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Jan 4, 2013

"Bezdechod" Soviet universal tank :)

Author: Yuri Pasholok
Original source:
Translated by: Silentstalker

On 13. September of 1941, a letter arrived to the hands of the People's Commisar of Defense, J.V.Stalin from one V.N.Emelyanov, doctor of medicine from the city of Syzran. In the letter, there was an explanation and the schematics of the invention called "Universal tank Bezdechod". I won't write a detailed description, as it is clear from the slides. But for myself I can only add that the introduction of such a remarkable invention has to radically change the idea of what a scout tank is.

"Over ravines and mountains" :)

SS: yes, this comes from the Soviet archive and was meant seriously

Tier 10 Chinese heavy "113" weakspots


Here you can see the weakspots quite well. The lower front plate is rather weak, as are the visors on each side of the gun and the hatches (as always). According to the original site, it was tested at 50 meters with AMX-50/100 and IS-7.


- there is a plan in motion regarding the change of both the old unchanged and the new changed maps - what it is, Storm cannot tell (related to the fact some players complained about certain maps - specifically Sand River, El Halluf and Redshire) being too open without the cover to hide from arty
- IS-7 will most likely never get its historical characteristics (speed, rate of fire) due to balance
- Storm (regarding the addition of completely new elements to the game, such as air support): "One thing I can say for sure - in 2013 we won't add new tanks only"
- there won't be any premium tanks of tier 9 and 10 in the game
- repair costs of arty won't be lowered
- SerB about making the VK3601 a heavy tank: "That's the idea, but considering the ingame difference won't be big, I mostly don't deal with that question"
- the gun depression (and elevation) of Sturer Emil and Nashorn will be "historical" (SerB doesn't remember how much it was)
- SerB: "The 0 damage hits on T-50 are in 99,9 percent of cases caused by hitting the suspension, followed by the projectile passing under the tank. Clearly, in real life such a tank would go nowhere after that, but we don't want fights with crippled tanks, so it's treated as a suspension damage", Storm adds to this: "Or hits to the cannon, that happens often too"
- the arty was not hardcapped at 3, because that would disbalance the MM even worse, there would be long queues of the vehicles of one same type
- Zimmerit coating for German tanks: "not anytime soon - after render optimalisation (it's done when it's done) - maybe"
- the devs won't allow the players to select victory conditions in random battles (for example, "kill all" or "capture only"): "No. We won't give the possibility for you to select a comfortable environment for farming. If you want that, go to training battles"
- maps of unlimited size (SS: "open world"): "no"
- the developers thought about implementing dynamic maps (with objects moving around each battle), but they decided not to adopt that, as it's difficult to do technically and the players would whine "where's my favourite bush"
- continuous fights in Clanwars (eg. not tied to a certain hour): "that's unrealistic"
- the Batchat 155 ventilation removal will most likely be a part of the nerf (eg. no compensation)
- regarding your own writings on tanks: "no - without censorship, there would be too many "three-lettered words" (SS: no idea what that means, but the EU staff mentioned they are afraid of the "18SSAdolfhitlerlol" idiocy) and censorship is expensive"

Regarding the FV215b switch

Lol, WoT-news (known for reporting only "officially confirmed stuff", eg. they don't report rumors) wrote that FV-215b switch to TD might happen. To be quite honest, I think that they despite Storms denial, it will happen according to the Occam's razor principle. We know the 183mm model is prepared, we know they are interested in other British potential tier 10 heavy designs and we know the introduction cycle of a new vehicle is 3 months, which roughly corresponds to what Storm said. It is my belief that these (will happen/won't happen) dances are performed to keep us "busy" and hooked, that it's already roughly decided (details may of course vary).

Logically, what are the options:

- everything stays as it was: why would they make a 183mm 215b model
- the tier 10 TD will be the 183mm FV215b without anything else: why would they have two identical tanks as tier 10 heavy and TD? Also, the 120mm FV215b is a complete fabrication and SerB is known to hate fictional tanks. Also, two identical vehicles are completely unappealing.
- FV215b moves to the TD slot and at the same time gets replaced by a heavy tank - this happened before, but Storm specifically denied this. Also, I am pretty sure Wargaming isn't keen on handing out free tier 10 tanks, or giving people less incentive to grind the new British TD line
- FV215b gets copied to the TD slot and for a while stays in the heavy tree, until it gets eventually replaced. Noone gets anything "for free", but both tier 10 slots recieve new vehicles: this seems most likely. It's the simpliest solution, provides no handout and reflects the different timeframes for the 183mm FV215b (model is already prepared) and the new tier 10 heavy (they are still gathering info). The difference between both switches could be as much as 4 months.

GeneralDirection (US developer) wrote: 

Just to be clear, the 215b TD is not the same as the heavy. It would have the 183, obviously.
The heavy is not changing as of right now. We need more info before that happens.
For now think of it the same way as the T110 series.

Original source - SerB's posts from the Q/A thread: