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Feb 25, 2013


- it's theoretically possible 8.4 on RU server will come this week (SS: a very weak hint)
- the render range of tanks might be prolonged, but not anytime soon (definitely not this year)
- no tier 9 premium tanks
- Aufklärungspanzer Panther confirmed, both it and the RU251 will be light tanks, but that's all the info the devs will release for now
- there will be no special reward for setting a record result on a tank (SS: meant server-wide record)
- dynamic map objects (SS: for example random positions of various bushes, trees, wrecks) are not planned
- Q: "Why don't you make such a skill MM as DOTA has?" A: "Well, you can always return to it"
- according to SerB, there are no overpowered premium tanks in the game, because selling them would be less profitable than the current regular grind system
- there will be a new replay system - the replays will be stored on the World of Tanks server for a limited time (when it's done it's done)
- SerB states that overall, the gold ammo for silver had little effect on balance of tanks
- SerB is currently in Charleston, North Carolina
- there will definitely be no arty introduced in next couple of months (excluding Sexton, the answer was meant for the tier 10 arty)

Also, as you have already read perhaps, there is a new mod policy going to be implemented. Overlord talks about it on his blog, but so does Storm. Storm's post was actually translated by Overlord, so I won't post that here, but here are some points from Storm's post discussion:

- there will be new extended statistics introduced for each player (for example split of company and random battles statistics)
- apparently the "Damocles sword" artillery aim helper is a cheat according to Storm
- it's theoretically passible 2D hitzone skins will be banned too, it's still discussed
- ENB and SweetFX "shader injectors" (whatever that is) are legal
- if I understand this correctly, "zoom mod" (sniper mode zoom more than usual) will be banned also
- Storm plans to implement "special checking of client files and other measures", will work for bots

Please keep in mind I can be wrong in these translations. Storm and others are using IT lingo I don't understand even in English.

Overlord confirms anti-cheat campaign


As I informed you earlier, measures are being taken to disable cheating mods. Previously, there were some doubts on that info, but now Overlord confirms it.

Specifically, he names following actions:
  • Disable everything that gives any kind of advantage in direct form: laser-like pointer, transparent tree crowns, hit-box like skins in-game, etc
  • Also there is an intention to disable mods that are using modified client scripts (automated fire extinguisher, automated repair kit, auto-shooting etc)
  • Mods that are not related to scripts and only modifies visual side of UI will still be tolerable (WR efficiency mods, XVM, etc)
  • Some mods can be integrated into the game client (which ones - under discussion).
  Overlord states that the whole issue is a complex one and it will not be ready for 8.4.