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Jan 16, 2013


- Chi-Ha is implemented as a light tank even though "Chi" in Japanese is the designation for medium tanks, because it is generally classified as a light tank
- the idea to make World of Tanks came in the last days of 2008, the original "founders" were Petr Bityukov, Slava Makarov, Viktor Kisly and Marat Karpeko - and it took a few months to bring the idea to alpha stage
- The equation for repair costs: (HP lost * repair cost for 1 HP) + (module HP lost * repair cost for 1 module HP)
- there is no special autoloader module, it counts as a part of the ammo rack module
- the peak times lag isn't cause by servers themselves, it is generally caused by the data paths being overloaded (SS: sorry, I don't know the proper IT terminology - SerB means the "wires" or "pathways" that lead the data)
- the speed reduction when driving close to rocks, slopes and other objects is realistic, won't be removed
- reworking the "expert" archievement? "no comment for now" (SS: the issue was that the devs blamed the expert medal for being a part of the reason for too much arty, as it is generally easier to archieve expert medal with artillery)
- the shot (trajectory) calculations are the same in sniper mode and arcade mode, even though the arcade mode seems to "jerk" less when driving over rough terrain - it's the same, just that in the sniper mode it's simply more noticeable, also, devs state that the gun aim circle spread after shooting in sniper mode is NOT bigger than after shooting in arcade mode, just more noticeable
- SerB doesn't care about the caricatures of him on the forums
- there seems to be no difference between the stock and upgraded Chinese IS-2 turret ("up to you whether you want it or not") (SS: ROF?)
- when a tank is destroyed (regularily), it does not mean all modules get destroyed (and counted as repair costs), they only appear so the players don't get confused
- module repair costs are not tied to the module purchase price
- barrels of AFK tanks move when you move close in front of them, because the aiming point automatically changes
- tracers weren't changed in 0.8.3
- currently, a drowned tank gets all modules destroyed (extra repair costs) in order to deter the drowners
- Panzer B2 has the tier 4 MM max and S35 tier 3-5 out of "balance reasons"
- there will be a special MM for light tanks too (SS: same amount of LT's in each team)
- there is no "ricochetability" (description) parameter planned (SS: the ability of a tank to ricochet a shell), because it's impossible to determine
- the Chinese Type 34 is historical and correctly balanced (SS: from what I could gather)
- the American R-975-C1 350hp engine will be rebalanced to match the Chinese one from the M5A1 stuart (400hp instead of 350hp, but 16kg more), the whole US M5 Stuart will be rebalanced
- capture points from capping the base apparently count towards the cappers' XP even though the battle is won by destroying all tanks
- the Foch 155 autoloader is realistic (SerB argues that it was made even for the FV4005 183mm gun)
- M10 Ersatz has German camo for "technical reasons"
- the removal of the maps from the random pool for players is really complicated, no decision yet
- the 3 degrees gun depression for Chinese tier 9 and 10 meds is final for now
- it's possible Lend-Lease tanks will take part in historical battles
- the components of various Stuarts might be a bit modified in order to differ them (and the US from Chinese)
- the modules with the same names in Chinese and other nations' tanks differ in properties because they were "produced differently", there are no plans to make Chinese modules compatible with other nations' modules "for technical reasons"
- the devs don't see the existence of the bug where the graphics card runs at 100 percent in the hangar
- Info about 0.8.4 will be "soon"
- there are no plans for new equipment (SS: such as ventilation, rammers etc.)
- some new company formats (apart from the developed 7x42) are not planned (for example limited to odd number tiers)