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Jan 25, 2013

WoT - some upcoming vehicles

Hello everyone,

today, a few new vehicles were confirmed by SerB to be implemented into the game. Let's have a look at them, shall we?

Previously, it was confirmed by Storm that the tier 7 "light" German tank will be the Aufklärungspanzer Panther. Well, I really hope Wargaming dropped that idea, because today it was confirmed that the tier 8 light tank will be the Spähpanzer Kette RU251 prototype.

Spähpanzer Kette RU251
(Tier 8 LT)

Basically, it was a light scout tank prototype from 1963 by Hanomag, armed with a 90mm gun (it's unclear at this point, what kind of weapon will it have ingame, as SerB said it will not have the 90mm Bord K), designed to replace the ageing German Bundeswehr fleet of M41 Walker Bulldog tanks. If the hull looks familiar to you, well, that's because it is connected with the Kanonenjagdpanzer hull. It's designation is a sort of an enigma to me, because while several sources claim the builder of this vehicle was Hanomag, RU stands for Ruhrstahl, which eventually became Rheinstahl and then Thyssen Henschel if I remember correctly. Either way, this vehicle never reached production stage. This site says:

The Spähpanzer Kette was designed to replace the Germany Army’s old American M41 light tanks in the reconnaissance role. Its development began in 1960 and a prototype was completed in 1963. It mounted a Rheinmetall turret armed with the 90mm Bordkanone as used in the Jagdpanzer Kanone.
By the middle of the 1960s the Leopard tank was in production and it was decided that reconnaissance units did not need their own specialist vehicles. The development of the Spähpanzer Kette was dropped without any further vehicles being built and its role was given over to the Leopard. With hindsight, this may have been a hasty move as the wheeled Spähpanzer Luchs was eventually developed to take back this role from the Leopard.

Performance statistics are unknown, as far as I can tell, the maximum intended speed was estimated to be around 78 km/h, armament was either some sort of 90mm gun, or possibly the 76mm from M41.


SG-122 was classified as a medium SPG (SAU - Samochodnaja Artilerijskaja Ustanovka), built on the chassis of the captured Panzer III and StuG III vehicles. These vehicles were produced in Mitisshtinskij Mashinostroitelnij Zavod No. 37 by the end of 1942 until the half of 1943. It was armed with the 122mm M-30 howitzer. It is not clear how many were manufactured, but it is estimated that 8 pieces were made from the StuG tanks until the end of 1942 - plus 2 test vehicles based on captured Panzer IV and III tanks. Two of these vehicles were tested in December 1942 and compared to SU-122. The production was ended because there was enough Russian equipment to arm the troops and thus there was no need to convert captured tanks. It is estimated that 20 were made in total.


After the German invasion of the Soviet Union, the Soviets were literally desperate to stop the armored onslaught of the Wehrmacht. On 1.7.1941, an order was given to the automotive factories to quickly develop lorry-mounted weapons and other desperate stopgap measures. The factories were supposed to use 37mm, 57mm and 85mm cannons. The projects were to be ready in 15 days. One of the projects developed in Gorky factory no. 92 involved mounting a 57mm ZIS-2 gun on top of the T-20 Komsomolec artillery tractor. By the time this project was introduced however, the T-20 tractors were no longer manufactured and in order to get a testbed, the vehicle had to be confiscated from a regular artillery unit. The cannon was mounted on the rear end behind the driver and was protected by small thin armor plates - when preparing to fire, these plates rolled down and served as space for the crew to stand on. The cannon had a very limited traverse rate and it had to be aimed by turning the vehicle. The crew was practically unprotected, the only cover was provided by the gun shield. The amount of ammo carried was also very low and the vehicle had to be practically followed by an ammo truck, that caried spare rounds and also the rest of the men, needed to fire the bulky gun.
The prototype passed very short series of tests and by 21.9.1941, series production was started. 101 vehicles were made until 15.10.1941 - after that, there were simply no more T-20 tractors available and the production stopped. Other versions, carrying 45mm and 76,2mm guns were developed, but those never got to be produced.
The vehicles fought on the Soviet western and southwestern front and as many as 20 brigades were equipped with them. Despite its many flaws (low speed, low armor protection, unreliable drivetrain), the vehicles were considered successful and archieved some victories.

The filth of the EU community - part 2

Hello everyone,

in part 1, I wrote about a bunch of retards from Czechoslovak WoT forum section, spamming anti-Polish and antisemitic crap over the forums. Unfortunately, these playeres were not banned from the game, they were not even banned from the forums. Since this is NOT an official forum, I will happily tell you who they are: most active one is Absint69, the clanleader of the CTB-P clan (apparently they have CW ambitions).

Today, this shithead and a bunch of his retarded friends spammed anti-Polish crap all over the forums. See for yourself:

Absint69 spammed this shit over several threads:

Translation: I'd like to know how many Czechs and other nationalities dislike the Polish in this game (cNNk - don't comment on this at all, you're just a snitch)

And his friends tagged along:

Translation: Well, I feel like... I am allergic to them (don't take me that seriously), 90 percent of all stupid players are Polish... it's like an epidemy.... they're just everywhere

 Translation: If they (WG) like the Polish so much, why don't they give them their own server? I'd even pay for that.

Translation: Do you know what is the shortest Jewish-Polish joke? "I am paying the bill"

Seriously, why can't these fuckers get banned? Yea, this makes the wonderful Czechoslovak community look even better....


- visibility checks have the same frequency in sniper and arcade mode, they are performed by the server and the server doesn't care, whether you are in sniper or arcade mode, that's a client function
- "teleporting" and "appearing" tanks are usually caused by packet loss, Storm advises to check connection
- the devs haven't dealt yet with the issue that enemy tank silhouette is not highlited when the tank takes cover behind another dead tank wreck
- different viewpoints and targetting enemies in arcade mode that you can't target in snipermode comes from the fact that both arcade mode camera and sniper mode camera use different axis (in sniper mode the axis is identical to the axis of the gun).
- Storm will check reports of a bug that when a tank is moving behind certain obstacles (wooden fense and the wire fence in Port map mentioned), it moves jerkily, eg. "teleports" or "jumps" (but Storm thinks this is caused by some other factor, not the obstacles themselves)
- autoaim doesn't aim at the center of the silhouette, it aims at the point, around which the gun of the vehicle rotates (tanks have it in the turret, TD's in the hull).
- Russian tree on the RU server has new premium vehicles planned: SG-122 arty (basically a Panzer III hull with a 122mm howitzer), T-35 heavy, SU-76(I), SU-85I (these two will be gift tanks most likely) and ZIS-30 TD (SerB will tell whether it will be a regular or gift vehicle when it gets introduced)
- US tree has a new premium arty planned: Sexton
- French tree new premium SPG's: R35 AC and ACL135
- Q: "Why does tank A have more HP than tank B?" A: "If you give us historical amount of that tank's hitpoints, we'll correct it immediately" :)
- Q: "I've read two branches of British TD's are going to be implemented, will they come at the same time? What will be the second British tier 10 TD?" A: "Wait for the patchnotes"
- devs are considering new Chinese tier 8 premium tank to implement (so they don't have to sell the Type 59), they recently discovered several possible candidates, but so far no details
- SerB states that the Soviets did have turreted tank destroyers, namely the Object 416, based on the chassis of Object 112 (SerB states that Object 416 was a hybrid, it's possible to implement it both as medium tank and as a TD)
- the reason for ingame shell normalisation is "it's historical"
- TS-31 tank destroyer won't be implemented, there is the T110E5 already on the spot it would fit
- SerB states that the Kanonenjagdpanzer and Jagdpanzer Leopard aren't entirely appropriate for the game (because historically they were post war vehicles, but they don't really meet the criteria for hightier tanks)
- Spähpanzer Kette (respectively its prototype called RU251) will be introduced, according to SerB it will be introduced before the Leopard 1 prototype as tier 8 LT (as for how the branch will look: "You'll see") (SS: interesting, it could end up being a combined branch). RU251 won't have the 90mm Bord K gun.
- According to SerB, for now the arty nerfs do have the desired effect, not sure however if the nerfs are final
- SerB states that although timeframe is secondary when implementing a tank, vehicles such as ASU-85 are difficult to implement into branches as they don't fit
- European tree is not yet ready
- The option to install additional armor screens as an equipment is not yet ready either
- The British Mk.I tank has not yet been implemented, because the devs want to release it with both 57mm guns and not just with one, eg. required the multiturret implementation
- Russian tree and the USA tree could have 2nd arty branches, but SerB states "are you sure we need more arties?"
- no tanks have special hidden "modifiers" that increase their ramming damage
- the new LT MM won't bind the amount of LT per team to the amount of arty per team
- Q: "Where did the French AMX M4 (1949) go?" A: "Nowhere for now"
- Chinese T-34 is missing some guns from the Russian original, as those were historically not available in China
- Q: "SU-5 top mortar got nerfed too much? Explain!" A: "Oh poor, poor SU-5... *crying*"
- Physics interaction (for example Maus breaking houses, collapsing bridges by its weight...)? "We aren't too keen to have a "why does the Maus break the bridges under it" whine..."
- Christie tanks (М1919, М1921, М1931, М1932, М1935) weren't abandoned

Retarded Russian projects part 2 - "Broneistrebitel"

Earlier: Retarded Russian projects part 1 - "Bezdechod"

Author: Yuri Pasholok
Original source:
Translated by: Silentstalker
 On 12.4.1942, a proposal came to the local NKVD office in Rostovska Oblast (Rostov region) from a citizen by the name of P. V. Dudka, designated "Broneistrebitel" ("armor destroyer"). The vehicle, that was to be "shaped like a bullet" had a gun, but the gun wasn't supposed to be the main way of destroying the opponent. Rather than that, Mr. Dudka strongly suggested that the vehicle had blades and scythes installed on the frontal nose part, which would make the vehicle an ideal candidate for the Carmageddon.

Overlord comments on map development


As always, questions are modified for better comprehensions.

Q: What will happen to Ruinberg?
A: As for Ruinberg, we will be mostly streamlining the streets.

Q: Will Dragon's Ridge get a massive overhaul?
A: Since we are disabling it, massive overhaul is quite possible. A significant part of Dragon Ridge is not available for usage. Plus we generally don't like the gameplay pattern we get on this map.

Q: What about Serene Coast?
A: I do agree that Serene Coast map doesn't promote gameplay diversity. What we see there is mostly stationary gameplay with those on the hill having advantage. Will be thinking how to improve the map.

Q: Did you ever thought about making the map Dragon's Ridge only avaible for low tiers? I only landed there with tier 7 and above
Why not Tier 3 to Tier 5?
A: Basically we don't limit maps that way. There are only two options - available for all tiers, available for low tiers (battle tier 1-2 afair).

Q: More sand and winter maps?
A: I do agree that we need more winter and desert maps. To justify camos at least. :)

Q: Malinowka needs an overhaul: its very arty friendly and the bases of each team are too close together (line of sight).
A: Cmon! Malinovka is a classic masterpiece of our level design. ;)

Q: Worst favourite map is Malinovka. Personally I think it would be fine if the buildings on the south side of the map were moved into the middle of the field.
A: Malinovka's field of death is sacred. No building should ever spoil it.

Q: And it was hinted at a long time past that we'd get the option to deselect a couple of maps from the list, but there's still no sign of this feature.
A: Regarding deselect option, we haven't dumped it completely. Still under consideration.

Q: What about more Himmelsdorf-like maps
A: We were thinking of making "Stalingrad, Berlin, Warsaw, Moscow, etc" maps, but have put the idea into trunk for now. We don't have enough resources at this stage to produce such unique maps in bulk. Plus their Clan Wars availability will be limited.

Q: A goal of 1 new map per month is too much ? Or maybe even 1 map/2 months ?
A: One map per month on average is actually doable. We are streamlining the process and hoping to get back on that track.