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Feb 12, 2013


- Q: "Tanks such as Maus are dying off in randoms!" A: "We'll all die one day. Enough with the whining already, we can give you time off from the forums for healing your nerves" (SS: ....followed by RO ban)
- exact values of hidden parameters are not made public "to avoid whining" - their changes are however still written in patch notes
- a player complained that he hears "turret damaged" voice message on his Object 263, which has no turret - SerB answers that it's not a turret that got damaged, rather than the gun traverse mechanism (its engine), which is found in all turretless TDs
- the oldest running tank the developers drove in real life was Panzer IV (Pasholok), the newest was M48 Patton (Kisliy)
- only the VK3601 will have the Konisch gun in the future
- the unlockable various hulls (as modules) won't come anytime soon
- SerB states that the materials from Chinese partners, provided on Chinese vehicles did contain various machines, unfit to be implemented into WoT, but interesting nonetheless
- players won't be notified further in advance (SS: for example during loading screen) on which base they will appear, SerB states that the countdown time is enough
- arty won't get flatter shell trajectory
- T23 "was not sent to the graveyard"
- Vickers Light Tank Mk.VI was not introduced as tier 1, because Vickers Medium seemed better for the role because it was "logical engineering-wise"
- confirmed there will be no LT hardcap
- devs are generally satistfied with the T-54, but if the big re-work of all tanks happens, it'll get a massive overhaul
- S-Tank will not be introduced into the game, because it would require the implementation a very special aiming game mechanism, SerB states that it aimed by moving the entire vehicle, that would be very awkward in the game and he doesn't think it's worth implementing because of one tank only
- The Chinese IS-2 is called IS-2 and not JS-2 (SS: In Russian Iosif Stalin is written with J) as the Soviets wrote it, because the "I" version is a generally recognised version world-wide
- SerB states that a lot of the Chinese competition winners had crews with 4 skills on the start from the Type 59
- confirmed: Leopard and VK2801 won't get buffed (SS: apart from the HP? unclear) when they are pushed one tier higher, nothing will change for them

Japanese tanks answers:

- SerB states that the vehicle designated Type 5 "Tok" is a 300mm mortar, analogical to the Type 4 Ha-To, based on the Type 4 Chi-Ri or Type 5 Chi-Ri hull
- about the guns bigger than 105mm installed on the Ho-Ri chassis: "Most likely a 120mm naval gun. There were projects with 140mm gun, passed from the fleet to the coastal defense, but I do not have accurate data yet"
- O-I project was allegedly designed with other guns that came earlier than the 105mm: "We don't have any data on that yet. It's possible a 150mm howitzer was considered earlier, because on the early project of colonel Iwakuro this gun is mentioned specifically"
- SerB states that the Type 96 heavy is possibly the Iwakuro tank
- the "visible modules" (SS: for example different tracks in winter) are considered for the "big model overhaul", but no info yet
- hitting a turret rotation mechanism won't cause fires
- it's completely possible that in next patches, the same thing as happens to the German light tanks in 8.4 will happen to the light tanks of the other nations (eg. T-50, Chaffee and others getting pushed one tier up)
- Q: "Will there be inmplemented powerful derp vehicles on top tiers?" A:"E100"
- the rangefinder and other more modern features are not implemented separately, they reflect in the view range and gun accuracy
- purely Swedish branch of the EU tree is unlikely, SerB states it's logical to tie it to the Czech one

The REAL reason for ghost shells, screwed MM, shell-eating armor etc

Straight outta SerB's kitchen - he posted this on the RU forum as a proof all the conspiracy theories against you, dear players are.... correct!

Presenting to you: SerB's developer tool!

On the let side, SerB can select a nickname of the player he wishes to "take care of" - on the right side he has following options:

- put the player to a noob team
- put the player to the bottom of the team
- make the player play against pros

- make the shells disappear (?)
- no penetrations
- reduce XP income
- reduce credit income
- make the player stuck
- when playing arty, put the player on city maps
- Malinovka forever

And on the right side:
- damage dealt (reduced by 2, 3, 4....)
- chance of fire (50 percent plus...)
- chance of player module getting critted (the ticker under it means "crit your gun module first")
- chance of player's crewmember dying (the ticker under it means "kill the gunner first")

And under it, the ultimate ticker:
"Remove player from this list automatically when he pays for premium account"

Enjoy playing World of Tanks!