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Mar 15, 2013


- teamkills committed by arty will not be punished stricter than regular teamkills (SS: a light tank player was complaining about the arty ordering him what to do and teamkilling when he doesn't do it)
- ASU-85 will not be introduced apparently
- the amount of shells left in your ammo rack does not influence the chance for ammorack explosions (SS: but if the rack is completely empty, it can't explode - that's one exception)
- 6th sense (and other perks apparently) work even if the crew is not trained to 100 percent (SS: for example when re-training crew from vehicle 1 to vehicle 2 for silver, if vehicle 1 crew has 100 percent 6th sense perk training and gets re-trained to 75 percent basic training, the perk will still work)
- hardcore mode was scrapped - SerB: "Noone needs this garbage. Everyone wants it really badly, but practically noone plays it - that can be seen on other projects."
- there won't be AI driven bots in near future
- there is no "okay, that's enough", regarding the amount of vehicles for respective nations
- when you hit a drowned tank, the damage doesn't count to your total damage done
- shooting drowning tanks has a reason only to give you extra silver, it won't punish them more, they will already pay full repair costs
- damage awarded for lighting up a target is distributed evenly between all the scouts lighting the target at the time of damage
- SerB doesn't think the tier 7 premium T-44A will be a fail
- HEAT shells (when hitting the engine module) do not have an increased chance to set it on fire, same goes for ammo rack
- the amount of XP needed to train 3+ skills on the crew won't be reduced ("it's set so that you have to choose")
- no plans to introduce a research transition from arties to regular tanks

Also, Storm made an article about graphics on the developer blog, where he asks players, what they think of them. Not too much info can be gleaned from it, but some bits perhaps. Please note that I don't understand graphic terms, so some translations might be off.

- shadows won't return to the old render
- old render won't be optimalized, devs won't touch it at all, all the new features will be introduced to the new one
- trees can heavily reduce FPS even on good computers, if that happens, Storm recommends lowering the tree quality
- Ruinberg streets will be flattened (SS: in 8.5 I think)

Overlord also provides some pieces of information:
- arty will definitely not be removed from the game (I wonder why people still ask that)
- the issue with arty hardcap is long waiting time