats


Panzer Sfl.IVb

Tier: 4
Crew: 4
HP: 200
Hull armor: 20/14,5/14,5
Turret armor: 20/14,5/14,5
Turret traverse: +/- 35 degrees
Rate of turret turn: 10 deg/s
Hull turnrate: 20 deg/s
Max speed: 35/10
Engine: 180hp

Gun: 105mm LeFH 18
Penetration: 53/104/64
Damage: 410/350/350
ROF: 4,11
Reload time: 14,6
Accuracy: 0,72
Aim time: 5,5
Ammo: 60

View range: 340
Radio: 700
Price: 150000 credits

GW Tiger (P)

Tier: 8
Crew: 6
HP: 440
Hull armor: 100/80/16
Gun traverse: +/- 5 degrees
Rate of turret turn: 10 deg/s
Hull turnrate: 14 deg/s (16 elite)
Max speed: 35/10
Engine: 600 hp (640 elite)

Stock Gun: 170mm K72
Penetration: 88/95
Damage: 1400/1400
ROF: 1,69
Reload time: 35,5
Accuracy: 0,74
Aim time: 7
Ammo: 21

Top Gun: 21cm Mrs 18/1
Penetration: 105/303/105
Damage: 2000/1550/2000
ROF: 1,16
Reload time: 51,8
Accuracy: 0,9
Aim time: 7,5
Ammo: 15

View range: 380
Radio: 310 (710 elite)
Price: 2650000 credits

IVb 105mm splash: 1,91
TigP 170mm splash: 4,45 or 6,37 (gold) (slight nerf)
TigP 210mm splash: 6,44 or 9,1 (gold) (nerf)