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Mar 16, 2013

For the Record on Facebook

Hey - just a quick note: I created a Facebook page, where I will re-post the articles from For the Record - for those who like that sort of thing (after all, commenting on FB is kinda comfortable). You can find the page here:


- according to Yuri Pasholok, there was a plan for an artillery vehicle based on the IS-4 chassis, but no details were discovered
- additional equipment/consumable slots are not planned, not even for gold
- according to SerB, things get sometimes forgotten in the patchnotes
- Firefighting skill does not enhance the speed of the automatic (golden) fire extinguisher
- new Chinese premium vehicles in near future? "If we decided to implement, I'll tell you"
- more models for destroyed tanks are planned
- gold consumables for silver confirmed (unknown ETA)
- no extra balancing for platoons planned (SS: for example matching of tiers, so both team has platoons with same tier vehicles)
- according to SerB, the most common battle result is somewhere between 15:7 and 15:9
- Soviets won't get a special branch of vehicles constructed by N.Astrov (SS: T-30,60,70,80,SU-76M, ASU-57, ASU-85, but also the ZSU-23-4 "Shilka" and others) because there wouldn't be enough vehicles for such a branch
- the frequency of spot checks will possibly be increased, but SerB states the algorithm is quite requiring server-wise
- SerB states there won't be an option for a player to see who added him as a friend (friendship in WoT is not symmetrical, eg. a player can add you but you don't have to add him). There will however be a function that will allow you to accept private chats only from people in your friendslist
- T-60 and T-50-2 are in two different branches, the introduction of T-60/70/80 will not influence the characteristics of T-50-2
- guns with muzzle brake reduce camouflage of the vehicle more than guns without it when shooting (they will demask you more)
- you get extra XP for base capture points you accumulated even if the battle ends by destroying the enemies, you get this extra XP for capturing enemy base even if the enemies capture your base first
- IS-7 will get a buff ("let's wait for test with details")
- there won't be any "East Germany" (DDR) premium tanks for now - but if there ever are, it will most likely be T-34/85 premium (T-55 is tier 9)
- the map in the Development section scheduled for 8.5 is the Pearl River