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Jun 4, 2013

Storm on 0.8.6 part 2

Here are a few of the answers Storm has given in comments under the earlier article from today (I hate backediting posts, so I'll just make this new one):

- Storm has checked the test hit rate statistics. All vehicles (except for arty) improved their hit percentage by cca 5 percent.
- devs are still thinking about removing the sniper mode reticle shake after shooting
- the new tank being hit sounds have cca 50/50 feedback, about half of the players like it, half don't
- the "exploit" with shooting from behind two bushes will stay too, but the fix was already developed and will soon be implemented
- Superpershing nerf is still not decided
- tests stats do not confirm the opinion of some players that arty was in fact buffed, both arty hitrate and damage went apparently down
- the new sounds of engines, shots etc. won't come soon, but WG is working on it
- it's not easy for the developers to change the date of test server patches, as the test server patch publishing has huge inertia
- the changes in some vehicles' camo factor are connected with unification of the camo factor counting metod on all the vehicles, based on their size - earlier, some vehicles had illogical camo factor, not corresponding to their size
- devs are discussing the implementation of another spall liner function: increase the saving throw of crewmembers and internal modules from arty HE shells by 20-30 percent
- the game crashes in research tree have been fixed in 0.8.6
- according to Storm, the French premium arty wasn't nerfed

8.6 matchmaking table


Sorry, 2nd half will appear eventually somewhere, but I doubt anything changed - the arty is the important part here.


- Zimmerit has no influence on normalisation in the game, like it didn't in real life (SS: no idea where this came from, why would anyone think Zimmerit had any influence. There was a "report" that Zimmerit coating caused fires, but the Germans tested it and came to the conclusion it's bullshit - sort of like WW2 urban legend)
- 3 tier MM spread (as it was before) won't return
- the "miniquest" task system, tested on public test (SS: a lot of folks ran into this - ridiculously high rewards for "nothing") will continue to be tested, it's a first glimpse of how the future will look
- there will be a new arty splash visual effect, experiments are running
- according to Storm, both the tanks with long aimtime but accurate guns and with short time but inaccurate guns will benefit from the accuracy changes roughly the same
- according to SerB, the tested (nerfed) Superpershing model is historically correct (SS: at this moment, it is not yet decided, whether SP gets nerfed or not)
- SerB doesn't play a set number of battles each day, sometimes he only plays double XP battles, sometimes he plays 30 battles per day
- WG won't apparently make anime series about tanks
- SerB has seen Girls und Panzer, according to SerB the tanks in the series are historically very correct
- according to SerB, the game was formed as a casual game, never intended for e-sports, that came later by itself
- apparently, SerB's answering of question is a part of his job (as in, he's not answering stupid questions voluntarily), the worst questions he encounters are: "when's the patch", "when will Type 59 be back in shops", "why do you secretly nerf tanks" and "why do Germans have to suffer"
- SerB on the topic of complaining officialy about him: "Well, since I am the vice-president of the company, you can only really complain to the board of directors. So, go to the company website and put your claims into an official letter. And as a result of your letter, I will definitely be fired for sure!" (SS: edited a bit to make better sense in English)
- the chance of Vickers tier 1 British tank being replaced by Mark V is very low, because there would be no point. Purely in theory an alternative tier 1 tank could be introduced, but the devs don't plan to do that
- SerB on why TD10 shells weren't penetration-nerfed: "It would make no sense to do especially that - if you nerf TD shells penetrations a bit, there will be no difference anyway. But TD's are TD's - next candidates to HATE!!!!!11111 after arties"
- British arty "special" thing will be very good gun traverse angles
- Panzer IX and X won't be introduced - they are the "Goebbels-tanks", desinformations posted in the Signal magazine, there were no projects such as this
- for now, the IS-2 with 122mm M62 gun won't be introduced, but at least one of the prototypes really existed
- SerB states that the tier 10 Japanese heavy won't be heavier than Maus, but he doesn't know yet about its dimensions, he states that a track of such a vehicle, around a meter wide, is situated in one of the Japanese museums
- WoT, WoWp and WoWs apparently won't have common credits (silver)
- multi-layered armor (with various steel types) could be introduced, but is not planned - according the SerB, the players are confused with penetration enough as it is
- HEAT shells lose only penetration on spaced armor, not damage
- SerB is generally satisfied with 0.8.6 test results, there will be a 2nd round though
- the British arty patch won't bring any other non-premium vehicles
- SerB states that the "there are no plans" statement doesn't mean that such a thing won't ever be implemented, because some things are simply done ad hoc, without planning
- SerB on Superpershing: "The thing is, Superpershing is not correctly implemented. It doesn't correspond to the real life vehicle. That's bad and we have to fix that. Type 59 does correspond to the real life tank, that's why it wasn't nerfed, but taken out of the store. We are prepared to have unhistorical stuff in the game in some cases, but this is really blatant."
- Storm states that the armor of IS-3 is correct, model will be fixed in 0.8.6
- artillery tracers won't be removed ("move after shooting or die")
- Argentinian branch of vehicles is planned (SS: now, that's interesting... I know of only two: Nahuel and the AMX-13 hybrid)
- Batchat 25t armor and speed won't be increased
- Q: "This game is getting boring, what exciting and new thing will you add?" A: "We have a great addon for the game. It's called 'real life' - try unlocking it, it helps. This is no joke - one cannot play the game forever, so in your case everything is absolutely normal."
- Jagdpanzer E-50/E-75 are post-war fakes, according to SerB (SS: well... partially. Jpz E-50 is a total fake, but there is a mention - only a mention, mind you - that some sort of TD project was planned on the E-75 hull. No details are known however, so any rendering or "plans" you might see on the web are pure fantasy)
- there are several more vehicles with autoloaders, that will possibly be introduced
- developers state that the WoT wiki can have wrong data
- the T-10 tank was considered for tier 10, but in the end, it was decided it's too underpowered for that

Storm on 0.8.6


SS: Oh well, looks like there IS an official translation from one of the developers

The most important - we decided to restore most of the camouflage system to the 8.5 version, with the following exceptions:
    - the changes (buffs) of camouflage patterns and net will be implemented
    - the camouflage parameters for some vehicles will change (here, Storm said this change is kinda natural, the camo factors were normally recalculated)
    - the camouflage bonus for bushes will be reduced by 20% (and not three times, as it was in Public Test #1)
SS: Here Storm adds that it's possible this all won't be ready for test 2, he can't say yet

- A bug with non-load and non-display of vehicles in the open was tracked down and fixed. It had a common cause for everyone, and you finally will be able to test normally on PT #2 (SS: actually, here Storm said the reason for this bug was actually the same reason why there were slow response times in hangar under some circumstances)
 - System of dynamic textures changes will be tested during PT #2 only. It was disabled on PT #1, that's why you have noticed no effect. (SS: the FPS-dependent texture quality and effect reduction)
- Dynamic camera had some incorrect coefficients, so we will reduce the shaking after the shot by a factor of 4 with the next iteration of PT.

- Audio will receive significant changes in PT #2
- SPGs won't be nerfed any further in 8.6. The increased accuracy won't be removed.
- Decision on SuperPershing model changes will be completed and shared later this week.

SS: The translation of that developer (I really can't remember his name) is not really literal - the Superpershing info is for example not in the Russian original. Funnily enough, there are actually some significant differences between Storm's text and the translation. Interesting.

World of Warships new trailer

Well... .this looks cool :)