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Jan 5, 2013

5.1.2013 part 3

- T110E4 "rebalancing" (read: nerf) was not too much, its armor is okay, statistically it's doing fine
- SerB states that the downside of the SU-122-44 is intended to be low accuracy and long aiming time
- there is no special plan to nerf "pedobears" (SS: Russian-used term for experienced players playing twinked lowtiers with experienced crews), but a complete rebalance is planned
- in time, there might be extended filters introduced to the hangar
- realistic armor properties of the T-10M/IS-8 properties (the thickness being historical): "digging thru archives takes a lot of time, we'll make a book on the IS-8, it'll be there"
- the 7x42 company format will be introduced probably for all the maps, but it has to be tested
- in the historical battles, vehicles will have balancing weight according to the year (eg. what is the top of the line in 1942 will be much cheaper in 1944)
- in the beginning, the matchmaker was proposed to be based on the vehicle weight only (one supertank = rest of the weak team), but it didn't work - balancing individual vehicles is very hard and then there was the issue of players asking questions such as "why is that tank better than the other tank"
- According to SerB, it takes roughly 2500 battles for the nonpremium player to reach his first tier 10, SerB is fine with it
- post-battle chat "possible we won't implement it at all, or we'll implement it only for the winning team - why would we provoke a chatflame once more?"
- there will be additional security measures added for the company recruitment phase so people don't come in and spam
- devs won't introduce additional names for the crew ("unfortunately, it's impossible to implement the entire wealth of names. Well - and if anyone will come and ask for their name - the list would be endless")
- the "house icon" for the additional crew training goes to the crewmember with the least total XP (eg. if you have two guys - one 75 percent training and 2 skills and one 65 percent and 3 skills, the first one will get it).
- there might be special settings in the game introduced for the artillery mode


I just had a phonecall from the vice president of Wargaming Europe (I think it was), Mr. Fadl (sorry for corrupting your name) - no idea where he got my phone number (edit: from Czechout). He assured me this matter is being investigated. They are having a meeting on it now.

I decided to remove all personal info from the "corruption post". I'll take it down for a while and redact it.

Also, it seems I'll get my account back.

Regarding the "corruption" cause

Hello everyone,

a few (and hopefully last) words to the whole "corruption" affair, related to the posts springing up on the EU forum.

First: please don't paint me as a martyr, saint or whistleblower. I never intended to screw Wargaming, to act as an agent, it was indeed private conversation between two people with no whistleblowing intention. As XO_Foucault wrote: if anyone's private life leaked on the internet, everyone would be shocked. That is actually why I removed the post - not under duress from Wargaming, but because I had a phonecall with the person mentioned in my thread and I decided not to act out of spite or righteous anger anymore, but I did what I felt was the right thing (the same goes for posting it in the first place - felt like the right thing to do for a guy who felt cheated and angry).

Second: From XO_Foucault's post (please note he was implied of corruption in my post too, being the boss of the person mentioned) I have the "we did nothing wrong, he broke the rules and he had to go". I am fine with the second part. I broke the rules and I had to go - fair enough. But if I see anymore of the "nothing happened" shit and this gets swept under the rug, the post goes right back where it was.

I don't want to start a holy crusade against corruption. I don't want to become a martyr. I know how world works. I don't even want this to affect the implied person's life forever. She doesn't deserve that. But I DO want Wargaming to admit its mistake and do something about it, possibly by cleaning house (including XO_Foucault - yes, I know a lot, mate, trust me - I didn't post the worst stuff yet).

Edit: I NEVER "sneaked" anything into the old posts. Stop accusing me of shit I haven't done.

Edit 2: "Nothing was rigged" my ass. The post is back, I won't let people make me look like a liar. I thought you already learned your lesson.

5.1.2013 part 2

- almost all tier 8 medium tanks have the same MM weight, with a few exceptions, but T-44 isn't one of them
- if you report one person 5 times in one game, it won't be percieved as "serious offense", it will be percieved as spam from an unhinged person. The exact number of ingame reports for a person to get a ban won't be disclosed
- T54E2, T95E2, AMX-30 and AMX M4 1949: "no comment"
- it's possible Leopard 1 branch will appear in the first half of 2013
- the historical battles will initially cover the Second world war, after that they might deviate pre-war (Spanish civil war?) or post-war (Korea)
- it's likely (but not 100 percent) that M41 Walker Bulldog will be implemented
- for now the WoT benchmark (SS: a function where you can get your official WoT performance number) is not planned
- SU-85i has not been introduced yet "for several reasons"
- it's possible the effect of ejecting shells will be introduced
- Will "113" Chinese heavy stay the same? "Tests will show"
- there might be a special "American" collector's edition, if WG finds partners for that
- there are no "naming" changes planned for the Chinese branch
- font size settings? "not planned for anytime soon"
- Q: "What's the reason for arty nerf - don't you love arty?" A: "We love arty, the nerf is because we don't love only arty" :)


As you can see, I am permanently banned from the EU forum. Not much else to say, life goes on and I will continue my work here.

Edit: I removed the "corruption" post - for now. After a certain phonecall. No, I wasn't being threatened or any shit like that. Don't ask me why I did it, maybe I have some sense of remorse left. I'll leave WG to deal with the consequenes.

And for god's sake, stop with that martyr shit. The business is as usual. I won't stop translating. Thank you.

- Silentstalker


- E100 won't have its turret or armor moved
- SerB states (half-jokingly) that the devs make a "council" only on the most difficult problems- there is no official public time schedule for 2013, as the devs want to avoid the "when" whine, they will share their plans via this thread
- Dickermax has the historical gun elevation- ingame report will in one of the following patches include "pushing" (for now, use manual support tickets)
- garage battles will definitely not come in 2013, historical battles - maybe- FV215b to TD transfer: "See Storm's answer" (SS: I translated that before)
- a complete list of banned mods will be done if necessery- official tank statistics won't be published
- it's highly unlikely more guns like the VK3601 conical gun (where gold shells do more damage than the regular ones) will be introduced- non-French light trees expansion? "no comment"
- there will be a second 0.8.3 test- there will be no tier 8 premium Chinese heavy for now
- any gun has the same accuracy with all the types of shells