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Feb 11, 2013

Old re-worked maps in 8.4



Fisherman's Bay

Live Oaks


- SerB states that as a writer, he doesn't make much money, it's the computer games that pay the bills
- fully customizable writings on tanks won't be implemented
- after tier 10 arty is implemented, arties will get roughly the same +-2 MM as the other tanks
- it's not confirmed that SU-14 and S-51 will stay on their tiers
- SerB states that when a lowtier arty destroys the enemy tank by killing the whole crew (SS: the player asking says that this happens to him often when he plays SU-18), it is roughly equally as profitable as if the tank gets normally destroyed, but the whole issue is complicated
- Q: "What will the T57 nerf be like?" A: "Sudden and horrible"
- Japanese tanks:

Q: Are the following vehicles post-war made-up fakes?

1) 47mm Gun on Type 94 chassis:

2) Chi-Ri with Type 2 75mm gun

3) 150mm AA gun on Type 5 Ho-Ri chassis
4) 155mm Ho-Chi

5) Is it true that the early O-I variants' armor was not thicker than 75mm?

A: Looks like 3) is not a fake, as for 5) - entirely possible on the early 100t variant. As for the rest - more or less probable, we'll see.

- it's not sure tier 8 premium arties will appear
- it's not sure how the T-50-2 situation will be handled, it's possible (SS: only possible, not likely) that T-50-2 might become premium, SerB is "consireding a lot of options
- all models for all tanks will be remade from scratch with better details, moving parts (ventilators, antenas) and turrets flying off when the tank is destroyed, this won't happen anytime soon
- pre-battle 30 second countdown won't be reduced
- Leopard won't recieve new guns, it's already balanced around tier 5
- no ETA on the turret part of the British TD's, but SerB confirms they will mostly have rapid fire guns
- Q: "SerB, what nice question would you ask yourself so it would a question
- British arty will come after T10 arties are implemented (SS: or with them, but not sooner)
- early French tank modifications from the 40's (Romanian R35 and such)? "I'll tell you when the time is right"
- WG has not yet promoted WoT in Japan
- Indien-Panzer is NOT a prototype for the Swiss Panzer 61
- it's possible the XP/credit earning mechanism will be updated to fit new ways of destroying tanks (physics and such)
- Q: "Why did you decide to scrap the British turreted TDs for now and introduce paper-armored turtles instead?" A: "Because turtles are cool"
- at tier 8 SerB states that roughly 0,5 gold shells are fired per battle
- SU-101 is doing okay statistic wise
- the whole issue with the +-45 degrees for FV215b TD might be some sort of rumor, SerB is not sure how it really is
- the reason why Malinovka and Westfield assault are removed is "disbalance", they will not return earlier than next regular patch
- SerB states, that the Sexton is in the american tree, because it's a joint project - the chassis was from the USA. However, whether it really will be put into the US tree or UK tree will be decided after the test
- after some time, WoT might have the same improved render as the WoWp
- according to SerB, Maus is doing okay in the contemporary World of Tanks
- if you aim in artymode at water (a lake), the trajectory displayed will lead towards the point on the bottom of the lake, not towards water surface
- when considering patch statistics, developers disregard first two weeks
- in future (not sure how close or far), standard render (SS: "old render") won't be supported anymore
- Q: "I think SerB is quietly trolling us!" A: "Why quietly?!"
- Q: "Can TOG shoot itself in the back?" A:"Buy it and try it, we don't have time for such crap"
- Q: "Is dynamic terrain going to be implemented?" A: "Not in the current version. In the future - who knows?"
- SerB states that the theory saying "If one team has a platoon of 3 heavies and the other platoon of 3 meds, they both end up on the top of the battle MM" is a myth
- devs tried to estabilish a FAQ for the most notorious questions - didn't work, noone read it
- T-34 model 1943 had thicker frontal armor (60mm)
- 100 percent crew training for silver is not planned
- it is not planned to introduce special gun spread for each type of ammo
- a T-34 premium tank of any type is not planned, because the devs are researching various T-34 variants and it's possible they might be introduced as normal vehicles.
- premium Churchill doesn't have a special XP modifier
- Elefant wasn't introduced separately, because it differs from Ferdinand too little