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  1. hi, please put a search-function into your amazing blog. ty

    1. Scroll a bit down and look to the right...

  2. Ask Listy the British tank specialist.

    1. Heh, thanks, but I just have allot of time to read.

  3. Are there any French tank specialists within your reach ? I'd love to see more articles about french tanks

  4. Frank you have a great blog!
    I visit your blog several times a day.
    How much time did you spend in your blog?
    Three to four hours a day?
    Go on, good job.

  5. SS I love your blog. And I love the additional writers you got for it, the amount of content is better than ever!

    Hope you keep it up,kind regards;


  6. Found out about this blog about a week ago.
    Its simply awesome.
    Inspired by your latest poll about the navigation Id like to suggest some features to improve it.

    Now that you have a bigger staff and probably more articles coming, how about sorthing those articles in categories.
    Atm we can either search with the search bar, or browse articles sorted by month and day.
    So why not create categories e.g.
    1. Things directly about the game, new content, quotes of SerB etc.
    2. Interesting historical articles about tanks
    3. General stuff, like a new author

    Imo this could improve the already great blog a lot.
    So keep it up ;)

  7. Many thanks for your time spent for blog. it's really cool to see wot stuff and tank historics. the latest shell normalization article was interesting, too.

    and the views are raising like hell.

    greets from germany

  8. Nice to see this place expand; easily one of the most important WoT fan sites


  9. you should change the color of the names in here to their selected color. I think it would be great if they choose their color presenting for the nation's symbol in game. USSR: Red, British: _no_idea_, German: Black, USA: Blue...
    It will also better if you insert the nation flag before the articles and WOT symbol for general, updates...
    My 2 cent

    1. or a [tag] like what Overlord is doing instead of flag before article

  10. Hi guys,
    one answer: the sturer emil will be a tier 6 or 7?


  11. Posting here, SS, your Tank-Net account has been approved. :)

  12. When is going to be new tier 8 premium tanks?

  13. WG now offer a one time return of a sold prem tank. You have to have the amount of credits you sold it for, plus a free slot. Still, quire epic. Here:


  14. This might be relevant to you!
    some 0.8.6. info.

  15. This might be of interest to you in regards to the Italian tech tree. If I recall correctly, the Dev's only problem was that they were short a Tier X tank. Knowing they can't use the OF-40, I think I found a suitable prototype: The OF-40's prototype, the Lion.

    The Lion is a modified Leopard 1A3 which is already a Tier X German medium, however, sadly that's the only information I can find on the tank. Knowing how resourceful you can be, perhaps you can find something I'm missing. Maybe even pass it onto the Dev's somehow?

    1. The italian research team found suitable tier IX and X mediums, basically a native M47 conversion with a 90 or 105mm cannon.

      Lower tiers are still missing unless one is willing to compromise and use italian "heavy tanks" as mediums, which are more comparable to anyways.

    2. So that means the Italians have a good chance of getting their own tree then? Awesome!

  16. You may be interested - whatever is it bug or just funny coincidence

    but its an epic shit ;)

    12s lenght video

    short brief:

    one AP shoot kills enemy far forward and teamdamaging ally which stands behind the shooter

    impossible? nah!

  17. hi, do you have latest nes about the

    ---------- German top LT RU251 -------------- ?

    THX in advance

  18. Hello , in a blog I found , I spotted this article

    That pointed me to this Patent page found lately

    Would you like to comment on it and what is your point of view on it ?

    1. Sorry forgot to add the patent link,425,330&hl=en&sa=X&ei=OIaMUeWBAuLIigK32ICYDw&sqi=2&pjf=1&ved=0CDQQ6AEwAA

  19. Hello Frank,

    do u have any News regarding the german Tier 8 light tank ru251?
    ty in advance

  20. Hi,
    You could possibly put valters blog in the "links I recommend" section?

    Er du norsk?

    1. no he is not norwegian, he is czech (i think...)


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