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Jan 17, 2013


- the buffs and nerfs are implemented on the server side, but the mechanics are copied into the client, so there are no server-client prediction issues
- there were turrets, in which the guns could be adjusted not only vertically, but also horizontally without moving the turret itself (for minor corrections), these however won't be implemented into the game
- IRL when the turret rotates, the engine RPM increases, but this won't be implemented into the game
- TD SU-76BM? "no comment" (SS: there was an icon of this vehicle in one of the earlier patches, it's a failed TD project that basically had the properties of SU-76, only with closed compartment)
- current repair costs of tier 7-8 arty will transfer to tier 9-10 arty "if necessery", more arty nerfs might come if needed, nerfs seem to be the most effective way to deal with the arty issue
- the Chinese LT branch won't be changed from how it is now
- the MS-1 engine is heavier than the engine of the Maus (despite vast power output difference) simply because it was very bad
- detailed data on what arty will be switched to what tier during the tier 10 arty implementation will be released later, but it is not sure, what arty vehicles will be implemented where, it's even possible that everything from tier 3 up will get kicked on tier up and new tier 3 vehicle will be implemented
- the devs do have the data about vehicles only in garages (eg. not played), but those are generally not used for anything
- Q: "Dear developers, does WoT generate so little profit that you have to reduce the profitability of the tanks?" A: "Dear players, do you play so bad that you have to imagine the profitability drops all the time?"
- tank popularity is only one of the secondary parameters, when considering how well it is balanced
- bigger maps and more players per battle? "When the project is ready, we'll implement it"
- 8.4 test will bring new company and platoon garage interface
- Q: "You implemented an OTM mod analogy into the game, do you plan to implement other popular mods' analogies?" "Not the popular ones, the necessery ones"
- currently, the XP prices of "blind" Chinese modules (SS: unused in any other tank) are not being reviewed
- there might be an increase of the role the radioman and radio module play in battle
- mods won't be configureable from within the game client (SS: apparently because of cheats)
- Q: "So far, there are regular vehicles in the game to unlock the next tier and premium vehicles for farming, will there be any 3rd type of vehicles?" A: "no comment for now"
- the implementation of "hull" modules (as it is in WoWp) (SS: sorry, never played WoWp, how does it work?) - yes, but it's technically very difficult so they didn't start to implement it yet
- Sherman engine wouldn't fit into the engine compartment of the Stuart
- 47mm Type 1 gun on the Chinese Stuart is so good because it has good ballistic properties (SS: a player asked whether it is charged with the samurai spirit)
- sometimes, in lowtier battles, it can happen that one team is full of tier 2 tanks and the others has for example 4 tier 1 tanks, this doesn't happen often, it's not desirable though - it happens when MM decides the team differences are acceptable
- SU-76(i) won't be introduced instead of SU-85(i) (but rather along with it), tier is not yet decided, it's likely it will be a promo/gift tank
- the Leopard 1 in the game will be an "early model", it will be shown later
- crewmember models will not be introduced
- for the bombardier archievement, damage done by setting a vehicle on fire does not count
- no info on possible replacement of Lorraine (because it underperforms steadily) - probably just a rumor
- after ricochet, a shell loses cca 10 percent of its penetration
- 7/42 company mode: opposing team will be selected at random (as it is now in companies), it might be possible to select the map played (this is unclear, SerB's answer "Иногда" can be interpreted as "sometimes", but also as "some other time" - any Russian speaker can confirm?), it's unclear what the top allowed arty tier will be - "we'll see", it's not clear whether it'll be implemented in 8.4 along with the new player selection interface
- the 59-16 tank top autoloaded gun penetration (85mm PEN) is okay according to the devs ("should it be improved by magical Chinese kung-fu?")
- there was an idea to introduce tier 1 arty - was refused
- Q: "If there comes a time when not a single tank will need a buff/nerf in the next patch, will that mean the end of the game?" A: "It's the other way around - the end of the game means that not a single tank needs a buff or nerf in the next patch"